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Committee Name: Academic Affairs
Meeting Date: 12/17/2019 12:00:00 AM
Attending:  Adrienne Allen, Pat Gatti, Debbie Gillam, Kenny Holt, Jim Lemons, Ed McGee, Alison Moore, Elizabeth Narehood, Patti Saffioti, Michael Farris, Greg Sullivan Philmika Reid, Jim Tuite, Cindy Wallin
Enrollment Numbers
Dr. Mickles stated that the enrollment numbers are much lower than we expected.  This is a critical time, and we must be able to balance our budget. We do not anticipate filling positions as people leave or retire.
Our Enrollment Dashboard is showing a false positive.  We are down considerably from Spring 2019; FTE’s are down 16.74% and Headcount is down 15.96%.  Email faculty and tell them to please remind their students to enroll for spring, we need every student!   
Handout:  Project Goals: SIS 9.2 Project.  Please review this information along with the minutes from Compliance Assist.

Michael Farris stated that there are so many non-academic reasons why our students are unable to register or to pay for spring classes, housing costs, day to day expenses, children, and work schedules.  Our backout date was scheduled for December 4th, but we asked the question, “what can we do to help our students return in the spring?   For those students who pay their tuition by December 13th, their names will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize.  All other students will have an opportunity to pay after the holidays, by Friday, January 3rd

Michael handed out a Retention Specific Initiative spreadsheet that he created to be used as an annual planning guide. The spreadsheet includes items such as a timeline, a description of each retention activity, a point of contact or facilitator, and a completion date for each retention activity. 
Enrollment in the Early College program is stable. Spring enrollment for students in other dual enrollment programs may fluctuate slightly, and they will not be enrolled until January.

EAB Navigate
Muriel stated that the EAB conference in Washington D.C was highly informative.  Elizabeth Narehood and Kimberly French attended the conference with Muriel.
Jim Tuite asked when faculty advising will begin and will there be training?    Jim noted that Navigate does not offer the faculty the type of feedback they need.  Two issues: Navigate does not open a case unless the student is in danger of failing, and if the case is marked closed by the Counselor/Navigator, the faculty member does not receive additional feedback. 
Muriel stated that there will be a faculty advising meeting during Convocation week that will address Navigate.  Faculty interested in advising should attend this meeting.

 Muriel stated that the SACSCOC visit went very well despite the lockdown at E.C. Glass that day.  The SACSCOC committee was pleased with their visit and we expect to have an exceptionally good report from them in January.

Professional Development
Alison Moore announced that Spring Convocation will be Monday, January 6, 2020. We have planned a week of highly informative breakout sessions.  On Thursday, January 9th. Title III is co-sponsoring a professional development workshop, How to Motivate Students to Increase Performance, presented by, Dr. Bethanie Tucker.  This is a mandatory event for all full-time faculty members.
New Horizon is in April, and PD forms will be in google.

Community Connections
Philmika Reid – stated that she is tracking students through Navigate and continuing to follow up with each student as needed.  I have reached out to students in SDV 100 and ENG 111 classes.  Two goals for this spring are to enhance the Food Central and to have a Resource Fair in March.

Cindy Wallin stated that she was grateful that Philmika is building a relationship with our students.  It is important that our faculty have one point of contact to reach out to when they know their students may have needs outside the classroom.
Cindy is concerned that there is no automatic system in place to move waitlisted students automatically into vacant spots.  I will reach out to Evan and he and Amy could create a process to correct this. Many of our classes are reaching capacity and there are students who are on the waitlist.
Jim Lemons announced that there is an Open House event tonight at Amherst High School to discuss the CTE program.  Radford University is asking for an articulation agreement.  Jim stated that it has been a pleasure to work with all of you.
Ed McGee stated that Canvas and ZOOM are going well.  We are proctoring tests for many courses, including all the Shared Service courses.
Our ZOOM login is approved by SACSCOC.  VCCS requires that we have a designated ZOOM room, ours is the President’s Conference room.   We are always willing to do more training.

Jim Tuite stated that he and David McGee are working on the 2020 Calendar committee.  Jim stated that the exam dates need to reflect the class schedule, as most of our students also have work schedules that were created to accommodate their class schedule.  Random exam dates put an unnecessary burden on our students to change their work schedules.

Patti Saffioti stated that the Perkins Grant Audit is almost done.  Goals:  Phone campaign to remind students to pay/register.

Adrienne Allen stated that all Amherst Early College students are enrolled for spring. Holy Cross is closing this year, so we may pick up a few more students next fall. 

Pat Gatti asked Michael to advise the offsite centers, if any of their students were going to be dropped for nonpayment.  Michael agreed.
Pat announced that Chrystal Wilson is the new Counselor at the Bedford Center.  There will be meeting with Tony Francis and CVCC to discuss curriculum.
New lease for Bedford Center which added 30 more parking spaces. Bedford Center Early College begins Monday, January 6th.

Greg Sullivan – G3 all our deliverables were submitted on October 31, with only one amendment.  A special thanks to Jim Lemons and Cindy Walling for all their help this year!


Meeting was adjourned at time by Dr. Muriel Mickles. The next general meeting will be at 2:00pm on January 28th, in PCR.
Mary Zoccola
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