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Vice President's Staff
Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2020

The regular meeting of the Vice President's Staff was called to order at 2:00pm on January 28, 2020 in the President’s Conference
  room by Dr. Muriel Mickles.
  Attending:  Adrienne Allen, Cynthia Deutsch, Jason Ferguson, Pat Gatti, Debbie Gillam, Kenny Holt, Ed McGee, Alison Moore, Elizabeth   Narehood, Patti Saffioti, Michael Farris, Greg Sullivan, Philmika Reid, Jim Tuite, Cindy Wallin, David Lightfoot, William Osborne
 G3 – Get a Skill, Get a Job, Give Back - Update 
  • Muriel stated that as of today,  dual enrollment students will not be eligible to receive funding under  G3. 
  • The 23 VCCS Presidents will go to Richmond to request funding for dual enrollment students. Hopefully, funding will be available for these students in another year.
  •  G3 is a big deal!   Please review these handouts from Sharon Morrissey, Scope of Work for G3 Implementation, and Information and Advocacy FAQ (updated 1/17/2020).  
  • There is a G3 Zoom meeting every Friday from 2-3pm, until February 28.  You are all invited to attend.  When we receive funding for dual enrollment students, you will be talking to citizens in your service area and you will need to have the answers.  Details about the VCCS  G3 canvas site to follow. 
  Pell Grant
  • Michael Farris – Pell Grant.  The big question is whether we will continue to be part of this experiment?  The answer is, yes.  This experiment is open-end, and we are in our fourth year.  Adrienne Allen stated that many of the Amherst Early College students need the Pell Grant to participate in the Early College program.  Muriel asked Michael to include the Early College Directors in the Pell Grant team.  Greg Sullivan asked if the Pell Grant could be expanded to cover G3 dual enrollment students?  Muriel stated that we will need to review the original grant and get back to Greg.
 Mid-semester Convocation
  • Alison Moore announced that the Mid-Semester Convocation may be held during spring break in March.  Details to follow. 
  Professional Development
  • Alison reminded everyone that the deadline to submit Professional Development forms for New Horizons is February 13th.   Alison stated that more professional development events will be on the CVCC campus.  Our goal is to offer two PD events per month.  Muriel asked Alison to publicize Professional Development events early and often, to ensure that all faculty and staff are informed.
  ZOOM-Video Conferencing 
      Ed McGee stated that he would like to develop a Zoom pilot program targeting adult students.
  • We are at a point where technology is so inexpensive to use and so easy to deliver.  
  • Zoom synchronous learning courses can be streamed to students wherever they are located, and from instructors wherever they are located.  Unlike Collaborate, Zoom does not require a special room.   
  •  Zoom can provide video communication services for hybrid classrooms, asynchronous/synchronous classes, office hours, administrative meetings, and tutoring.   Zoom can expand traditional classrooms with video communications to meet the needs of our students and is a great tool to pilot a program targeting adult students.  
  • Ed stated that other universities and colleges are using this type of synchronous learning successfully.  We would be a head of the curve in our service area, and in the VCCS.     
  •  Ed suggested that offering incentives, such as a web cam, a tablet, headphones, and a stipend might entice instructors to participate in the pilot program.
  •  Pat Gatti stated that Lorenz Chan introduced Zoom to his Early College students at the Bedford Center, and it has been very well received.  Zoom is an excellent tutoring tool. 
  • Muriel Mickles stated that a task force needs to be created to discuss what a program targeting adult students would look like.  Taskforce volunteers:  Ed McGee, Michael Farris, Cindy Wallin, Jason Ferguson, Alison Moore, and Jim Tuite. 
  • Ed stated that the move from Blackboard to Canvas went well; however, some instructors really need to update their course design.  Ed asked the committee for suggestions about how he could advise instructors on what a modern course design looks like. 
  • Alison Moore suggested that Ed create a short 4-minute video in Canvas with step by step directions and offer a face to face session – one during the day, and one in the evening.  
  • Alison stated that this information should be available by May, so that instructors could update their course design for summer and/or fall.
  •  Cindy Wallin and Ed McGee stated that a peer review process is needed for this new venture.  Muriel Mickles stated that mid-semester convocation is an excellent platform to introduce the ZOOM pilot program for adult students.   
 New Phone System
     David Lightfoot stated that he needs the faculty to become familiar with the new phone system before the end of this semester. 
     He  would like faculty to volunteer as soon as possible. 
  • ​ Each volunteer faculty member will pick up a new phone from the Help desk and will receive one on one training at that time. 
  •  We need to have everyone transition to the new phone system by April.  I will be happy to attend the next Faculty Association meeting to explain how this will be done.  I hope to send an email to all full-time faculty by Friday.  Both Cynthia Deutsch and Jim Tuite volunteered to start using the new phone system.
  •  David stated that there will be training, department by department, to ensure that unique situations can be covered. 
​ Staff Reports:
  • Cindy Wallin stated that she participated in a Transfer VA meeting early today.  The implementations will be in full force by fall 2021.  The Transfer portal is out there, and Michael Duncan will be our Point of Contact.  Several of our faculty have been highly involved in the process.  Phase 2 emails will be going out in the next week.  Muriel asked that Emily Muniz be invited to the next VP meeting to talk about Transfer VA at the next VP meeting.  
  • There will be a focus Uniform Certificate of General Studies questions about in terms of the dual enrollment, because there has been so many, there will be a task force created to discuss dual enrollment and the transfer of  classes back to the high school.  How will this impact Transfer VA.
  •  Jason Ferguson stated that he is looking closely at the CTE and Workforce Development programs.  We are trying to use this transition period to optimize ways to increase enrollment, to increase resources, to utilize space, and to give the program heads what they need to be able to oversee their programs.  
  • Adrienne Allen stated that she has received 52 applications for the Amherst Early College for fall 2020.  Adrienne stated that she expects a great turnout for their Open House this week.
  •  Pat Gatti stated that John Roche and his team has been doing an excellent job taking care of our facilities.  Pat stated that they are looking for a part-time admin for the Early College cohort at Jefferson-Forest HS. 
  •  Pat asked if there is an opportunity for us to do an EC blast for a week, just an extra bit of advertising to reach those families that are not in our public schools, such as homeschoolers and private school families. Muriel suggested that the four site directors meet with the CVCC marketing team to get something out in the next few weeks.
  •  Deborah Gilliam stated that she went to the Appomattox HS and conducted four sessions with parents and students interested in the Early College and STEM programs.  Deborah stated that there are 11 Juniors and 19 seniors in the Appomattox Early College program.  We are looking for an Administrative Assistant too!
  •  Kenny Holt – stated that he held two open houses – STEM and Early College.  Each event had over 30 students attend. Campbell County will continue to fund half the student’s tuition.  We are contemplating some changes in the future.
 Faculty Association
  • Jim Tuite stated that it is mandatory for all faculty to include the most current ADA/Title IX compliance statements in their syllabus. Jim stated that these compliance statements are not always updated in all the places they appear. Jim suggested that all updated compliance statements appear in Canvas.  Jim asked that it be mandatory for the most current compliance statements to be posted in Canvas in a timely manner so that faculty are confident that they are including the most current compliance statements in their syllabus before it is given to the students.
  Community Connections
  • Philmika Reid – stated that she has been going to classrooms and introducing herself, and to remind students how important it is to check their email. Philmika stated that yesterday was the first time that the Food Pantry was open to students all day.  One of the Ambassadors will be working at the Pantry from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Mondays and Fridays.  Students who utilize the Food Pantry need to sign their names and student id number.
 G3 – Get a Skill, Get a Job, Give Back
  • Greg Sullivan stated that the G3 Academy and concept has a life of its own now.  My associate and I would like to come back to give CVCC the overall big picture.   If we do this right, and take it one step at a time, we can position CVCC to be the heart of this program.  Jason Ferguson knows what needs to be done internally and we both understand that we need to have something to show in August.  I met with John Capps this morning and we mapped out a time line.  Our deadline is August 1st.  
  • My focus is externally, and we recognize we need an Operations Manager for the Academy that will work day to day with the area schools and all others involved with the program. We fell down as far as growth, by not having a Business Developer.  We turned away 65 students last year.  The goal is that the Lynchburg region will have the highest rate of CTE participation per capita in the nation.  The Business Developer will be funded and located outside of CVCC and will be responsible for grants, donations, and what it takes to funnel money and resources into the program. This is not a competition with local schools or businesses, it is a collaboration. 
 Meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm by Dr. Muriel Mickles. The next general meeting will be at 2:00pm on February 11th, in PCR.
 Minutes submitted by:   Mary Zoccola
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