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Annual Budget Planning Committee

Reviews and prioritizes the financial requests of the budget managers based on College goals. Prepares and distributes the annual budget document. This standing committee will meet from March to June at their discretion and reports directly to the College Governance Council. For this committee only the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness will serve as the permanent chair.

Chair: Cynthia Deutsch
Recorder: Natalie Prue
Membership Number Terms Name
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (non-voting) 1 Permanent Cynthia Deutsch
President 1 Permanent John Capps
VP of Academic Affairs, Student Services, and Workforce Development 1 Permanent Kris Ogden
VP for Finance and Administration 1 Permanent Lewis Bryant
VP of Information Technology 1 Permanent David Lightfoot
VP of Institutional Advancement 1 Permanent Chris Bryant
Associate Vice Presidents and Deans (non-voting) 4 Permanent Michael Farris
Jason Ferguson
Patti Saffioti
Cindy Wallin
Faculty representative from each division 4 2020-2021 Jessica Coco
Susan Fitzsimons

General Administration Coordinator (President's Office) 1 Permanent Dianne Sykes
Counseling Representative 1 2020-2021 Ashley Pearson
Classified Staff representative 1 2020-2021 Tammy Johnson
Part-time Staff representative 1 2020-2021  
Finance, Facilities, and Sustainability Committee Member 1 2020-2021 Jon Rocha
Student representative 1 2020-2021 SGA Treasurer
Total 19
Non-voting member: n/a
Strategic Planning and Budgeting Timeline Template
(For available budget only)
Month Description Responsibility
January/February Using last fiscal year’s budget as a baseline, budgetary requests including equipment and other program funding that will be needed to support VCCS Goals, College mission, College goals, departmental and educational program outcomes are entered into Compliance Assist.  Provide justifications. Program Heads, Program Coordinators, Department Heads, Deans, VPs
March/April The Annual Budget Planning Committee prioritizes budget requests using an objective analysis focusing on accomplishing VCCS Goals, College mission, College goals, departmental and educational program outcomes. Annual Budget Planning Committee, a committee specifically formed for this task by College Governance Council
April/May Projected available funds are calculated and communicated to the College. VP of Finance and Administration
May Utilizes priorities set by the Annual Budget Planning Committee to allocate available funds in the budget for the next fiscal year. VP of Finance and Administration
June Prioritized budget initiatives go to President Cabinet for approval. Annual Budget Planning Committee
July 1 Budget is revised, if necessary, approved, and published. Funds are allocated. Annual Budget Planning Committee, VP of Finance and Administration
August Presents Executive Summary of the budget for the current fiscal year. VP of Finance and Administrative Services
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