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Annual Budget Planning Committee
Thursday, April 30, 2015
1:00pm, Room 5118
Members present:  Cynthia Lofaso, David Lightfoot, Dianne Sykes, Ed McGee, Ernie Wade, Jana Fedele, Jim Lemons, Jeff Laub, John Capps, John Poole, Kris Ogden, Mike Bradford, Muriel Mickles, Ruth Hendrick, Tim Rhoads, Tom Bushley, Will Sandidge
Members absent:  Brandon Huynh, Michael Farris
Kris Ogden, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:02pm.
Approval of Minutes from March 26, 2015
A motion was made to approve the minutes from the previous meeting on March 26, 2015, seconded, and the motion passed. 
Funding Sources Update
Workforce Solutions and Community Education – Ruth Hendrick
Ruth started by talking about accounts that will no longer be managed by Workforce.  The Department of Labor grant that is supporting Career Connections will expire on July 1, 2015.  CVCC will still maintain a career center in some form after the grant has expired and the operation and budget of the center will move under Academic Affairs and Student Services.  The Region 2000 Workforce Center will be taken over by Goodwill.  This will relieve CVCC of taking care of the Workforce Center’s facilities and IT needs.  Workforce will no long manage apprenticeship but the academic divisions will still provide classes for the program.  Personal enrichment classes are also ending due to low class enrollments and competition.
Ruth then talked about active accounts.  The Small Business Development Center has funding provided by the localities, CVCC does not provide direct funds.  The RV/Motorcycle Maintenance (RVH) classes are credit classes and due receive funding through tuition and a stipend from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Workforce receives a budget from the VCCS for travel, events, etc. that is based upon contact hours.  Workforce also receives income from programs, each program Workforce offers needs to make money to stay active.  Workforce gives CVCC 30% of its gross income ($300,000 as of March 1, 2015). Some funding from grants are used by Workforce when available.
Results of Annual Budget Prioritization Process
Each member of the committee received a prioritized list for each funding source that was the result of scores from the committee as a whole
Maintenance and Operations
It was announced that the request for “Chemistry Lab Supplies” was originally in Local Funds and was moved to Maintenance and Operations. 
Will Sandidge- “Testing Materials” will have to be paid for no matter what, high school students seeking to get into dual enrollment classes must now take both parts of the placement test regardless of which class they are looking to enroll.
John Poole- items like this that must be funded should be dropped off of the list and ways to provide funding will be looked at.  There should be a process set up for items that CVCC must pay for that are additions to already established budgets, leaving the budget prioritization process open only for new projects and initiatives. 
John stated that he has run projections for next year’s preliminary budget, with flat enrollment and adding upcoming salary increases, and it looks good with between $200,000 to $275,000 possibly available to fund the initiatives on the M & O priority list. 
It was decided to remove “Welding Technology Material” and “Testing Materials”, since they both were additions to established budgets, off of the prioritized list.
John Capps- “Culinary Arts” item may be along the same lines as the two items removed, since it was a request to replace equipment/supplies for Culinary Arts classes. 
Will brought up that the “Culinary Arts” request, which was seventh on the priority list, was Jim Lemons’ personal top budget priority, since it was to support a program that is already up and running. It was mentioned that there should be a vetting process or a process to weight the scores to show this priority to the committee in the future. 
Kris asked if the committee would approve the M & O prioritized list as discussed, with “Welding Technology Material” and “Testing Materials” removed, since it is projected that there will be funds available for all items on the list.  The committee could come back and review the priority list if there is not funds available for all requests at a later date. 
A motion was made to approve the Maintenance and Operations prioritized list was made by Will, seconded by Ruth, and approved by the committee.
Technology Fee
David Lightfoot stated that there was $75,000 estimated to be available for this fund, which would cover the redesign of the CVCC website (Priority Number 1).  Will said that a Title III grant that is being written has a section for the website redesign and asked if the money could be reimbursed to fund other projects on the list if the grant is received.  David said that is possible in year 2 (2017) but not in year 1 (2016).
A motion to approve the Technology Fee prioritized list was made by David, seconded by Ruth, and approved by the committee. 
Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)
David reminded the committee that the allocation for the fund is usually withheld until the following year, meaning that funds would usually be available on July 1, 2016.  If funds where not withheld, the earliest possible date for funding would be November 1, 2015.  PC replacement comes out of ETF.  The “Biology Freezer” request may have to look outside of ETF for funding if it is not grant funded since it is necessary for a new class. 
A motion to approve the Equipment Trust Fund prioritized list was made by Muriel Mickles, seconded by David, and approved by the committee. 
Local Funds
“Quality Matters Subscription” has been funded from the 2015 budget.  The request for an electronic sign near Wards Road needs to be further discussed and planned before presenting it to the Local Board.  Campus Police, Buildings and Grounds, Marketing, and IT will all need to be involved in the discussion.  John Poole will lead setting up the group needed to discuss the electronic sign.
A motion to approve the Local Funds prioritized list was made by John Poole, seconded by David, and approved by the committee.
Foundation and Grants
Mike Bradford gave an update on items on the Foundation and Grants prioritized list.  A Tobacco Commission grant has been applied for to fund the “Chemistry Lab Upgrade”.  “Welding Preparatory Horizontal Band Saw” item will be funded through an existing grant.  “Instructional Equipment/Maintenance” can be funded through leftover Areva funds.  “HSS-Communication Design-Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Medium Tablets” item could be considered for a Faculty/Staff grant if the request is split in two (maximum for Faculty/Staff grant is $2,000).   
A motion to approve the Foundation and Grants prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by Will, and approved by the committee.
Complete 2021: Strategic Plan
Kris introduced a draft of CVCC’s strategic planning goals and supporting strategies that will support the VCCS Complete 2021 goal of tripling the number of credentials awarded for economic vitality and individual prosperity in Virginia.  There had been meetings and surveys used to gain input from the CVCC community on ideas to use to create this plan.
A motion to recommend to the College Governance Committee that the Complete 2021 Strategic Planning Goals and Supporting Strategies be endorsed by theory was made by John Poole, seconded by Will, and approved by the committee. 
Other Business
There was no other business.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:32pm.
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