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Annual Budget Planning Committee meeting
Monday, May 9, 2016
11:00am, Room 5118
Members present: Cynthia Lofaso, David Lightfoot, Dianne Sykes, Ed McGee, Jeff Laub, Jim Lemons, John Capps, Kris Ogden, Lewis Bryant, Marc Zoccola, Melanie Sexton, Michael Farris, Mike Bradford, Muriel Mickles, Patti Saffioti, Ruth Hendrick, Shannon McDermott, Will Sandidge
Members absent:  Ernie Wade, Matt Godsoe, Peter Dorman, Tom Bushley
The meeting began at 11:07am.  Each present committee member received a folder with the funding requests for each funding source, the CVCC Complete 2021 and Performance Funding Measures Data Definitions, and the CVCC Complete 2021 strategic plan.  Kris welcomed and thanked the committee for coming and being accommodating to the change in date for the meeting and reviewed the budgeting process up to this point.
Kris talked about the connection between the strategic plan and the budgeting process.
Results of Annual Budget Prioritization Process
Each member of the committee received a prioritized list for each funding source in their folder that was the result of scores from the committee as a whole.
Technology Fees
The Who’s Next request was moved from ETF to the Tech Fee category.  CVCC gets $7.50 of the $8.50 technology fee that is charged to students per credit hour creating a direct relationship between students enrolled and funds available.  These funds are usually available starting July 1.  

David stated that as long as enrollment stays at least level, all request should be able to be funded.  Ed gave an update on the Atomic Learning request, the actual cost of the subscription will be $4,269.  Since subscription starts in November, a 17 month quote was also given for starting on July 1 ($6,049).  David asked about using Admission Trac, which is a companion software program to Tutor Trac which is already used in the Student Success and Writing Centers.  It was determined that the amount requested would be approved and discussion on the program that would be more efficient for CVCC can be decided at a later date.  A similar conclusion was made with the request for a projector at the Amherst Center since CVCC is planning on moving away from buying projectors for classrooms in favor of newer technology. 
A motion to approve the Technology Fee prioritized list with comments was made by Muriel, seconded by Ruth, and approved by the committee. 
Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)
David began by saying that for Fiscal Year 2016, funds were available on time for the first time in a few years.  Funds should be available in November and should be able to fund all requests on the list.
Mike stated that dollar for dollar matching funding for the Biology Equipment and Respiratory Manikin
was probably (95% chance) bringing the totals for those requests to $35,323 (Biology) and $30,334 (Respiratory).     
A motion was made to approve the ETF prioritized list was made by Jim, seconded by Muriel, and approved by the committee.
Local Funds
Local funds come from the Student Activity fee, which is currently $6.50 per credit hour.  Lewis said the fee will possibly increase to $7.00 this fall.  Local funds are used specifically for items related to student activities, parking, and anything five feet from a building and budget must be approved by the local board.
Melanie asked about the CVCC 50th Anniversary Events being scored as the fourth priority on the list, thinking that it should be higher.  Lewis was asked if it looked favorable for all requests on the list to be funded and he stated that he was unsure due to being uncertain of what the local commitment would be to funding the upcoming Amherst and Campbell building renovations.  It was determined to create a subcommittee, led by Lewis, to discuss the best course of action for the two digital sign requests. 
A motion was made to approve the Local Fund prioritized list was made by David, seconded by Muriel, and approved with modifications by the committee. 
Additional Funded Requests
Kris discussed the list of additional funded requests which was included for informational purposes and did not require the committee to prioritize.  These items will are either funded by reallocated funds, Foundation grants, and/or required for essential operation.
Maintenance and Operations (M&O)
Ruth talked about the Workforce Operation Funding request was made because due to the funding not being received from the VCCS as in the past, though now it looked like Workforce would receive 80% of the previous year’s funds for this year.  John stated that the last he heard, it does look like Workforce would get the full amount of funding this year.  The fume hood in the Chemistry Lab Request for the Appomattox Center may be able to be funded through ETF (estimated at $13,000) but labor or other associated costs would still have to come out of M&O. 
A motion to approve the Maintenance and Operations prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by Will, and approved by the committee. 
The meeting adjourned at 12:47pm.
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