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Annual Budget Planning Committee meeting
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
9:00am, Room 5118
Members present:  Abbey Parsons, Cindy Wallin, Cynthia Lofaso, David Lightfoot, Deborah Bauer, Dianne Sykes, Jim Lemons, John Capps, Kris Ogden, Lewis Bryant, Michael Farris, Mike Bradford, Muriel Mickles, Patti Saffioti, Peter Dorman, Ron Parker, Shannon McDermott (for Tim Rhoads), Susan Hogg
The meeting began at 11:07am.  Each present committee member received a handout with the funding request broken down by funding source and the scores of each request that required action by the committee. 
Results of Annual Budget Prioritization Process
No Action Required
Kris went over items that David, Lewis, and Mike have looked at and addressed these items that are considered essential to operations and will be funded through grants, ETF, or Technology Fees. 
Mike stated that the first item on the list (Body Part Models for A&P) would use a science grant to help with funding.  Item 7 (Machine Maintenance) can use money left over from when the Areva building was built.  NIMS Certification can be funded through a grant received specified for scholarships. 
Require Further Action
Kris explained that these items require further review or information before they could be considered for the prioritization process.
Muriel discussed item 14 (Funding to support the development of online courses).  She has had several requests from the deans regarding the policy from the QEP in 2014 that paid instructors $1,500 for the development of an online course to be paid after the first time a class is taught online.  There is currently no specific budget set up to pay for setting up new online courses at the moment.  Cynthia asked how this could co-exist with instructors developing OER courses since the amount paid to those instructors is less than $1,500.  Muriel said that this is something that can be investigated and worked out further.  Peter asked if this included the peer review process and Muriel said yes.  Jim asked if this will compensate instructors that have already set up courses but have not been reimbursed yet, and Muriel confirmed that it would and said that there are a lot of variables to work out including the amount paid per course.
Lewis stated that the requests related to the offsite centers would have to be looked at more closely based on each center’s lease renewal.  Appomattox was recently renewed through June 2018 and the Bedford Center will be renewed at current cost and the College will pay for a portion of the cost to cover installing new carpet there. 
Patti spoke about the two Counseling items on the list.  David and Patti were able to work together and a printer was installed to replace a network printer that was no longer working.  The request for Who’s Next will be tabled to see how the VIP-PASS integration coming to CVCC in Spring 2018 will work and what is involved.
Local Funds
Cynthia said that she had talked to Pat Gatti about having a writing tutor at the Bedford Center.  Currently the Writing Centers offers tutoring to the off-site centers through Collaborate.  Cynthia asked if the funding for the witing tutor at the Bedford Center should be added to the Writing Center budget, if Local Funds is the correct budget for this to fall under and if the tutor should go through the same training as the tutors at the main campus.  Kris said that it is important that the tutor receives the same training.  Lewis said that the amount requests should be able to be worked out and could be added to the Writing Center budget if wanted. 
A motion to approve the Local Funds prioritized list was made by Peter, seconded by Muriel, and approved by the committee. 
Equipment Trust Fund (ETF)
Item 21 (Respiratory Therapy – End-tidal CO2 Monitor) was moved from M&O to ETF. 
David stated that there should be funds available to cover the budget requests on this list though with ETF sometimes the money cannot be spent until the next fiscal year.  Abbey indicated, in reference to the Exterior wireless coverage in the quad request, that there was high demand among students to have better wireless access outside with the new seating during nice weather.  Shannon talked about the Autoclave request and stated that there were currently two autoclaves but that one usually is not working which causes delays and a crunched workspace when preparing materials for labs. 
A motion to approve the Equipment Trust Fund prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by Deborah, and approved by the committee. 
Technology Fees
David began by saying that, if enrollment does not drop, there should be enough funds to cover the requests on this list.  If needed, the Audio/Visual Classroom request can be reduced in amount if a few classrooms are not completed this coming year.
Patti said that CSI was used with SDV students in 2016-17 and was a very successful endeavor. 
A motion to approve the Technology Fees prioritized list was made by Deborah, seconded by Muriel, and approved by the committee. 
Foundation and Grants
Mike indicated that items on this list may be funded out of order depending on grants or donations received with specific requirements.  Mike continued that funding the first six items on the list would require the Foundation to over spend for the second year in a row.  Mike said this is something that the Foundation debates on whether to spend money when there is a need or spend a consistent amount from year to year. 
Cindy talked about Machine and Welding being popular programs but the machines are getting old and are used by first year students meaning those student might not be as gentle with them as they should be.  There is worry that CVCC is losing students due to the shape of the machines, with students having a difficult time finding tools, some students may be hording them to use in classes for themselves, and not having enough machines to finish their projects or having to stay late to finish their projects.  The welding lab has an old foundry that has been insufficient from the beginning.  Welding students had about an 82-83% pass rate on AWS Certifications.
Muriel stated that for the Diversity and Inclusion request she was hoping to have funding to provide a more structured program with an outside vendor coming to CVCC to work with faculty and staff. 
A motion to approve the Foundation and Grants prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by Mike, and approved by the committee. 
Maintenance and Operations (M&O)
Lewis started with an overview of the M&O budget and stated that the around $18,000 combined total of these requests would not be impossible to reach but may require cuts elsewhere to make up the money. 
Jim discussed item 20 (Radiologic Technology-Film for Laser Printer) and said that it was need because currently students are learning how use digital imaging but not all medical offices have moved on to digital yet, or are slow to move to digital.  Students are currently missing out on using film which could make them less prepared as they move to get employed. 
Michael asked if the Digital Document Storage request could be funded through ETF.   David stated that the scanner (around $2,000) possibly could use ETF but the software cost ($3,746) could not use ETF. 
A motion to approve the Maintenance and Operations prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by Peter, and approved by the committee. 
Further Comments
Deborah stated that the Radiology Technology – Film for Laser Printer Request was very important since it was needed for the Radiology students.  David said if need, the $3,000 for the Radiology request could come out of ETF by reducing the Audio/Visual improvements for classroom by $3,000 to make up for the difference. 
Meeting adjourned at 10:20am. 
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