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Annual Budget Planning Committee meeting
Thursday, May 3, 2018
2:00pm, Room 5118
Members present: Andrew Fisher, Cindy Wallin, David Lightfoot, Dianne Sykes, Ernie Wade, John Capps, Kris Ogden, Lewis Bryant, Marc Zoccola, Mary Canfield, Michael Farris, Mike Bradford, Muriel Mickles, Patti Saffioti, Peter Dorman, Ron Parker, Shannon McDermott, Susan Hogg
Members absent: Donna Hobbs, Jim Lemons
The meeting began at 2:19pm.  Each present committee member received a handout with the funding request broken down by funding source and the scores of each request that required action by the committee.  Kris reviewed the objectives and structure of the committee and the timeline for the budget prioritization process. 
Foundations and Grants – Mike Bradford
Mike began by stating that item 15, Welding Pipe and Plate Welding Stands, could be paid for out of an endowment used to keep up and replace machines in the welding lab.  Mike continued that item 11, NIMS Credentials, could be paid for by a grant from HAAS, and item 8, Mechatronics Start-Up Coop Lab and Training System, could be paid for from a grant that pays half of the funds and has always been received in the past. 
Mike said that he and Cindy will go through the list to see what grants can be used to fund the rest of the items.  Cindy stated that Lynn Dillard would prefer item 6, HAAS Mini Mill, over item 5, 3 TRAC-3 Mills.  Item 7, Machine Maintenance, is paid for by an ongoing fund that pays each year. 
A motion to approve the Foundation and Grants prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by Marc, and approved by the committee. 
Maintenance and Operations (M&O) – Lewis Bryant
Kris started the Maintenance and Operations prioritized list discussion by stating that there were two items on the list that were highlighted.  Items 18, Science Prep Room Dishwasher, will possibly be moved to the Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) list and item 3, Forest Early College Operational Budget, was moved from the Local Funds list to M&O since that was the more appropriate fund for the item.
Lewis stated that he is expecting flat revenues for the upcoming fiscal year.  CVCC should receive some additional money through Performance Based Funding but enrollment is down about 4% and there is not a VCCS budget yet.  Lewis said that Ron was working on acquiring item 13, Storage Container for Machine/Welding Programs, at no cost to the College by cleaning out currently owned storage containers.  Ron said that he was pretty confident this could be worked out after graduation was over. 
A motion to approve the Maintenance and Operations prioritized list was made by David, seconded by Muriel, and approved by the committee. 
Local Funds – Lewis Bryant
Kris reminded the committee that item 3 was moved from the M&O list to the Local Funds list.  Lewis stated that funds should be available for these items pending local board approval. 
A motion to approve the Local Funds prioritized list was made by Muriel, seconded by David, and approved by the committee. 
Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) – David Lightfoot
David specified that the Equipment Trust Fund account is split 50/50 between Information Technology needs and college President’s choice.  These funds cannot be spent until the next fiscal year, have various restrictions and what is left over is lost at the end of that fiscal year.  Fiscal year 2018 funds will be spent in the middle of June. Items approved on this list would not be able to be funded until next fiscal year unless they are absolutely needed earlier.  In that case they may be purchased with the current year’s funds if needs can be shuffled around.  Item 18, Science Prep Room Dishwasher, will be added to this list if it is found to be appropriate for the ETF if it matches all restrictions. 
A motion to approve the Equipment Trust Fund prioritized list was made by Mike, seconded by Susan, and approved by the committee. 
Technology Fee – David Lightfoot
David stated that the Technology Fee funds come from tuition.  There are not as many restrictions as the ETF, and can be used to pay for salaries, projectors, etc.  Technology Fee funds are lost if not spent during the year.  There is not expected to be more funds in this account than the previous year and could possibly fund the first two items on the prioritization list. 
Kris mentioned that the rubric ratings for the items on this list were lower than the other lists.  David said that he was concerned about item 24, Alert/Warnings and Notification System, because the quote was received a year ago, after action review reports have stated that there could be concern for causing delays in alerts and more information is needed about the connectivity of these alert systems.  Item 22, Electronic Door Locks, the salesperson as stated that the two versions of locks currently on campus would integrate according to David but are currently not working or have been problematic.
Lewis asked about item 23, Machine Shop Cameras, wondering what tools and items were being lost from the Machine Shop.  Cindy said that she would like to have a check-in system using work-study students to monitor and check out tools if that could be worked out.  Mike wondered if item 22 should be listed to come out of another fund.  David said maybe but it was under Technology Fee due to the Tech Fee currently paying the maintenance fees for the current locks. John said that tools and items for the Machine Shop should not be purchased again until a monitoring system is in place and that a check-in/out system should be a higher priority than the cameras. John also stated that the last two items on the list (items 22 and 24) need more information and need to be further investigated to make sure the College is doing all that it can for safety. 
A motion to approve item 19 and table items 23, 22, and 24 for the Technology Fee prioritized list was made by Shannon, seconded by Muriel, and approved by the committee. 
Not Rated
Mike stated that there were funds available for item 4b, Lab Science Supplies/Equipment, for the Bedford Center through a fund that can only be used for the Bedford Center.  Funds for items 12, 14, 16, and 17b will be requested through the Faculty/Staff Grants application process.  Mike said that request applications for those grants are needed by May 18 and that the Foundation will meet on May 24 to decide on those applications.   
The meeting was adjourned at 3:09pm. 
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