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Annual Budget Planning Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2:00pm, Room 2400

Members Present: John Capps, Dianne Sykes, Francie Dye, Muriel Mickles, Lewis Bryant, Chris Bryant, Michael Farris, Susan Hogg, Cynthia Lofaso, SGA President, David Lightfoot, Ashley Pearson, Patti Saffioti, Shannon McDermott, Ron Parker, Cindy Wallin, Ernie Wade, Jim Lemons
Members Absent:
The meeting was called to order at 2:05pm. Each committee member received a handout with the meeting agenda as well as funding requests categorized by funding source and the scores of each request requiring action by the committee. Kris opened the discussion by advising the committee that in the interest of time she had asked Natalie Prue to be Recorder since Kevin Riley had left the department and she was unable to ask the committee first. She asked if the committee agreed with Natalie being the Recorder. They agreed unanimously.
Kris went on to review the goals and objectives for the committee. Kris then turned the floor over to Lewis Bryant who briefly discussed the FY20 Budget Outlook.

Maintenance & Operations Funds and Local Funds - Lewis stated that there would be more state funding providing raises for employees and mentioned the G3 Grant as well as other Workforce Grants, and the Beacon of Hope. These funds are dependent upon enrollment and while enrollment is variable, Lewis estimated that there would be no real difference from last year and that most of the items on the list should be able to be handled.

ETF Funds - David Lightfoot spoke next about technology funds. He said the items on the ETF list shouldn’t be a problem but the budgets tied to technology are hard to determine at this time as the new A&R software that has been implemented is more costly and has increased IT expenses.

Foundation and Grants - Kris introduced Chris Bryant the new VP of Institutional Advancement and asked him to go over the Educational Foundation’s current status. Chris Bryant thanked Kris for the introduction and said that while he is brand new to the foundation he wanted to make sure that he did not over promise and under deliver. He continued to say that the foundation is currently finishing up previous commitments and assessing the budget that’s left. Chris stated that the foundation has a good footing and appears to be in a strong position. He asks that the committee be patient with the Foundation while they continue to assess their position and see what they can deliver. Chris also stated that this meeting provides him with great information about the college to share with prospective donors and help lock in more donations.
Kris thanked them for their insight into budget outlooks and mentioned that last year there were 5 funds mapped whereas this year there are only 3 before turning everyone’s attention to the first budget request category.

Maintenance and Operations Budget Requests – Lewis Bryant

Kris started the M&O prioritized list by noting that there are 6 requests and asking Lewis his thoughts on the requested amount. Lewis stated that the requested dollar amount shouldn’t be a problem.

David Lightfoot asked about item #2 on the list which is the Alert/Warning and Notification System. There seems to be some confusion about the dollar amount listed. David thinks it’s supposed to be more than shown. Kris stated that she did not have her notes about the Alert system with her but that it would be looked into and there would be a follow up with Chief Dove about the accurate amount needed.

Dianne Sykes asked about item #5 and wanted to know if that could be funded through professional development. Michael Farris stated that it probably could but that more funds would be needed. There was a brief discussion between Lewis and Michael about the amount of money in the Professional Development fund and how much is used annually. Michael then stated that the training would be annual training that would provide strong training locally rather than having to fly out to remote locations to train our employees. Kris stated that she had encouraged Michael to request the funding for the training to show its importance and that there could be possible funding through the Title III Grant.

Lewis asked Michael about item #6, Direct Shipment of Diplomas and Credentials. He was curious as to what was better, having the students pick up their diplomas or mailing them through us. Michael said that it is more cost effective to have the diplomas direct shipped and the company currently printing our diplomas offers this service. It would save us time and labor costs as well as being a faster more efficient service for the students. Kris inquired what would happen to the diplomas of students with holds on their accounts. Michael replied that at the time the information for diplomas is uploaded the college’s address will be put in for all students with holds on their accounts. Thus all the diplomas for those accounts would be shipped to the college for the students to collect after they have taken care of the hold on their account. Muriel inquired as to how quickly the students would receive their diplomas with the direct ship method of delivery. Michael replied that students would receive their diplomas within a matter of days.

Lewis mentioned item #3, the whiteboards at the Appomattox Center. It was requested that all the whiteboards be replaced but upon further investigation by Ron Parker and facilities staff, it was determined that only 2 boards needed to be replaced due to being broken and the rest were to be cleaned properly to see if that fixes them. Kris inquired about the cost of the new boards. Ron stated that they are about $500-$600 each. Cindy Wallin inquired as to who is responsible for the cleaning supplies. Lewis stated that since the Appomattox Center has an in house cleaning staff it is up to us to supply the cleaning supplies. It was determined that we will supply the Appomattox Center with the proper cleaning supplies and procedure for caring for the boards and the 2 new boards have already been ordered. It was agreed that this would lower the request from $3,500 to $1,500. Bringing the total M&O budget request to $47,134.

Lewis also mentioned that item #1, lab science supplies for the Bedford Center may need to be reviewed as the requested amount will need to be different.

Kris motioned for item #3 to be reduced to $1,500 and for the M&O budget request to be approved at the amount of $47,134 with the understanding that items #1 and #2 are to be further investigated. Muriel seconded the motion and it was approved by the committee.

Foundations and Grants – Chris Bryant

Kris moved on to the next page (Foundation/Grants) and noted that all requests were from SME. Cindy Wallin started by saying that item #4 could be removed from the list as they had already found the money for them this year. Kris then went on to say that items #1 (2) and #7 (2) were under $2000 and the money would need to be obtained through a written foundation/grant. Cindy asked Chris Bryant to note that while #7 (2) was ranked last on the page it is actually a very urgent need for the department. Cindy and Chris will get together to work on grants for those items.

Jim Lemons came in and brought up item #5 saying they had just ordered a Mill and Cindy replied that a second one was needed. Jim L. and Francie Dye went on to explain about how CVCC is being recognized as best practice example by other colleges and about the Program Improvement Grant they are working on. The application for the grant has to be submitted by May 9th. It could possibly fund the second mill as well as any other items that could be used for Workforce as well as credit courses attached to a credential or academic pathway. A Workforce Grants list could be added to next years list.

Kris stated that for today’s purposes we will leave item #5 intact because it is a need with the understanding that the Workforce Grant may fund it. We will remove item #4 (Centrifuge Buckets) as they have already been funded and leave the other two items that are under $2000 with the understanding that a foundation grant will be submitted. She then asked if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

David L. asked about item #3 and why it wasn’t more of a priority than new equipment? Cindy stated that it is decided through voting and there is a protocol set up that is being followed as far as using the budget for item #3. She asked Chris B. if funding the requested amount would be a problem? Chris B. said that item #3 has been on the list for years and is considered a priority. There should be no problem funding the requested amount.  

Michael F. wanted to know if the items approved this year will stay on the budget for the following years as his requests are annually repeating needs. He was told often that is the case because it creates an annual budget code.

Francie D. wanted to know what happens if an item does not get funded? She is particularly concerned with item #7 (1). Kris O. said that it is the intent to fund everything on the list. Chris B. said it is very likely that the item will get funded. There was a brief discussion about grants and fundraisers.

Lewis B. asked Cindy W. if item #7 (2) was in her opinion the most urgently needed item on the list since everything was from SME. She stated that it was and that they really needed those items for summer classes. Lewis said he could buy those. Cindy accepted and Muriel seconded.
There was a brief discussion between Cindy and Chris about the need for item #7 (1) and that Cindy planned to sell the old machines to be replaced by the new ones to keep us competitive and up to date with local employer needs.

Kris asked if there was anything else and went on to recap that two items were removed from the list and the budget request amount is $323,645 with the understanding that we will seek all alternative sources including Workforce funding and Tobacco funding to support these programs. She asked for a motion to approve the Foundation/Grants list with those changes. John Capps moved to approve the list and Patti Saffiotti seconded the motion. Motion approved unanimously.

ETF Funds – David Lightfoot

Kris opened stating that this list only has three items and said David L. believed that all the items were able to be funded this year. Cindy W. stated that item #1 is actually for the Bedford Center. Kris asked if there were any questions about the items listed? Kris asked for a motion to approve the ETF budget request of $14,116. David L. moved to approve the list and Patti S. seconded. Motion carried with unanimous vote.
Kris closed with remarks about how much is learned through this process and offers the floor to Dr. Capps for any comments or closing remarks.

Dr. Capps replied he really had more of a question. He noted that SME had the majority of requests and was wondering if we were caught up on the other needs of the college or if there is a lack of awareness or participation in this process. It is designed to help faculty and staff for student success. So why is no one else asking? Are we really reaching our goals with this process? Do we need more communication? Muriel said that she would make sure that there is more awareness and communication of this process. Francie stated that she joined the committee to learn more about this process. Dr. Capps mentioned that in a perfect world the deans and supervisors would communicate with the students and staff to share this information and determine the needs of the college to better serve its students and that would become the basis for a more robust array of requests. Ashley Pearson suggested a convocation session that educates everyone on this process. Michael F. stated that with compliance assist each department head has access and ownership of their area within compliance assist and that engages them more in the activities of the dept and budget. He believes we will see more requests in the future because of this.

Dr. Capps thanked everyone for answering his question and for their participation. He especially wanted to thank Kris Ogden and Natalie Prue for coordinating this process stating how important it is to the success of the college and commended Kris on her outstanding leadership in this process.

Kris thanked everyone for being there and encouraged them to ask for any assistance or questions with the process.

Meeting closed at 3:30 pm.
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