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Annual Budget Planning Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
2:00pm, Zoom Meeting
Members Present:
John Capps, Shannon Hines, Kris Ogden, Natalie Prue, Muriel Mickles, Lewis Bryant, Chris Bryant, Michael Farris, Cynthia Deutsch, David Lightfoot, Ashley Pearson, Patti Saffioti, Shannon McDermott, Cindy Wallin, Ernie Wade, James Tuitte, Jason Ferguson, Sarah Jarrett, John Rocha
Members Absent:
 Susan Fitzsimmons, Linda Mallory, Debra Short

The meeting was called to order at 2:05pm. Each committee member received an email with the meeting agenda as well as funding requests categorized by funding source and the scores of each request requiring action by the committee attached. Kris opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending, saying how good it was to “see” everyone and hoping that the technology would work for a smooth meeting since we are meeting remotely due to Covid.
Kris went on to review the goals and objectives for the committee. There were 6 budget requests made this year due to Covid. The floor was opened for a quick update on FY21 budget outlooks. Maintenance & Operations Funds and Local Funds, Lewis Bryant, ETF Funds, David Lightfoot, Foundation and Grants, Chris Bryant. Kris thanked them for their insight into the FY21 budget outlooks.

Maintenance and Operations Budget Requests – Lewis Bryant
Lewis discussed the need for more M&O funds to continue working with the Lynchburg Fire &EMS due to a change in agreements that would require CVCC to now provide the preceptors for our students. The estimated cost was $18,000. It would cover the preceptors needed to provide students with the necessary skills to complete their training. Most students would not be able to afford this without assistance from our agency.

Foundations and Grants – Chris Bryant
Chris had two requests. The first request was for a radiology x-ray system. The cost of the system would be approximately $183,333.00. There was discussion of requesting grant funding from the Tobacco Commission and the foundation would raise money for half of the expense. The second request was for HVAC equipment. The estimated cost was $5000. Chris stated that the foundation could pay $2500 from fundraising. Kris asked if the radiology equipment can be used in the current space or if it would be better to delay until renovations to the buildings were in progress. They are still considering the best option. John Rocha mentioned the costs of construction on HVAC labs as well.

ETF Funds – David Lightfoot
David is requesting $86,000 for security cameras. He mentioned less discretionary money and less income but more expenses and wondered if CARES funding would be a possibility. It was decided to take a wait and see stance. The next item discussed was $3000 to improve Wi-Fi service on all campuses. This is necessary because of Covid restrictions. It will allow us to better serve our students and employees with limited internet access by providing access to strong Wi-Fi in the parking lots as well as improving the Wi-Fi service in parts of the building where it was not strong before. This would help programs like the PLC program which uses laptops that require Wi-Fi.

Kris asked for a motion to approve the discussed items. Muriel moved to approve the items. Patti Saffioti seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Kris closed with remarks about how much things have changed quickly for the college and how we are all still adapting. She thanked everyone for all their hard work and patience. She offered the floor to Dr. Capps for closing remarks. Dr. Capps also thanked everyone for their work and being so adaptable. He then asked for some time to go off topic.
Dr. Capps off topic conversation consisted of a question-and-answer session on our thoughts about how we should work with the Covid limitations to best serve our students and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Dr. Capps thanked everyone for answering his question and for their participation. He also thanked Kris Ogden for coordinating this process stating how important it is to the success of the college and commended Kris on her outstanding leadership in this process.
Kris thanked everyone for being there and encouraged them to ask for any assistance or questions with the process.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.
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