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Thursday, November 8, 2012
1:00pm – 2:30pm

Old Business

Christmas Parade
·         To be held on Sunday, 12/2/12 at 2pm
·         Volunteers are appreciated
·         Susan Anderson to drive convertible, also a flatbed truck to be used
·         Candy has been purchased
·         Dianne Sykes to ask about banners/magnets
Blood Drive
·         To be held Monday, 11/26 through Wednesday, 11/28 from 9am-1pm
·         Volunteers are needed to help with registration

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance                           $563.69
Deposits                                                 $249 Masquerade Jewelry
                                                                      $265 Vendor Fair             
Ending Balance                                  $1077.69

New Business

David Lightfoot presented information regarding an Electronic Newspaper/Bulletin which will replace The Weekly Bulletin. 
·         Different categories will be available
·         Users will control their own posts
·         Employees can only post and must be logged in to do so
·         Open for viewing to the public but no posts will be allowed
Part-Time Association
·         $75 will be given towards their food pantry drive.
Students in Need
·         $100 to be spent towards vouchers/gift certificates to The Spot for students who need a meal.
o   Counseling/Security could possibly hand out on an as needed basis
·         $150 to be spent towards non-perishable food items for students in need – Connie Deacon and Shannon Hines to help with purchase of groceries.
·         Debra Short to set out cans for collecting money to keep the items in stock.
Possible fund raisers
·         Discussion of warm coat drive for CVCC campus.
Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm
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