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Classified Staff Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Attendance

Shannon Hines
Dianne Sykes
Linda Daye
Kitty Daniel
Chris Jordan
Kimely Davis
Betty Hudson
Lori Cumbo
Carolyn Fisher
Julie Loving
Linda DeBerardinis
Vickie Banks
Kimberly French
Connie Sublett
Lauren Calloway
Kathy Kidd
Debra Short
Peggy Samuels
Jill Markwood
Robin Peade
Francie Dye
Leticia Forster
Bart Smith
Twila DeMasters
Jessica Riddick
Dani van Vierssen

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance                          $792.91
Ending Balance                                $792.91

Old Business

·         The Masquerade Jewelry fundraiser has been cancelled. The vendor double booked and no other date was available.

New Business

Bonus for degrees earned – Examples of what some colleges are currently doing.
o   Up to a 10% increase in base pay
o   A one-time bonus
o   Increase in pay-band
·         Degree earned has to be related to job.
·         Must be employed two years before receiving bonus.
·         DHRM recommends having a goal in place with supervisor.
·         Recommendation was made to add bonus to base pay.
o   Dianne Sykes and Linda Daye to write a policy and will then be emailed to committee members to vote on.
o   Once approved, the policy will be taken to the Governance Committee for approval.
Computer Improvements
·         Currently IT has a Two, Four, and Six Year Rotation List based on model of computer.
·         Chris Jordan is currently working on updating the list to be more accurate.
·         VCCS has a replacement policy on computers so IT must follow those regulations.
·         A suggestion was made that IT could perform maintenance annually on the computers between replacements to improve performance.
·         Chris Jordan to ask David Lightfoot regarding administrative rights. Staff would like to be able to update software already loaded on their computer.
Travel Time
·         75% of all three meals can be claimed for travel days (to and from.)
·         Cannot claim meals if conference is providing the meal.
·         Use CAPPS manual as a resource (link to the website is on the travel request form.)
Suggested ideas:
·         Donating to the girls soccer team
·         Book drawing
Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm
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