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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In Attendance​

Shannon Hines

Dianne Sykes
Linda Daye
Kitty Daniel
Chris Jordan
Kimely Davis
Betty Hudson
Carolyn Fisher
Linda DeBerardinis
Connie Sublett
Lauren Calloway
Kathy Kidd
Debra Short
Jill Markwood
Robin Peade
Francie Dye
Leticia Forster
Twila DeMasters
Teresa Laughlin
Gayle Kiger
Evan Abatecola
William Perez
Loretta Marshall
Ed McGee

Treasurer’s ReportBeginning Balance                           $792.91
Student Aid (Food)                         ($75.00)
Ending Balance                               $717.91

Old Business

  • The Masquerade Jewelry fundraiser was held 10/31. Amount raised should be known by the next meeting.

Education Recognition
·         Dr. Capps is in support of the program.
·         Updates/changes suggested by College Governance Committee

The Classified Staff would ask of the College Governance Committee to formally acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of staff contributions to the objectives and efficient operation of Central VA Community College and to encourage and to recognize staff efforts to achieve excellence in the workplace through professional development.

Definition    A Professional Development Achievement Award serves as a companion to the Educational Aid Program, which provides tuition support for approved coursework in degree programs. The award provides a monetary amount for staff that persists and complete increasingly higher degree levels or obtain professional certification credential, of demonstrated rigor, which provide a valued professional benefit to the Central VA Community College and the VCCS, or meets a Commonwealth of Virginia required professional requirement related to the employees employee work profile.
Classified staff employee would have a choice between day(s) off or a bonus payment upon the completion of an approved degree program in the following amounts:

Certificate/Certification = $250 or 1 day
Associate = $500 or 2 days
Bachelors = $750 or 3 days
Graduate = $1000 or 4 days

The Classified Staff understands this policy will not be retroactive and therefore recommends to the Committee the following solution:
Degrees completed as of 5/1/2008:
Certificate/Certification = 1 day
Associate = 2 days


New Business

Computer Improvements
·      Faculty only have administrative rights because they are on a different domain than classified staff. Evan Abatecola to get with David Lightfoot to see what options are available.
·      Dianne Sykes contacted a few colleges and most of their classified staff do not have administrative rights. One college actually has a shared drive with common software updates.
·      Chris Jordan working on master computer inventory list. Once completed, Chris will present to committee.
Search Committee
·         New officers to be elected for next year’s term.
·         Team consists of Kitty Daniel, Linda Daye, Dianne Sykes and Shannon Hines
·         Connie Sublett volunteered to be Treasurer for a two-year term.
·         Currently no committee is handling the event.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm
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