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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In Attendance

Shannon Hines
Dianne Sykes
Linda Daye
Kitty Daniel
Connie Sublett
Lauren Calloway
Leticia Forster
Twila DeMasters
Gayle Kiger
Ed McGee          
Connie Deacon
Dani VanVierssan
Christi Martin
Lori Cumbo
Crystal Hutchinson
Jessica Riddick


Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance                          $794.91
Ending Balance                               $794.91

Old Business

Computer Improvements
·         Administrative rights/software updates for classified staff – no resolve. Linda Daye to talk to David Lightfoot. Leticia Forster to bring up in President’s Staff Meeting.
Search Committee
·         Team consists of Kitty Daniel, Linda Daye, Dianne Sykes and Shannon Hines
·         Nominations consist of:
o   President – Ed McGee
o   Vice President – Dani VanVierssan
o   Secretary – none
o   Treasurer – Connie Sublett (continuing a two-year term)
·         Food will be provided for next meeting to vote in new officers – March 25th.

New Business 

Education Recognition
·         Forms are available under the Human Resources tab on the intranet. Must be filled out before receiving the benefit.
 Cougar Monthly Award
·          Everyone but teaching faculty are eligible. Winner will be decided on by the Employee Recognition Committee. Connie Deacon represented the committee.
Workforce Courses·         Twila DeMasters presented handouts on workforce courses being offered. Professional Development Funds may be used for these classes.
Toner Recycling·         Twila also brought up toner recycling and stated that Dani VanVierssan is in charge of the program. An email will be sent out regarding various drop-off bin locations.
Leave Drive·         Some employees don’t have access to their leave totals on the Leave Drive. Currently the employee has to request access through IT. Leticia Forster to work on adding to hiring process.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm
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