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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Attendance

Kimberly French
Connie Sublett
Kitty Daniel
Crystal Hutchinson
Lori Cumbo
Kathy Kidd
Debra Short
Robin Peade
Leticia Forster
Jessica Riddick
Loretta Marshall
Betty Hudson
Tammy Johnson
Dani VanVierssen
Dianne Sykes
Ed McGee
Connie Deacon
Twila DeMasters
Lauren Calloway
Linda DeBerardinis
Carolyn Fisher
Teresa Laughlin
John Capps
Shannon Hines
Linda Daye

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance                           $794.91
Outstanding Checks                        ($100.00)
Ending Balance                                $694.91

New Business

New Officers Elected
·         President – Ed McGee
·         Vice President – Dani VanVierssen
·         Secretary – Lauren Calloway
·         Treasurer – Connie Sublett (current)
All officers will start their term in June 2014.
QEP Update presented by Cynthia Lofaso and Lana Velez
·         See bottom
Goals for next year
·         Monetary/gift procedures for CSA family when death/sickness or hardships occur.
·         Food options from The Spot: Send out suggestions, surveys, etc.
o   Linda to bring up in next presidents meeting.
o   Dr. Capps attended meeting and heard concerns. He also suggested bringing up in presidents meeting.
Traffic concerns
·         Raised pedestrian walkways have been put on hold because of budget constraints.
·         Possibly a turnaround will be put into place at Wards Ferry/Harvard.
Meeting adjourned at 2:05pm
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