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Classified Staff Meeting
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
In Attendance
1.     Lauren Calloway
2.     Lori Cumbo
3.     Francie Dye
4.     Twila DeMasters
5.     Stephanie Keener
6.     Linda Daye
7.     Bart Smith
8.     Hunter Overstreet
9.     Ed McGee
10.  Dennis Phillips
11.  Jill Markwood
12.  Connie Deacon
13.  Gayle Kiger

Treasurer’s Report
No report given – Connie will give an update at the next meeting

New Business
Election of Vice President
-       Dani VanVierssen is no longer with CVCC (now at VWCC) and her position needs to be filled.  Lauren Calloway volunteered – committee approved – Lauren accepted

Election of Secretary
-       Lauren Calloway was secretary so this position is now vacant.  Ed McGee asked for volunteers and since no one volunteered he will email and ask for volunteers to fill this position

Professional Development Opportunities
-       Francie Dye announced that Workforce Training will be offering classes so that classified professional could possibly use professional development funds to cover.
-       Specific questions were asked regarding the use of professional development funds and Francie suggested that people contact Will Sandidge’s office directly for more information or check the intranet portal for more information regarding continuing education and professional development funds
Student Appreciation Picnic

-       Twila DeMasters encouraged people to contact Linda Adams to sign up and help support the Student Appreciation Picnic on August 29, 2014 here on main campus

Meeting adjourned at 1:19pm
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