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Classified Staff Meeting
February 10, 2015

In attendance:  Ed McGee, president; Lauren Calloway, vice president; Stephanie Keener, secretary; Jill Markwood; Twila DeMasters; Francie Dye; Teresa Laughlin; Crystal Hutchinson; Debra Short; Jessica Riddick; Linda Daye; Dianne Sykes; Randall Franklin; Gayle Kiger
Meeting was called to order at 1:06pm. 
Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted (motion: Gayle Kiger, 2nd Linda Daye)

Old Business:
A method to acknowledge classified staff during a time of hardship or illness was discussed.  Currently, there is no official means.  In the past, money has been given out of Staff Association Fund. Diane Sykes reported that the college has a flower policy from CVCC.  Lauren Calloway initiated a discussion regarding the definition of sick or hardship.  Diane says that the rule for the college is an overnight stay in the hospital.  The person’s supervisor must notify the President’s office.  A policy was suggested that we create a rule to recognize an illness or hardship that causes an extended absence (two weeks was suggested) or overnight hospital stay.  We could announce these guidelines in the Daily Bulletin so that staff is aware.  It was also suggested that money should be collected from those willing to give, but not given from the Classified Staff Funds.  There was a question about sending flowers with a death in the family.  This practice is limited to immediate family, step children, and in-laws.  Lauren suggested that we follow the college guidelines with flowers.  HR cannot provide addresses according to regulations.  Diane will let us know when there is a death or illness and we can send a card through campus mail.  Hardships will require a fundraising e-mail to be sent.  Ed McGee will develop a policy and present it at the next meeting. 

Currently there is approximately $500 in the Classified Staff Fund.  The college gives $150 of this.  It was suggested that we do a fundraiser for the food pantry.  Or, for vouchers at The Spot or for the Cap and Gown Fund for the students to use.  Jill suggested a gown loan initiative.  Francie Dye will call the bookstore to learn the policy on caps and gowns so that we better understand how to support students.
We need to plan to spend $150 on food for a spring meeting.
Ed attended the Presidents council meeting – most everyone supports raises for state employees.  He encourages everyone to call their legislators.

New Business
Loretta needs to know if you are planning on using the allotted $263 for professional improvement for this year
Next meeting is the last meeting of the spring.  There will be food.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:44pm.
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