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Classified Staff Association Meeting
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
1:00 p.m. Merritt Hall, Rm 5146
The Classified Staff Association Meeting was called to order at approximately 1:00 p.m. by Ed McGee, Chair.
Those in attendance included: Dr. John Capps, Will Sandidge, Ed McGee, Amy McIvor, Gayle Kiger, Connie Deacon, Brittany Smith, Deanne McDaniel, Jessica Riddick, Lynn Mayberry, Kevin Riley, Sandra Viar, Hunter Overstreet, Loretta Marshall, Lauren Calloway, Twila DeMasters, Francie Dye, David Fariss, William Perez, Chris Jordan, Jill Markwood, Debra Short, Kathy Kidd, Brenda Bowling, Kitty Daniel, Catherine Rice, Connie Sublet, Layia Perry, Kimberly French, Kris Collins, Mary Canfield, Shannon Hines, Dianne Sykes, Linda Daye, Deborah Bauer.
Pizza was served at the meeting. A special thank you to Kim French, Chair of the Job Satisfaction/Supervisor, Department Chair Relationship/Work and Life Balance Ad Hoc Committee and to Dianne Sykes.
Ed McGee, Chair, asked for any changes or amendments to the Minutes of September 22, 2015. There being none, the minutes were duly approved as presented.

“Great Colleges to Work For” update
Ed McGee, Chair, explained that the results of the “Great Colleges to Work For” survey show that the Classified Staff and Part-Time staff voted lower on some of the areas of the survey than any other groups.
Dr. John Capps and Mr. Will Sandidge were invited to this meeting to give the CSA an update on the Great Colleges to Work For initiative, get input from all classified staff and discuss ways to improve job satisfaction. Dr. Capps explained that he didn’t consider himself a guest, but is a member of the CSA and appreciated the opportunity to speak about the process we are engaged in right now.
Dr. Capps explained that CVCC did exceptionally well on the survey and that we are one of 86 colleges recognized as a Great College to Work For. The two areas which CVCC was recognized as outstanding in were Collaborative Governance and Confidence in Senior Leadership. CVCC didn’t score poorly on any criteria, but there is always room for improvement. Ad Hoc committees have been charged with coming up with ideas for improvement that CVCC can implement.
Dr. Capps and Will Sandidge were there to stress their sincere intent on improvement and following through to the fullest extent possible. Both stressed the importance of employees also taking this process seriously. Dr. Capps stated that CVCC has worked together to overcome situations that other colleges in the VCCS have not faced and this makes us extraordinary. This is the opportunity for CVCC employees to make changes. Everyone was encouraged to compete surveys and contact members of the Ad Hoc Committees with suggestions and any questions.
There was concern that employees would be overwhelmed with surveys. Kris Ogden confirmed that this would not happen. The research department is working closely with the Ad Hoc Committees on this.
Ed McGee explained that there were several classified staff members on each of the Ad Hoc Committees. Contact them with any questions or ideas.

Departure of Lauren Calloway
Ed McGee announced that Lauren Calloway will be leaving CVCC this week. She has accepted the position of principal at the Lynchburg City Juvenile Detention Center. 
Lauren was also the Vice-President of the Classified Staff Association; therefore, a new Vice-President needs to be elected.

Updates from Compensation and Benefits Ad Hoc Committee and Collaborative Governance Ad Hoc Committee
Tim Rhodes and Jessie Hogan are the co-chairs of the Compensation and Benefits Ad Hoc committee. Connie Sublet reported that surveys have been sent to VCCS sister colleges.
Amy McIvor reported that Ken Bunch is the chair of the Collaborative Governance Ad Hoc Committee.

Update and discussion for Job Satisfaction/Supervisor, Department Chair Relationship/Work and Life Balance Ad Hoc Committee  
Kimberly French, Chair of this committee, spoke to the CSA and encouraged the group to bring forth recommendations and make CVCC an even better place to work. There are concerns and those concerns must be heard.
She explained that the Faculty and the Staff at CVCC have different governing bodies.The Faculty is governed by the VCCS and the Staff by DHRM. A link to the DHRM policies will be emailed out later so that it can be examined for possibilities of change here at CVCC.
Kimberly distributed a survey from this Ad Hoc Committee. She requested that this confidential survey be completed during the meeting and given back to her at the end of the meeting. The committee will meet with the Part-Time staff on Thursday and the Faculty at a later date. She explained that a more detailed survey will be coming out later through Survey Monkey with the assistance of Kris Ogden and Kevin Riley.
Kimberly, with the assistance of Loretta Marshall, explained the difference between non-exempt and exempt employees. Both are salaried employees, but non-exempt complete a time sheet and work 40 hours a week. Exempt employees do not complete a time sheet and may work over 40 hours without overtime pay.
Dr. Capps explained that with the help of the Ad Hoc Committees, we have a lot of potential for progress. He said that he knew that staff had been “low-balled” from the very beginning with their salaries. When this happens, it is almost impossible to catch up. During his second year as president, there was an unprecedented equity raise given to the classified staff. He expressed that HR needs to send out that survey again.
Will Sandidge thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and for those who were participating on the Ad Hoc committees. He stressed that the committees need to have their suggestions for improvement by January 2016 and ready to go before the Governance Committee Meeting on February 2, 2016.
Dr. Capps opened the floor for discussion on how to move the college forward.

Connie Sublett voiced her appreciation for the new student center. She also expressed her concern of slippery floors when entering the Amherst building and for the number of people who have fallen there. She spoke about the need of better traffic control on Harvard Street – the possibility of more police presence to help handle traffic. Also, if we ever experienced a disaster, how would everyone be able to leave campus?
Brenda Bowling expressed concern about mold in the ceiling in Rm 2302.
Jill Markwood expressed the importance of CVCC signage on Wards Road. Dr. Capps stated that signage is needed all across campus - Marketing.
Linda Daye expressed her appreciation of paid snow days and benefits. Dr. Capps made the announcement that Will Sandidge will be making the call on snow days. He plans to make the call earlier than 5:30 a.m.
Gayle Kiger asked about the renovation of Amherst and Appomattox Halls. Will they renovate or tear down? Dr. Capps stated there will be new buildings – shell or not.
The biggest concern has been the salary issue.
Dr. Capps emphasized again that everyone needs to get involved and take this process seriously. You need to share your ideas with the Ad Hoc committees.

New Business
Loretta Marshall stated that Lauren Calloway had served on the Professional Development Committee, but since she was leaving, would someone else volunteer to serve? Twila DeMasters volunteered.
Sandra Viar discussed fund raising to raise money to purchase caps and gowns for graduating students who cannot afford them. Brittney Smith stated that this program was started last year. Students who cannot afford them need to complete the Student Emergency Fund application. They must start with counseling.
Sandra would like to make this a less stressful event.
This topic will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report - $587.41 as of 08/31/15 prepared by Connie Sublett.
The next CSA meeting is scheduled for January 5, 2016.

Ed McGee thanked Dr. Capps and Will Sandidge for attending the CSA meeting. The meeting adjourned around 2 p.m. 
Minutes were taken and submitted by Connie Deacon. Uploaded, SK
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