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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
March 22, 2016

In attendance:
Ed McGee, Twila DeMasters, Connie Deacon, Jessica Riddick, Gayle Kiger, Stephanie Keener, Nathan Kolb, Francie Dye, Linda Daye, Debra Short, Diane Sykes, Kitty Daniel, Deanne McDaniel, Tommy Johnson, Richard Okimoto, Kevin Riley
Meeting was called to order at 1:05pm

Minutes were approved with a motion from Kevin Riley, 2nd Connie Deacon.
Stephanie Keener nominated Francie Dye as President and Kevin Riley as Vice President.  No other nominations were made. Election was unanimous.

Discussion was had regarding the Classified Staff Professional Development Achievement Award. The monetary award is not retroactive; days off are retroactive. Retroactive days do create a cost for the college. No motion was made to change this amendment.
Twila DeMasters reported that when professional development funds are given this year, the classified staff can make their own decision about how money can be divided. Faculty have made the decision that they can combo money and use multiple years allotment at one time, but they are not allowed to apply in consecutive years if they use a multiyear allotment. Francie asked if other departments have some professional development money that they use for staff. A motion was made by Jessica Riddick to keep classified staff’s professional development available on a yearly basis, not following the faculty model.  Seconded by Gayle Kiger, motion approved.
Ed McGee reported that there is the possibility of a raise in November, budget dependent.
Kevin reminded the group to take the Great Colleges survey. Some reported that the survey went into Clutter in their mailboxes.
Reminder of the Picnic, April 29.

Linda Daye reminded the group that new hires will need to be added to the list for classified staff, this process is unclear and needs review by new classified leadership.
Meeting adjourned.  

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