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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
August 31, 2016

In attendance: Dianne Sykes, Pricilla Liggon, Twila DeMasters, Stephanie Keener, Francie Dye, Kevin Riley, Deborah Bauer, Mary Canfield, Beth Walkup, Richard Okimoto, Nathan Kolb, William Perez, David Farris, Connie Sublett, Gayle Kiger, Connie Deacon, Cathy Sanders, Debra Short, Elizabeth Narehood, Jessica Riddick, Ed McGee, Russell Dove, Tammy Johnson, Ken Bunch, Evan Abatecola

President Francie Dye called the meeting to order at 2:03

A motion was made to accept the agenda Mo. Deborah Bauer, 2nd Gayle Kiger. Motion carried.
Francie encouraged everyone to drop the number they received into the drawing for the free classes and reminded the association that we are trying to increase our visibility across campus. If you take a photo please send it so we can be in the daily bulletin, etc. 
The executive committee of the Classified Staff Association conducted a survey regarding barriers for attendance and issues that the classified staff association may take on. Vice President Kevin Riley will present the report fully in his comment. One piece of feedback gathered from the survey is that classified staff doesn’t know each other very well. In an effort for everyone to get to know each other better, we are going to do a rollcall at each meeting. Meetings are now being livestreamed and McGee will let us know if anyone is participating or has a question via blackboard.
A roll call was stated, those in attendance are reflected in the list above.
A motion to accept the minutes for May. Mo. Mary Canfield, 2nd from Connie Deacon. Motion carried.
Secretary Stephanie Keener will be gone for the next two meetings.  Mary and Connie D. will take minutes in her stead.
Francie began by explaining the executive committee met over the summer. That committee wants to strengthen both our voice and influence as a staff association, and work on the structure of the meetings to increase value for the association. These meetings resulted in the development of the survey. The survey revealed that one barrier to attendance is the date and time. As a result, we changed the date and time based on the feedback from the survey.
Governance committees need to have representation from the Classified Staff Association on committees. Francie shared the master copy and asked the association to check for accuracy and make any needed changes.

Our theme for this year is, “The Value of Engagement.” We will see some information presented in the meetings which will include HR updates, tech updates, and reports from other committees.
Treasurer Connie Sublett reported that the Classified Staff Association has $504.91.
Vice President Kevin reported on the survey.  We had 50% participation on the survey, which is a fantastic rate. He sent out the email to the classified staff list immediately following the meeting. The results of the survey are posted here. (Or check the email of August 31 at 3:03 pm from Kevin to see the full results of the survey.)

Francie pointed out that we need to review bylaws/constitution. We want to reach out to other peer campuses to look at other staff associations. Ed and Kevin will lead this effort. Mary, Deborah, and Elizabeth Narehood will serve on this committee.
The Fundraising committee was developed. The fundraising subcommittee will include service projects and community (at large). Connie S. and Twila DeMasters will co-lead, Beth Walkup, and Connie D. volunteered to serve on this committee.
We will begin to have an HR segment in every meeting. HR will cover a benefit or policy for CVCC employees.  Connie S. or another staff person from HR will provide a 5 – 10 minute segment at each meeting.  Ed is going to do a segment soon on IT tips and tricks to get more word out about software available to us.
Stephanie announced that the classified staff association will be participating in First Fridays for October 7. We will meet at Riverviews Artspace and then enjoy the events going on in downtown Lynchburg.

New items from the floor
Connie S. asked if we are participating in the Christmas Parade. Connie D. and Mary will research the specs on Christmas Parade.
Mike Bradford will be giving an update on 50th Anniversary events at the next meeting.
Deborah reminded the association that the Hot Topics presented by Student Services are covering some of the basics for Miscrosoft, etc. Faculty and staff are welcome to come.

Elizabeth gave a short update on WCG and informed us that Va residents have opportunity for FANTIC funding, for low income students.  We have some folks who are taking CMA training for $71! Discussion was had regarding how WCG can be an entryway into academic programs. We had an MT1 move into Machine tool for example.  Connie S. congratulates Elizabeth and Debra Short on Summer Academies. Elizabeth gave a short intro to SA, a program in which kids come onto campus to get exposure to careers.

Mary would like to hear from the various committees, Francie suggests that Classified representatives submit a short piece to her prior to the meetings, which can then be presented. This way, Classified Staff can stay abreast of the activity of other committees.
Gayle Kiger won the drawing for the free class!
Next meeting on Sept 21, 2:00
Classified Staff Planning Committee Survey Results.pdf
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