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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
September 21, 2016 at 2:00pm

Room 5118, Merritt Hall
In attendance: Ken Bunch, Mary Canfield, Linda Daye, Connie Deacon, Twila DeMasters, Francie Dye, David Fariss, Randall Franklin, Kimberly French, Tammy Johnson, Gayle Kiger, Jill Markwood, Deanne McDaniel, Ed McGee, Jessica Riddick, Cathy Sanders, Debra Short, Connie Sublett, Dianne Sykes, Beth Walkup.  Online:  Ava Connelly, Richard Okimoto               

President Francie Dye called the meeting to order at 2:02pm

A motion was made to accept the Minutes from August 31.  Linda Daye objected and made a motion that the Minutes be amended to correct the misspelling of Tammy Johnson’s name. Mo. Connie Deacon, 2nd from Tammy Johnson.   Motion carried.   Motion to accept amended minutes was made by Francie Dye, 2nd from Gayle Kiger.  Motion carried.
A roll call was stated, those in attendance are reflected in the list above.
President’s Report –Francie thanked the classified staff for their willingness to volunteer and participate in the many committees on campus.  It is very important that we are represented.
Treasurer’s Report - Connie Sublett reported that the Classified Staff Association has $497.41.  Connie and Francie are searching for a new bank that will not charge a maintenance fee each month.  Presently, a monthly fee of $7.50 is being deducted from the Classified Staff account.
Open Issues - Francie stated the CSA members serve on many other committees, and asked if there were any hot topics to share.
Jill Markwood reported that the Culture, Diversity and International Education Committee is offering a series of movies starting this Thursday.
Francie Dye reported that the Professional Development task force is meeting weekly to revamp the program quickly.  For those members who are planning to use Professional Development money, please continue to go through the present process.  Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in a survey. Please answer the survey when you receive the email. The committee needs your feedback so that we have a clear understanding of your needs and the challenges you face.
Mary Canfield and Ed McGee reported that the Constitutional Review subcommittee did meet and draft a few changes.  The committee plans to meet again the first week in October. 
Connie Deacon reported that the Service & Fundraising Project Subcommittee met on Tuesday, September 20.  Connie stated that the Christmas Parade is a great way to market our 50th Anniversary.    The parade is Sunday, December 4 at 4:00pm, and the theme is Traditions Around the World.  We will need to sign an agreement to participate in the parade.  Also the route has changed, the parade will begin at City Stadium and end at E.C. Glass high school.  Issue – we need a flatbed for the float.  “Connie Deacon is reaching out to Deanne McDaniel to spearhead the parade and Connie will assist.”
The Service & Fundraising Project Subcommittee is exploring options to raise funds for student emergency needs.  Deanne stated that a possible conflict may occur if the committee chooses to use a jewelry vendor in early November.  Francie and Deanne agreed to discuss the dates and vendors through emails.

New Business
50TH Anniversary - Mike Bradford discussed a few of the big events for the yearlong 50th Anniversary celebration.  The Student Picnic kicked off the celebration and was a great success. Pole banners were in place, and T-shirts were given to all. Our next event is November 5 – Homecoming, Fall Festival.  The entire public is invited.  Most people in our community have ties with CVCC, we are expecting a big crowd.  Jill has worked on the handouts. There will be a band, food trucks, Homestead Creamery and local beer and wine.  The beer and wine will be in a segregated area; id will be required.   Activities for the whole family.  Carnival games, nonpermanent tattoos, photo both with 50th anniversary logos on the pictures.  Jill is going through the photo library.  Our history will be displayed in the Library, but we need to purchase one or two display cabinets.  We will have large tents with table and chairs for people to eat, sit and visit with one another.  William Osborne and Jill are creating a video of people talking about CVCC.  Jill and Irene are working on a 50th Anniversary magazine.
 Our needs – Ken Bunch asked that you share the 50th Anniversary logo on your Facebook by early October.  Social media is a fast way to reach people, especially those alumni from 40 years ago!  Volunteers needed.
CSA Oct Social Event – Jill distributed handouts of the event, CVCC Hosts First Fridays Meet & Greet at Riverviews Artspace.  The Culture, Diversity & International Education Committee will co-sponsor this event.  Francie recognized Stephanie Kennon for creating this wonderful opportunity for us to hold our first social event on the second floor of Riverviews Artspace at no cost.  Event:  Friday, October 7 at 5:30-8:00. The CDIE committee is putting up half the money for food and entertainment.  Jill asked if the CSA would be willing to fund 50th Anniversary promotional items; such as, a button.  Jill stated it would be a great marketing tool to give as staff signed in at the event.  Jill requested $116.50.
A written motion submitted by Stephanie Keener was read by Francie for the CSA to pay $116.50 for the buttons, 2nd from Connie Sublett.  Motion carried.
Open Discussion – Deanne reported that the SGA will have two buses going to Kings Dominion on Oct 16 for Halloween Haunt, the cost is $45.00 for CVCC and $55.00 for guest.  The buses will leave CVCC at noon on Sunday and leave Dominion at 10:00pm.
Learning Segment
Performance Management - Randall Franklin reported that Performance Management is a yearly process which begins October 25 and ends October 24 of the following year. 
The Classified Self-Assessment Form (Voluntary) is an opportunity for each classified staff employee to assess their own performance.  It is rarely submitted.
The Employee Work Profile (EWP) is written or reviewed by the supervisor and discussed with the employee at the beginning of the evaluation cycle.  This form needs to be accurate, a blank copy is kept in HR and it is used as a description of the position and dictates pay grade.  A completed copy is confidential due to the personal information required.  If you find your present EWP is not accurate, please discuss this with your supervisor and/or email Randall.
The Classified Staff Performance Evaluations is reviewed by the supervisor and discussed with the employee at the end of the evaluation cycle.
The Extraordinary Contributor is written by the supervisor and discussed with the employee.
Forms need to be in HR by October 1 of each year.
IT Tips & Tricks  Ed McGee demonstrated – Atomic Learning.  Atomic Learning is accessed through Blackboard using your VCCS credentials.  Over twenty-thousand topics. A great tool for everyone!
Connie Deacon won the drawing for the free movie tickets!
Next meeting on November 2, 2:00pm
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