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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
November 2, 2016
Room 5118, Merritt Hall
Members in attendance: Francie Dye, Connie Deacon, Gayle Kiger, Twila DeMasters, Richard Okimoto, Jill Markwood, Deborah Bauer, Tammy Johnson, Connie Sublett, Randall Franklin, Debra Short, Dennis Phillips, Jessica Riddick, Cathy Sanders, Ken Bunch, Kimberly French, Ed McGee, Beth Walkup, Mary Canfield, Loretta Marshall, Linda Daye, Amy McIvor, Vickie Banks, Russell Dove and Ava Connelly.
Francie Dye, President of the CSA, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.
Francie welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming. She reminded everyone to make sure they signed in to be in the running for winning a prize at the end of the meeting. Four members connected to the meeting through Bb Collaborate Ultra managed by Ed McGee. Francie started with a Roll call where everyone in attendance introduced themselves and included the department they work in – an effort for everyone to get to know each other.
A motion was made to accept the Minutes from September 21. Mary Canfield was thanked for taking the minutes from that meeting and Connie Deacon thanked for taking them during this meeting. With no edits or revisions, a motion was made to approve, seconded and approved.
Francie asked for updates from any governance committees.
Kimberly French reported that the Student Success Committee is looking at childcare options on campus and including changing stations in at least one building in both the women’s and men’s bathrooms. A lot of people bring their children here and do not have changing tables. Also, looking at having Human Kind come here to discuss with the students options they have because they can’t come to CVCC since they do not have a facility for their children. Tom Sparhawk talked with Beth Walkup about directional signage in parking lots to decrease the chance of accidents. Also, discussed in Student Success Committee reducing the speed lower than 25 mph to prevent students from getting hit in the crosswalks. The Committee also discussed filling machines in the woman’s bathrooms.
Beth Walkup announced that changing tables for Amherst and Merritt have been approved by facilities, but waiting on funding. She also explained that the machines in the women’s bathrooms will not be filled, but items will be placed in the bathrooms instead. Call Deanne, who keeps supplies, or Pat who makes sure the bathrooms are clean during the day to replace the items when needed. Francie said that she has already received good feedback on supplies being in the restroom from a student on the weekend.
Loretta Marshall, Chair of Student Conduct Committee, reported that they have reviewed two student conduct cases so far this year. In the past, reviewed just cheating cases, but with the lead of the new Dean of Student Services, the Committee is taking on more cases of student bad behavior. As a committee, they are looking at the CVCC student handbook and revising the policies to make them more up to date as far as student behavior.  Business is booming.
Francie Dye who serves on the Professional Development Ad hock Committee as well as Mary Canfield, Ed McGee, and Kevin Riley reported that the Committee has been aggressively looking at policies and best practices from other institutions and VCCS policy. Hoping to provide something to the President, and then on thru the proper channels to be approved. May be happening in the next few weeks. Francie has been advised that you should continue to submit requests utilizing the existing policy. This can be found on the CVCC website. This will probably be completely revamped, but still considering requests, even though we don’t know what the allotment will be. No final answers at this moment. No guarantee. Any recommendations, send to Irene Wheeler, the lead person of the Ad hock Committee reporting directly to Dr. Capps.
Chief Russell Dove explained that the Safety and Security Committee put forth a proposal to put numbers on the exterior doors and it was pushed forward to the President’s cabinet and approved. Most of the numbers have been put on the doors. This was done mainly to expedite emergency response, but can also assist in giving directions. They are also very noticeable at night. On each building, the numbers start at one on the main door and go clockwise around. It was recommended that a master list of the numbers be listed on the website or sent out to employees. Chief Dove and Jill Markwood will work on putting this on the CVCC website.
Francie Dye mentioned that there were eight people who attended the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Covey Workshop and we hope to be incorporating some of those tidbits and key concepts in future meetings. It was a full day but with a lot of good information.
Francie Dye asked for feedback. She explained that at midyear we have had three meetings with this new format and have been trying new things. She would like to know what is good and what is not. She would like feedback on what members have learned and would like to see going into the New Year. Francie asked the members attending to write down what they have liked about the new format, those they have not liked, and any new ideas. The Planning Committee will be getting together and strategizing based on ideas. We will possibly be looking at some new events in the New Year and food and fellowship and would love to hear any suggestions.
Treasurer’s Report – Connie Sublett reported that she and Francie went to the previous bank, BB&T, and withdrew the CSA money and went to First National Bank and opened a new account. Started with $489.91. We wrote a check to AIA Corporation for the buttons for $116.45. The balance as of 10/28/16 is $373.46. In addition to this, we have $150 that we receive annually. With First National Bank, we do not have service fees of $7.50 for not writing checks during the month.
Reports from Sub-Committees
Kevin Riley spoke on behalf of the Constitution Review Subcommittee. Handouts were distributed on the updated Constitution of the Classified Staff Association. Subcommittee consisted of Debra Bauer, Mary Canfield, Ed McGee, Elizabeth Narehood, and Kevin Riley. Updated to reflect the Governance model to the current constitution that was not reflected in the previous one; strengthen the descriptions of the officer responsibilities; clear up a few ambiguities of what makes up a forum of how many people can call a meeting; and allow voting electronically if needed so the meetings can be used as discussion and voting can take place offline or electronically.
Kevin called for  questions or comments. Connie Sublett addressed Article II Officers, Section 2, Treasurer, “The Treasurer shall serve a one-year term.” She highly recommends changing that the Treasurer serve more than one year. Going every year to change the names on the checking accounts is difficult. Francie said that she totally agrees that both the Treasurer and the President should sign the checks because it is a checks and balance and accountability.
Kimberly French made a recommendation that the amount of terms be changed from one year to two years for all officers in the new Constitution. It was voted on and approved.
Service and Fundraising Project Subcommittee
Jill Markwood reported that the First Fridays “Meet and Greet” was a lot of fun hanging out in a beautiful space and there was some great food. If done again, everyone that came would probably come back again. Jill is talking with the Academy Center of Arts. CVCC partnered with them where now it is set up that any CVCC student can go to almost any show for free at the Academy Center of Arts when showing student ID. There are only two shows that students cannot get in to for free: “Dinner and a Movie” and “The Second City.” First come, first serve. There is at least 10-11 seats paid for by CVCC Cultural, Diversity and International Committee. Jill showed some great pictures of the “Meet and Greet.” There may be another one in the spring.
Connie Deacon provided an update on the Christmas Parade. Deanne to spearhead, but Connie to assist. Deanne has spoken with the Retail Merchants. There is a mandatory meeting on November 9th that two members of the Parade Committee must attend. Let us know if anyone knows of someone who has a flatbed? The Lynchburg Christmas Parade will be held on Sunday, December 4th. We will let you know about volunteer information and Deanne to reach out to the students. It is a great time to participate in the parade because it is our 50th Anniversary at CVCC.
Tammy Johnson spoke about the Salvation Army Holiday Project as a community service project. We will get stockings to fill from the Salvation Army and they will give them to the needy children in this area. You may fill a stocking, bring in items to fill the stockings, or donate money and volunteers will go out and buy items to fill stockings. Bring everything to Tammy or Francie. A few years ago, had approximately 50 stockings delivered. There will be a list of items for different age groups emailed along with other details.
Francie Dye would like CVCC to be known for impacting and giving back. She made a motion that the CSA give $50 to support purchasing items to fill up as many stockings as possible. Also, would like for CVCC members to sign up to fill a stocking(s) and assist in delivering the stockings. Will welcome students to participate.
Loretta Marshall will connect with Deanne on opportunity to support students here with children.
Francie issued a challenge to all volunteers at the 50th Anniversary Event on Saturday to bring a food item to support the food donation program.
Francie spoke with Mike Bradford about the current Foundation Student Emergency Fund. This program helps support a student if they have a crisis or need. That fund is in place. Our subcommittee is going to get with Mike to include non-credit students. Doesn’t have a motion today, but will.
2017 Fundraising Opportunities – No proposal today. One of the challenges is that there are so many groups fundraising and we welcome your ideas for a unique way of fund raising. Regardless of what we do, it must be supported by CSA. If you have ideas, write them down.
Learning Segments
Randall Franklin spoke about the Fair Labor Standards Act –New Overtime Rule 2016. This act establishes regulations and rules to determine employees who are eligible for overtime compensation (non-exempt) and those who are not eligible for overtime (exempt). The new overtime rule issued in May of 2016 will become effective December 1, 2016. Randall explained that you should have received an email explaining this on November 1st. Supervisors and managers have been made aware of the changes impacting the employees who report to them. If you have any questions on how this will impact you, please see Randall.
Loretta Marshall discussed some state employee benefits and discounts. They have always been available to employees.
Go into Virginia Department of Human Resources
Ø  The state has a loan program for a short-term loan up to $500 to be paid back within 6 months
Ø  EAP program – if you have health insurance with the state, the state will provide you with four free counseling sessions with no charge. Counseling with areas that you are having difficulty with such issues as alcohol, drugs, financial, legal, family if you have dependents on your insurance, stress, grief, etc.
Ø  Discounts to state employees
o   10 – 15% Discounts to four colleges listed (ex. Liberty, University of Phoenix)
o   Some phone services – depending on your cellular carrier
o   HP computers
o   Weight Watchers
o   Access to discounted providers like Aflac, Allstate, and other insurance companies
o   Hotels
o   Tickets at Work – discounts to plays in NY and international.
Loretta will be sending out links to some of these.
Kimberly French made a motion to change the date of the next meeting previously scheduled for January 11th at 2 p.m. to Wednesday, January 18th at 2 p.m. This was voted on and approved.
CSA Lottery Winner– Jill Markwood won tickets for two to attend the Sips and Sweets Event, Showcasing Business, Savoring Craft Beers, Wines and Delectable Confections to be held on November 3rd at the Kirkley Hotel.
Respectfully Submitted,
Connie Deacon
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