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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
January 18, 2017

In Attendance: Francie Dye, Connie Deacon, Gayle Kiger, Richard Okimoto, Dianne Sykes, Twila DeMasters, Beth Walkup, Jessica Riddick, Cathy Sanders, Deanne McDaniel, Debra Short, Ed McGee, Connie Sublett, Linda Daye, Chris Jordan, Tammy Johnson, Elizabeth Narehood, Amy McIvor, Kim French, Jill Markwood, Stephanie Keener, Kevin Riley

Meeting was called to order at 2:01pm

Members in attendance introduced themselves. President Francie Dye announced that today’s gift was a Red Lobster card.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the November 2, 2016 meeting by Richard Okimoto, Cathy Sanders, 2nd. Motion passed.

Francie called for Governance Committee reports, none were given at this time.

Deanne McDaniel gave an update on the Fear2Freedom Project. For this project, students, staff, and faculty will pack kits to be delivered to either Lynchburg General Hospital or the YWCA. The kits will contain fresh clothes, notes, and other comforting items. The kits are given to victims at the hospital because their own clothes must be collected for evidence. The kits will be stuffed on February 6 from 11 -1 pm, in the Multipurpose Room. Please come and help stuff kits. The Cultural Diversity Committee will be suppling snacks.

Francie announced the upcoming Wellness Luncheon with Dr. Joey Arthur, February 1. Lunch is free. She will include more information in the follow up to the meeting.

Connie Sublett delivered the Treasurer’s Report: The CSA has $323.46; $50 was spent on Salvation Army Stockings.

Kevin Riley, Vice President, reported that the revised by-laws of the Classified Staff Association has been approved by the President’s Cabinet in December. It will be updated in the Employee Manual by the end of the month.

Connie Deacon reported on the participation in the Christmas Parade. She thanked everyone who participated and reported a good turn out from staff, faculty, and students. Francie thanked Connie for her work. The President’s Office contributed $200 for candy, The Foundation Office also contributed some funds.

Tammy Johnson reported that there were 138 stocking collected for the Salvation Army. This was the largest number for CVCC. Stockings included small toys and care items for children.

Francie reminded us that Jill Markwood is the chair for the Cultural Diversity Committee, and that committee is planning several events on campus. One of our goals is to increase community engagement on campus.  To this end, we would like to grow the International Day events on our campus. Francie asked that you add your name to a circulated list of those who wish to be a part of a team to consider International Day events. Classified Staff are targeting International Week in November to have an event.

Francie called for a review of the CVCC Student Emergency Fund policy. We would like to donate the funds from a pizza fundraiser to be held in March to the Emergency Fund. Please give feedback on the Emergency Student Fund issue by Jan. 24.

Francie introduces our fundraising campaign goals:  1) The March fundraising event (the pizza sale event) will give 100% of proceeds to the Student Emergency Fund.  2) The Classified Staff Association will contribute $50 to the CVCC Foundation Annual Campaign, the Classified Staff Association will be listed as contributors.

A motion was made to make the $50 contribution to the annual campaign by Elizabeth Narehood, second from Beth Walkup. Motion carried unanimously. 

Twila DeMasters reminded the committee that the deadline for spending local funds is upcoming, and that there are some restrictions on spending. After discussion, it was decided that Francie will investigate which fund we can use for the donation, look for an electronic vote if one is needed.

We are considering options for a second Community outing such as First Friday in April.

Francie invited Richard Okimoto to present his draft of a communication policy. Because the Classified Staff is looking at improvement in engagement across campus, we will take this opportunity to improve best practices for communications. Anyone who would like to be involved in this dialogue should sign up to do so. The suggested policy gives guidelines on how long a response should take. Please volunteer for this collective conversation

The Professional Development Ad Hoc Committee reported that they had wanted to obtain information and concerns about problems with professional development. They discovered that professional development funds benefited a small population and they wanted to see opportunities for training to be improved. If you have comments or reactions, please respond. The new system will ensure that more people use and access funds. Those who use the funds will be required to share the knowledge they gain with the funds. Continuing education toward an additional degree is awarded on a first come, first serve basis and those interested are encouraged to apply as soon as the information is released. Classified Staff does have a seat on the Professional Development committee.

Diane Sykes won the raffle.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted, srk, 2-6-2018
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