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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
February 8, 2017

In attendance: Francie Dye, Ed McGee, Cathy Sanders, Mary Canfield, Beth Walkup, Kevin Riley, Twila DeMasters, Deborah Bauer, Christinia Brannon, Gayle Kiger, Dianne Sykes, Nathan Kolb, Connie Sublett, Randall Franklin, Jessica Riddick, Linda Daye, Amy McIvor, Kimberly French, Stephanie Keener

Motion to approve the minutes of 1-18-17 made by Debbie Bauer, second from Gayle Kiger. Motion passed.

President Francie Dye asked for Governance Committee reports.

Twila DeMasters reported that the professional development policies will change July 1. Be sure to check for the email from Muriel with regard to the new policies. If you are looking to continue your education, you need to review the policy and categories because the timelines are short and that policy is first come, first serve. So you should be on top of cost and deadlines. Questions about the program should be directed to Charles Poff.

The Social Committee has developed a 50th Anniversary theme for the end of year luncheon.

Cultural Diversity committee has tickets for Academy Center for the Arts performances with special prices.  These are only for employees and students. Gayle will follow up to get more information on the prices for employees.

Francie reported that the executive committee are looking to get together with other constituencies for campus wide and community project.

Connie Sublett gave the Treasurer’s report: The Classified Staff Association gave $50 to the Educational Foundation. Our current balance is $273.46. We have another $150 in another account, due to upcoming changes with shared services we are not sure how or when to spend.

Service and Fundraising presented $50 to the Educational Foundation. See the photo on the CVCC Facebook page. Mike Bradford was very appreciative of the gift.

We are having our Pizza Sale on March 29 from 11 am to 1pm.  Vito’s will charge us $9 per pie. We are selling soda and pizza – we are considering $5 for two slices and a soda. Francie called for a motion to approve the price and sale: Connie made a motion, with a second from Mary Canfield. Motion passed. Francie asked for volunteers for the event and passed around a signup sheet. We need help with promo, delivery, clean up, and other items. Preorders will be accepted and paid for when pizza arrives. Connie recommends that we deposit the funds into our bank account and then disperse the fund to the Foundation, all of which will go to the student emergency funds.

Stephanie Keener updated us on the status of searching for a place for the spring cross campus networking event. We are hoping to go to Old City Cemetery for the rose bloom period.

We are working to get the committees together discussed in our previous meeting. The International Day Committee will be working with Cultural Diversity Committee. Volunteered for Communication Best Practices are: Tammy Johnson, Connie Sublett, Debra Short, and Richard Okimoto. Stephanie Keener will facilitate this discussion.

Many people provide feedback on the CVCC student emergency fund application. Francie has asked the Foundation to consider the updates to incorporate new programs.

Shared Services Update

Lewis Bryant shared that a training will take place for employees to be introduced to the new procurement procedures for buying and payment. Training will take place on February 17 in the Multipurpose Room. The training will walk you through the steps for procuring for eVa. We will be moving to a “slim line requisition.” CVCC is one of four pilot colleges in the new system. Food purchases are particularly challenging. There will be examples of processes to move through the system. Lewis reminds employees not to purchase items with your own funds (travel reimbursement on a travel voucher is the exception). Local funds will not be included in procurement. Lewis believes that travel will be easier. Some employees asked about p-card use, which Lewis answered should only be used in emergencies. 

Classified Staff Leadership Academy 
Ed McGee gave information from Randall Franklin on the Classified Staff Leadership, which is highly recommended for professional development. If you are interested please let your supervisor know. More information is on the VCCS site: Only one student per campus is accepted.

Open Discussion
A VGEA representative will be here next week.

For the next time, Kris Ogden will be here to talk about college goals. We will discuss officers for the next year and Dr. Capps will be here. 

Linda Daye won the raffle.

Meeting adjourned at 2:53 pm

Submitted SRK 2/12/2017
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