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Beth Walkup, Twila DeMasters, Amy McIvor, Deborah Bauer, Francie Dye, Kevin Riley, Stephanie Keener, Ed McGee, Russell Dove, Ken Bunch, Gayle Kiger, Nathan Kolb, Cathy Sanders, Mary Canfield, Connie Sublett (online), Trina Boyd (online), Connie Deacon, Tammy Johnson, Jessica Riddick, Dianne Sykes Guests: Kris Ogden, Teresa Craig.

President Francie Dye called the meeting to order at 2:01pm. We begin the meeting with roll call.

A motion to approve the minutes was made by Russell Dove, second from Amy McIvor. Approved.

Francie called for updates from around campus:
  • Francie asks for staff to update the Governance Committee list to be updated. If you are leaving a committee or would like to serve on another committee please update. The Office of Institutional Research needs the information.
  • Francie asks for recommendations for changes to meeting times
  • Gayle Kiger has no updates regarding Harvard Street.
  • Mary Canfield reminded us that tickets to the Second City performance at $10.
  • Twila DeMasters reminded the group that the professional development policy will be adopted July 1 with the new fiscal year. Dr. Capps will name professional development coordinator. Francie reminds us that those planning to work on their education should plan to apply early as those funds will be first come, first serve.
  • Stephanie Keener, Secretary and Connie Sublett, Treasurer, will both be rotating out of their terms at the end of the semester. Francie calls for volunteers for those offices. For the upcoming year, Francie would like to see each officer take on leadership for one meeting. Mary Canfield volunteers for the position of Treasurer. No nominations or volunteers come from the floor for Secretary. Connie Sublett, via web link, nominates Vicky Banks for Treasurer.
  • Tom Sparhawk requested that members of the Classified Staff Association to present at the Brown Bag lunches on the various organizations that we might be involved with as board members or volunteers.
  • Francie reported that Deanne McDaniel will provide a list that the food pantry needs via email. If you bring food next time you will get an extra ticket in the drawing.
  • Francie reminds the group of the Classified Fellowship Program - recipients of the program can get support for their education at a public institution of higher education.
Treasurer Connie Sublett reports that the Classified Staff Association has $273.46.

Mary reported on the set up for the Pizza sale on the 29th.  Facilities is going to donate napkins and plates for the event. Mary is circulating order forms. We have all the volunteers we need. Connie and Francie will get drinks. The prize from today’s door prize is a free pizza during the sale. Please invite people from off campus. All the profit goes to the student emergency fund. ($15 for a whole pie, $5 for two slices and a drink.)

The networking event will be on June 2 at Riverviews. Please be on the lookout for more information.

Our first guest, Kris Ogden presented the new website. She described that the Office of Institutional Research collects data and reports to federal, state, and local agencies and reviews and maintains the college’s mission statement. She shared the strategic plan elements with the classified staff, and introduced the system level initiatives called VIP Pass.

Teresa Craig introduces the Classified Staff Association to the Virginia Government Employees Association.  Benefits of joining VGEA include: - legislative voice – discounts – supplemental insurance – advocacy – regional meetings. In the past, VGEA has worked on issues like pay raises and other benefits issues. You can sign up on-line if you wish to join.

Drawing Winners:
Kevin Riley, pizza
Beth Walkup VGEA tote bag
May Canfield: VGEA bag
Gayle Kiger: Ipad Case
Deborah Bauer: $25 gift card.

Meeting adjourned 3:09pm
Submited - sk April 17, 2017
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