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Minutes of the Classified Staff Meeting
August 30, 2017
Francie Dye, President of CSA, called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm and greeted everyone.
There is no longer a roll call. This should save time, but members signed in and were given name plates.
There was an introduction of new employees present. Ms. Barbara Thurston, Counseling Office Coordinator in Student Success, introduced herself. Welcome Barbara!
There was not a Blackboard Collaborate connection - working with the IT Department to enhance connectivity in Room 5118.
MEMBERS PRESENT: Beth Walkup, Stephanie Keener, Twila DeMasters, Mary Canfield, Gayle Kiger, Nathan Kolb, Kevin Riley, Dianne Sykes, Barbara Thurston, Francie Dye, and Connie Deacon.
New CSA Officers and Planning Committee Members introduced themselves:
Francie Dye, President
Kevin Riley, Vice-President
Mary Canfield, Treasurer
Connie Deacon, Secretary/Recorder
Stephanie Keener, Planning Committee Member
Twila DeMasters, Planning Committee Member
Ed McGee, Planning Committee Member (absent today, but Francie spoke for him)
The Planning Committee has already met and very carefully analyzed information and recommendations provided by CSA members.  
Minutes of April 26, 2017 were unanimously approved.
Mary Canfield provided the treasurer’s report. As of June 7, 2017, there is $273.46. The CSA will be working hard to replenish funds this year. We did fundraising last year, but utilized several activities and good-will efforts last year.

Action Items/Updates
  • Governance Committee – Francie passed around the Governance Committee listing and asked members to review it and make the adjustments to their information. Two Classified Staff positions are open for the Social Committee and there are two positions open on the Employee Recognition Committee. Beth Walkup volunteered for the Social Committee and Barbara Thurston volunteered for Employee Recognition Committee. Kevin Riley volunteered to be Classified Staff member for Evaluation and Assessment.
  • VGEA – Ms. Teresa Craig spoke with the CSA last year. This organization lobbies for state employees. Many benefits (including legal) as a member. This should qualify for Professional Development.

Summer Networking – Stephanie Keener
  • “Summer Social at Riverview’s Artspace” – a lot of fun and great music. Opportunity to engage with community members about CVCC.
  • “Paint Night with Beth Walkup” – held at CVCC. Several employees participated. Painted without wine. Several have expressed that they would like to do this again.
Launch of New Professional Development Program – Alison Moore, speaker
  • Alison Moore is overseeing the NEW Professional Development Program. There is a Professional Development budget. Four percent of the budget goes to Professional Development Membership. Various deadlines. First come, first serve. The budget is spread out across the year. You can request for budgeting for off-campus conferences, continuing education activities on and off campus, and education tuition assistance.  The process is laid out within the plan.
  • Alison will be sending out another email soon to everyone on campus explaining the steps. We will make better use of the professional development monies.
  • You turn in completed form to Alison Moore and if it is approved, you will know right away if approved and for how much. It is still up to you and your department to work with Chrome River to get the funding for the conference.
  • Every single person on this campus deserves the right to have professional development. If you have ideas for professional development training that we can bring to this campus, let Alison know. Francie explained that the CSA Planning Committee Survey that was sent out earlier this year shows several suggestions. These will be shared with Alison and will be explained a little later by Kevin Riley. Several have suggested brown-bag trainings. If the CSA gets these suggestions, we will share with Alison, but not coordinate. Questions on New Professional Development plan, contact Alison Moore.
CSA Survey Results & Recommendations – Kevin Riley
Survey went out in July, 2017. Kevin went over the results of the survey. There were 25 respondents (35% of those that it was sent out to). Good average. All positive suggestions and everyone seemed excited and happy and willing to work. The results of the survey will be emailed out tomorrow to all staff members.

Planning for the New Program Year – Francie Dye
  • The CSA Planning Committee looked at responses written out by the different collaboration sessions during the April meeting and also looked at the results of the CSA Survey. All of these ideas and suggestions have been incorporated in the new changes in our meetings this year. Every meeting you will have a chance to make comments and we welcome your feedback and ideas. We will have a brag wall to brag about things we have done and are going to do this year.
  • A list of meeting dates have been sent to you. (at bottom of Governance Committee handout). If you need for Francie to speak with your supervisor about your attending meetings, please let her know.
  • There will be only 1 lottery drawing this year and this will take place at the last meeting of the year. Sign in and you earn more chances by participating. There will be one big prize. More details to come.
  • The theme for this year is the Covey 7 Habits.  All of the CSA officers and Planning Committee Members will be in charge of 1 meeting and the meetings will be focused around an activity, video, speaker, etc. aligning around the “The 7 Habits.” We will also incorporate Professional Development tips.
  • Pep Talk by Francie– The video, “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You” was played by Francie encouraged us to spread the word of what kind of impact we can have on this campus and in our lives at CVCC.
Subcommittee Breakouts
  • Social/Community Engagement - Stephanie Keener is the captain. Need volunteers.
  • Fundraising/Goodwill – Mary Canfield is the captain. Last year, our profits went to goodwill. It was agreed that this year, we are working to replenish our funds. There may be some goodwill projects. Bring ideas to the meetings.
    • Pizza Fundraisers – Wednesday, September 13th, and in March coordinated by Mary Canfield. Vito’s Pizza. Voted on and unanimously approved to purchase beverages to sell out of our CSA account. Volunteers needed to collect money and man tables.
    • Advocacy and Policy – Kevin Riley.
    • Christmas Parade – Sunday, December 3rd at 4 p.m. coordinated by Connie Deacon. 50’s theme. Great event and important to get CVCC out into the community. Volunteers are needed. Connie will be reaching out to different organizations on campus and working with Lewis Bryant. Donations of leftover Halloween candy welcome. Call Connie at 434.832.7743.
    • Brown Bag Learning Sessions in Partnership with Distance Ed., Faculty Association, and Professional Development Committee. CSA not coordinating, but will share with Alison Moore.
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
The next meeting with be held on Wednesday, September 27th at 2 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
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