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Minutes of the Classified Staff Meeting
September 27, 2017
Francie Dye, President of CSA, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. and greeted everyone. She asked everyone to sign in and register to be in the running for the “grand” prize that will be drawn at the April 2018 meeting. There will be a drawing at the next meeting for a Covey kit – the “7 Habits.” 
Members Present:  Deborah Bauer, Francie Dye, Connie Deacon, Gayle Kiger, Beth Walkup, Tammy Johnson, Jessica Riddick, Cathy Sanders, and Twila DeMasters.
Francie introduced the guest speaker, Dr. James “Jim” Lemons. Dr. Lemons is a Professor and Associate Vice-President of the Business, Allied Health, and Workforce Solutions Divisions.  Jim distributed a handout or “business model” that describes what CVCC proposed to the VCCS - “CVCC Business Case for Integration of Academic and Student Affairs and Workforce Solutions.” Jim discussed that CVCC is trying to accomplish the concept of “One Door to the College,” think out of the box, attract more people, and meet the needs of each individual student in a way that works for them whether to earn a degree or take the courses they need to get a certification.
The Minutes of August 30, 2017 were approved unanimously.
Committee Reports:
Fundraising and Goodwill
Pizza Fundraising Event
Connie Deacon gave the Pizza Fundraising Report and the Treasurer’s Report for Mary Canfield who was attending the VCCA Conference. Connie said that Mary would like to thank everyone who assisted in the Pizza Fundraising event. She reported that the fundraiser was very successful. The CSA raised and deposited $219.00 into the CSA account on 09/14/17.  $527 of pizza was sold, $270 paid to Vito’s and CSA provided $38 in sodas and water. The current CSA checking account balance is $492.46 (plus $150 in college account and the first source to utilize).
CVCC’s participation in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade
Connie Deacon reported that the Lynchburg Christmas Parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd at 4 p.m. starting at the City Stadium and ending at E.C. Glass High school again this year.  The theme of the parade is “A Rockin 50’s.” There is a Christmas Parade subcommittee in the works. Mary Canfield has volunteered and Francie said that she will assist in any way possible. Beth Walkup is talking with the Early College students about participating and Susan Anderson said that she will reach out to the Radiology students and will participate in some way. Connie is going to reach out to Tom Sparhawk and his wife and previous participants. The subcommittee is going to meet with Lewis Bryant about a “proposed” budget, the trailer and a truck, and the application for the parade. Connie will be sending out an “Everyone” email about the parade soon and she will also be asking about left-over Halloween candy. There is a mandatory meeting with the Retail Merchants Association on November 17th.
Salvation Army Christmas Stockings – Francie Dye
Francie spoke about last year’s success of this project. Francie asked Tammy Johnson, last year’s captain, if she would be interested in being the captain this year. Tammy said that she would let Francie know something the following week. This will be discussed more at the next meeting.
Fundraising Idea – Pancakes for Progress – Francie Dye
Francie explained that Chomps would like to partner with the CSA and we receive 50% of the profits. The Fundraising Committee will meet with them and negotiate price of pancake breakfast. There is interest in this.
Social Events and Community Engagement – Beth Walkup
Social Hour Events
Beth discussed a once a month social event for CVCC family and friends. The first one will be on Friday, October 27th right after work. It will probably be held at O’Charley’s.
Winter Paint Night
Beth said that she is going to hold another Paint Night probably in November.
Riverview’s Artspace Networking Event
This event will be held on April 6, 2018 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.  Vic Sizemore and his band, “A New Low,” will be playing. Hopefully, this will draw people from CVCC and the community. During the breaks, CVCC talent will play instruments.
Advocacy and Policy Requests
Francie asked if there were requests or issues that the members present would like to have addressed. There were none.
Brown Bag Learning Suggestions
We will reach out to Ed McGee and/or Alison Moore with any suggestions that we may have.  Deborah Bauer said that she would like to teach a session on mail merge with email contacts in the future.
Governance Committee Updates
The Social Committee didn’t meet today, but will be meeting on September 28th in the Culinary Building.
New Business
Francie explained that there has been a collaborative effort by the Planning Committee and CSA Officers. This year’s theme is “7 habits.” One of Stephen R. Covey’s “7 habits” will be presented and discussed at each meeting. There will be a drawing at our next meeting on October 25th for a Covey kit and book.
7 Habits Promise
Francie Dye and Twila DeMasters introduced Habit 1 (BE Proactive) showing a video and discussing how to change our habits and get results that will impact you in your daily lives.
Our third CSA Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 25th, at 2 p.m. in Room 5118. Dr. Muriel Mickles, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, will be our guest speaker.
Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
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