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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
October 25, 2017
Ms. Francie Dye, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2 p.m.  She encouraged everyone to sign in and also enter for a drawing for a Stephen Covey “7 Habits” book and kit that will take place at the end of the meeting. Francie greeted all members and introduced our guest, Ms. Anna Jones, and one new CSA member present, Ms. Layia Perry, RSVP Coordinator/Coach in Workforce Solutions. 
Dr. Muriel Mickles, our speaker for today, was unable to attend due to the funeral of a very close friend, but will speak at our next meeting. Ed McGee was in charge of offering the meeting through Blackboard Collaborate and there were two members that signed in using the link to the meeting that Ed had provided earlier.
Members Present: Francie Dye, Deborah Bauer, Gayle Kiger, Cathy Sanders, Connie Sublett, Beth Walkup, Tammy Johnson, Stephanie Keener, Barbara Thurston, Twila DeMasters, Mary Canfield, Layia Perry, Connie Deacon, Ed McGee, Chief Dove, Jessica Riddick, and Amy McIvor and Renee Chalmers connected through Bb Collaborate.
The CSA Meeting Minutes of September 27, 2017 were approved unanimously.
Ms. Mary Canfield gave the Treasurer’s Report. She reported that as of October 25th, there was $492.46 in the checking account and $150.00 in the local account with a total of $642.46.  Ms. Francie Dye reported that the $150.00 local funds must be spent as soon as possible-at least by mid-November, per Lewis Bryant.
Committee Reports
Fundraising & Goodwill:
Christmas Parade Plan – Connie Deacon reported that planning is underway for CVCC’s participation in the 58th Annual Lynchburg Christmas parade on Sunday, December 3rd. Employees should have received an email about the Lynchburg Christmas Parade from Connie. Ms. Kimberly French and Ms. Deanne McDaniel have been asked through email to reach out to CVCC clubs and student ambassadors and officers.  Ms. Beth Walkup reported that there is interest with the Early College and the Radiology students are also showing interest. Francie, Mary, and Connie met with Lewis Bryant and Ron Parker and discussed vehicles and budget. The Parade Committee presented a budget to Ms. Dianne Sykes and the checks are being processed for our participation in the parade, candy, and supplies. The Committee will purchase candy the morning after Halloween, hopefully at half price. An email will go out to all employees asking for contributions of left-over Halloween candy. Good news …Francie has been in touch with CDS Trucking and they have agreed to furnish their truck and trailer for CVCC in the parade. Connie has already received some ideas for decorating. Rockin 50’s is the theme; therefore, dress like the 50’s or in CVCC school colors.
Ms. Francie Dye requested that the CSA make a contribution of $50 (out of the local account) towards the parade for candy or decoration. Someone will make the purchase and then be reimbursed.  It was unanimously approved.
Salvation Army Christmas Stockings – Mentioned at our last meeting. Francie reported that the CSA is continuing this goodwill program again this year since it was so successful last year. Lots of donations last year.  If we have student’s families that would like to participate, we need to get their names on the list. She requested that the CSA make a contribution of $50 (out of the local account) towards this program to help in purchasing items to fill the stockings and it was unanimously approved. Ms. Twila DeMasters and Francie have already started working with this and the drop off locations are the offices of Deanne McDaniel, Twila and Francie. There will also be a group of CSA members working a drop off table in the Student Center from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on November 1, 7, 15, 28, and 29.
There are three options for contributing to this project: (1) pick up a stocking and topper, fill stocking, and return to one of the drop off locations; (2) purchase items (from the suggested list that Twila is working on) and return the items to one of the drop off locations; and (3) donate money and Classified Staff will purchase the items and fill the stockings. Deadline dates: November 30th (monetary donations and items to fill stockings) and December 4th (for drop off of filled stockings).
A signup sheet was passed around for those that would like stockings to fill to determine the number of stockings to pick up from the Salvation Army during the next few days. Another signup sheet asking for volunteers that would work tables on November 28th and 29th was passed around.  Twila said that there will be Mary Canfield will take donations. Ms. Deborah Bauer suggested an email be sent out several weeks before the event giving employees time to go shopping or make monetary contributions. Francie will be sending out an email very soon and promote during November.
Donation to CVCC Food Pantry – There is an open house for the food pantry in the near futureIt was suggested by an anonymous person that the CSA contribute $50.00 (out of the local account) towards purchasing food on the list to replenish the food for the CVCC Food Pantry. One person would go out and purchase the food and be reimbursed. This was unanimously approved and the $150.00 local funds have been utilized and totaled out.
2018 Fundraising Update – The CSA will partner with Chomps on “Pancakes for Progress” and possibly have a pancake breakfast around Valentines or early spring.  We will also look at the idea of having another pizza fundraising event since this year’s event was so successful.
Social & Community Engagement – Stephanie Keener and Beth Walkup
Social Hour Events – Ms. Stephanie Keener reported that our first Social Hour will be held on Friday, October 27, from 4 – 6 p.m. at O’Charley’s with $5 appetizers. Everyone is invited including guests. Meet at the bar. If successful, we hope to have more in the near future. On April 6, 2018, there will be a networking event held at Riverview’s Artspace downtown Lynchburg. Vic Sizemore and his band, “A New Low,” will be playing.
Francie invited those that were interested to go with her and her husband to “Scaremare” after the Social Hour.
Winter Paint Night – Ms. Beth Walkup reported that she will be holding a second Paint Night on Thursday, November 9th at 5:30 p.m. This painting will be a winter scene. The cost is $25 for CVCC employees and $20 for guests that don’t work at CVCC. Payment will be collected by Mary Canfield. Painting supplies will be furnished and there will also be soup provided. Please contact Beth at 832.7658 with any questions.
Governance Committee Updates
Professional Development Policy Committee – Twila DeMasters said to watch out for emails from Alison Moore, Coordinator. Think about what you would like to see as professional development here on campus. Mary Canfield explained that she is hoping that a group that presented at the VCCA Conference would be brought here for a session.
Cultural Diversity Committee– Mary Canfield reported that this Committee was planning a lot of trips and activities. Jill Markwood will be advertising.
New Business
Deborah Bauer asked if there had been any new news on the decision to take away the opportunity for CVCC employees to teach as adjuncts at CVCC and other VCCS Community Colleges. At a future meeting we can have Randal come in and talk about this. Legislation did not come through on this. Connie Sublett reported that CVCC has not changed their policy. A Non-Exempt Classified Staff employee cannot teach as an adjunct at CVCC and other VCCS community colleges. They are already working 40 hours a week as full time and if working as adjunct, this would put them into overtime status.
7 Habits Promise – Habit 2 (Begin with the End in Mind) – Connie Deacon and Francie Dye.
Connie presented Habit 2 and showed a YouTube video, “Habit 2 – Begin with the End in Mind- Masterpiece.”  Francie Dye then engaged the group in an activity.
“Visualize – Who Are We? Who Do We Want To Be? – Francie Dye
Francie involved the members in a 3-minute activity and asked what they wanted the CSA to be. Discussion took place and Francie asked that all members think about what they want the CSA to be.
Ways to Work/Vehicles for Change – “Empowering Working Families” – Guest Speaker: Anna Jones, Site Manager, HumanKind
Francie introduced Ms. Anna Jones and stated that this program could benefit people that we know and work with and definitely students.
Ms. Jones explained that she works with the “Ways to Work” and “Vehicles for Change” programs. Due to legislature, the Presbyterian Home and Family Services can no longer serve kids in a group environment, but must go out into the community. HumanKind has 23 programs and Anna’s area of impact is economic development. She explained that it is very hard to thrive if you do not have a vehicle.
The Ways to Work Program believes that the best way to help people is to give them that shot of independence…people that need a car, but can’t get one and are ready for a loan and can repay it. They will take applications from anyone that would like to apply that is 18 years old or older, living in Lynchburg or surrounding counties of Amherst, Bedford, Campbell or Appomattox, currently employed for at least 6 months and working a minimum of 25 hours a week, has a valid Virginia Driver’s license and not preparing to file or currently in bankruptcy.  Ways to Work has a group that gets together two times a month that looks over applications, looks at background, and decides who to offer a fair interest vehicle loan to so they can buy a vehicle. This gives qualifying participants a chance to have independence. In addition to this, participants receive other supportive services such as financial literacy training (required), credit education and life skills. For more information call HumanKind at (434) 845-5944 Ext 229.
Ms. Jones is also going to meet with Layia Perry about a program specifically geared towards Tanif recipients and set up a time to speak with the group.  
Also, if interested in the Lynchburg Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, you may register online at
$75 for CSA for food for one of our meetings
Francie asked if CSA could utilize $75 from the CSA account for food for next meeting. It was passed unanimously. Francie will ask the CSA Social Committee to help plan this.
Dr. Muriel Mickles will be the guest speaker at our next meeting on Wednesday, November 29th at 2 p.m. The meeting may not be in Rm 5118. Will let you know. Mary Canfield will present “Habit 3” of the “7 Habits.” There will also be an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest at next meeting.
The winner of the drawing for the “7 Habits” book and kit was Deborah Bauer.
Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
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