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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
November 29, 2017
Multipurpose Room, 2 p.m.
Ms. Francie Dye, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order around 2 p.m. and announced that we were going to have a lot of fun! She welcomed everyone present and thanked all that had participated in the different CSA projects. Everyone was invited to partake of the refreshments that were being served and asked to sign in and put their name in the basket for a drawing at the end of the year. New members of the CSA were introduced.
Members Present: Gayle Kiger, Vickie Bowman, Beth Walkup, Connie Deacon, Stephanie Keener, Kevin Riley, Layia Perry, Cathy Sanders, Collins Friddle, Chris Jordan, David Fariss, Jessica Riddick, Barbara Thurston, Christina Brannan, Vickie Banks, Tammy Johnson, Ed McGee, Twila DeMasters, Teri Brothers, and Mary Canfield.
Francie welcomed the judges of the “Ugly Holiday Sweater” competition: Ms. Teri Brothers, Dr. Jim Lemons, and Dr. Muriel Mickles. Mr. Marc Zoccola, Master of Ceremonies, explained the rules and what was expected of the judges and participants. He introduced all of the participants (who walked the fashion runway) and entertained those present. (“Your sweater is so ugly….”)
The CSA Meeting Minutes of 10-25-17 were approved unanimously.
Subcommittee Updates:
Connie Deacon reported on the Lynchburg Christmas Parade that is scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd, at 4 p.m. beginning at the Lynchburg Stadium. “The Rockin 50s Christmas” is the parade theme and we have ordered items to decorate the trailer. She explained that there were several students that had already said they were participating -- the Lead Club, Early College, Susan Anderson and Radiology students, Student Ambassadors, and the PHI Theta Kappa Honor Society (who had a banner and T-Shirts made). Also, several faculty and staff members have committed. Connie thanked Mary Canfield for all of her hard work in making CVCC’s part in the parade a success. She also thanked Elizabeth Narehood and her husband, Lawrence, for driving their truck and trailer in the parade. She also thanked Lewis Bryant, Ron Parker and B&G, and Dianne Sykes. Connie welcomed all present to participate.
Mary Canfield gave the Treasurer’s Report. She reported that as of 11-29-17, we have $317.46 in the bank. It had been approved previously to spend $75 on the refreshments for this meeting; donated $50 to the Salvation Army project; and, donated $50 to help replenish the food pantry.
Francie explained that the goal (challenge) for the Salvation Army Stocking project is 200 filled stockings. Tammy Johnson reported that currently there were 39 unfilled stockings, 43 stockings returned, 157 stockings committed and $394.00 currently in cash to go shopping with. Tammy said that we could use a little more money. Francie explained that there would be a delivery on Monday, and one at the end of the week. She asked for volunteers to call those that had not returned stockings. Tammy has a breakdown of age groups lacking stockings and volunteers that will go shopping to fill the remaining stockings.
Francie reported that the CSA has donated $50 to the Food Pantry. There is going to be a grand opening, but not sure when.
Francie introduced our guest speaker Dr. Muriel Mickles, Vice president of Academic and Student Affairs. Dr. Mickles said it “made her happy” to see the participation and accomplishments of the CSA. She shared her thoughts on student success and the impact that Classified Staff makes on CVCC students daily. She asked members present what they thought student success was. She explained that most people would define student success as “the ability of the student to support himself as they moved out to the global society after they complete the educational process.” True, but however, we have to look at the dynamics of our students. We have first generation students, parents of small children, parents caring for their parents, and working full time. They have many barriers. The successful student at CVCC is one that feels comfortable and has a sense of belonging while at CVCC because of the employees. They see their progression as a shared goal. “Where their future begins.”
Each person that has contact with the student at CVCC has an impact on that student. Many of us are the first that the student encounters and the manner we handle things impact them. We must be student centered, approachable, nurturers (to find strength in themselves), and a positive role model that students look to for direction. We must be leaders and “lead from where you are.” Keep doing what we are doing, but there is one secret weapon to tame a “savage beast” – a genuine smile and a warm greeting.  Use this secret weapon – “on steroids.” Dr. Mickles feels that “a successful student is an individual who finally realizes how intelligent and how vital they really are and have what it takes to reach the goals that they set for themselves because of interaction with you.” Being at CVCC as a student is a life-changing experience. We know we have done a good job when a student thanks you. Our job is to show that we really care and use our “secret weapon on steroids.”
Stephanie Keener reported that approximately 30 people attended the Social Hour at O’Charley’s. The next one will be on Friday, December 8th at 6 p.m. at O’Charley’s.
Francie announced the winners of the “Ugly Holiday Sweater” competition:
Visual Impact: Twila DeMasters – Also scored the highest score and was the grand prize winner.
Very Classy – Barbara Thurston
Festive Presentation – Connie Deacon
Far Out (of style) – Tammy Johnson
Creativity – Vickie Bowman
Mary Canfield presented Stephen Covey’s Habit 3 – “Put First Things First.” These are things that you, personally, find of most worth. Habit 3 is “the Second Creation, the Physical creation.” It is also about life management. (Your purpose, values, roles, and priorities.) There are 8 Big Rocks requiring focus. Sometimes, we need to regroup and get back to where we need to be. Mary showed a PowerPoint explaining points, gave out a handout, and several groups completed an exercise. 
Francie thanked everyone for coming and the meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
December 13, 2017
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