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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
January 31, 2018
Merritt Building, Room 5118
Ms. Francie Dye, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. welcoming everyone present. There were no new members in attendance. Mr. Ed McGee monitored the Blackboard Collaborate connection.
Members Present:  Twila DeMasters, Catherine Rice, Deborah Bauer, Stephanie Keener, Connie Deacon, Gayle Kiger, Francie Dye, Ed McGee, Cathy Sanders, Russell Dove, Mary Canfield, and Jessica Riddick. Deanne McDaniel, Chris Jordan, Tammy Johnson, and Ken Bunch connected using Blackboard Collaborate.
The draft of the Minutes of November 29, 2017 were distributed and approved unanimously.
Ms. Mary Canfield gave the Treasurer’s Report. The CSA has $317.16 in the checking account and zero in the college account.
Francie thanked everyone for participating and helping with the CSA Christmas Party, especially Mary Canfield who assisted in many areas.
Ms. Catherine Rice was the guest speaker and spoke on the Employee Campaign and how the CSA can impact her initiative. The campaign, “Yellow, Blue, and You,” has been extended through February 8th as a result of all of the snow.  Most of the CSA members know about participating in the campaign. All of the funds go mostly to the Annual fund (primarily scholarships). There is overhead of less than $30,000. This covers other programs and upkeep for scholarship programing and accounting. The State of Virginia pays salaries for Mike Bradford and Catherine.  The book fund (started out with close to $4,000 this year and now it is almost depleted). Follett also gives us a book credit and we have used all of that. There is a student emergency fund (one time usually covering food, gas, phone and electric bills). Catherine distributed Campaign contribution forms. Cash, check and credit card accepted.  If you already have a payroll deduction and want to continue with the same amount, you can send Catherine an email to continue. Several prizes have been given out to those contributing.
Committee Reports
a.      Fundraising and Goodwill
1.      Christmas Parade Update – Connie Deacon explained that CVCC’s participation in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade was successful. The weather was beautiful and CVCC was #10 in the lineup. She expressed a special thanks to Mary Canfield for working so closely with her including assisting with purchasing the candy, attending the mandatory meeting with her, ordering decorations, and assisting with the decorating of the float. A special thank you to Elizabeth and Lawrence Narehood in providing their truck/trailer, gas, driving in the parade, and assisting with the decorating. There were 45 participants which included students, staff, and faculty.  Suggests increasing the amount of candy again.
2.      Salvation Army Christmas Stockings - Successful. We exceeded the goal of 200 with 204 stockings filled and delivered to the Salvation Army. Last year, we delivered 189 filled stockings. This year’s stockings were larger in size. Francie thanked everyone who took part and she thanked Chief Dove for issuing a challenge campus wide.
3.      Pizza Fundraiser – is scheduled for March 21 from 11 – 1 p.m. with Vito’s. Mary Canfield is in charge. An email will go out for volunteers. Plan to sell in advance and work it out so that students may use their cards. Mary and Francie will get with bank or Ramonda Davis. We made $219 profit last time with Vito’s.
We gave to the Foundation two times last year, but not this year. Proposal by Francie– ½ of profit made from pizza fundraiser will go to the Foundation. Passed unanimously. Foundation to decide where needed the most.
4.      Other – Francie made an executive decision to cancel the fundraiser “Pancakes for Progress” because of the snow and everyone attempting to catch up with their work.  No other fundraising activities suggested at this time. If someone comes up with something, let us know.
b.     Social Hours and Community Engagement
1.      Social Hour Events – (TBA) keeps getting cancelled because of snow. We will get through January and February and start back in March.
2.      Winter Paint Night (TBA) – interest expressed for spring and Francie will get with Beth Walkup to see what is available and will share.
3.      Riverviews Artspace – Stephanie Keener reported that this will take place the first Friday in April - April 6, 2018. Vic Sizemore’s band will be playing. We will be on the first floor in the Emerging Artist Gallery.  Francie suggested that Stephanie get with other committees such as Cultural and Diversity, Faculty Committee, and Social Committee to see if they would be willing to contribute money towards food for this event.
4.      Last CSA Meeting – Francie has written a request to Professional Development to consider funding a facilitator, Lee Hubert from Voltage Leadership, to present the Last Covey Habit, Sharpen the Saw. Francie was hoping to serve refreshments for this final meeting of the year. She has also asked Dr. John Capps to come in and make a few comments on closing out the year. We would also announce the winner of the raffle. Francie would like to ask members to come in at 1:45 – 3 p.m.
c.      Governance Committee Updates
1.      Professional Development Policy Committee - Twila DeMasters explained that if you want to go to the VCCS New Horizons Conference 2018, the registration is due 02-15-18 and information must be to Alison Moore by 02-16-18. Anyone can go and this is a great opportunity because Dr. Capps is paying for registration. The Hotel Roanoke is full.
2.      Employee Recognition Committee – Gayle Kiger explained there will be an Employee Recognition Day. There will be more details later.
3.      Social Committee – Francie Dye attended meeting and they were planning the Spring Social. One item discussed was that there had been less interest in the photo booth. If you have any comments or suggestions about this, please let them know.   
4.      Student Conduct Committee – Francie Dye said that Catherine Rice has volunteered to replace Loretta Marshall on this committee.
5.      CSA Officers – Looking for new officers. The positions of the President and Vice-President will be open. Nominations begin now through February 28th. Talk with the individual before you nominate them. Let Francie know of any nominations or volunteers. CSA will vote on March 28th.
New Business
Connie Deacon explained that Matt Latimer, Director of the Writing Center, full-time faculty, and VP of the Faculty Association, spoke at the VP meeting about part-time staff not being paid for snow days. Matt felt he was well received at the meeting. He is very concerned and this will also be on the agenda for the Faculty Association meeting on February 6th.  Matt will be in touch with Francie Dye, President of the Classified Staff Association, and Sarah Jarett, President of the Part-time Staff Association.
7 Habits Promise – Habit 4 (THINK WIN-WIN)
Twila DeMasters and Francie Dye presented Stephen Covey’s Habit 4: “Think Win-Win” moving from private victory to public victory.
“In the long run, if it isn’t a win for both of us, we both lose. That’s why win-win in relationships is the only realistic alternative.” 
The next meeting of the Classified Staff will be on Wednesday, February 28th, at 2 p.m.
The CSA meeting adjourned at 2:54 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
February 13, 2018
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