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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
February 28, 2018
Merritt Building, Room 5118
Ms. Francie Dye, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. welcoming everyone present. Mr. Ed McGee monitored the Blackboard Collaborate connection.
Members Present: Francie Dye, Cathy Sanders, Beth Walkup, Kevin Riley, Gayle Kiger, Connie Deacon, Twila DeMasters, Barbara Thurston, Stephanie Keener, Russell Dove, Layia Perry, and Ed McGee. Deborah Short, Tammy Johnson, Jessica Riddick, Amy McIvor, and Randall Franklin connected through Bb Collaborate.
The draft of the Minutes of January 31, 2018, were distributed and approved unanimously.
Ms. Francie Dye gave the Treasurer’s report for Ms. Mary Canfield (on vacation). The total is $417.46.
The Culture, Diversity and International Education Committee will be making a monetary contribution of $250 to support the Spring Social that is scheduled to be held at Riverview’s Artspace on Friday, April 6th.
Committee Reports
CSA Vito’s Pizza Fundraiser – will be held on March 21st from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. (setup at 10:30 a.m.) Ms. Mary Canfield is taking the lead with this. She will be sending an email out asking for a few volunteers for each shift. Several ways of getting the word out were discussed, but Mary will be asking for ideas. Fifty percent of the profits from this fundraiser will be donated to the CVCC Foundation for student needs.  In addition to accepting cash for pizza sales, electronic payments will be accepted beginning March 14th. Preordering whole pizzas for $15 each (pepperoni or cheese) in advance will be accepted. A form was passed around for orders of whole pizzas. The CSA will be purchasing the sodas from our CSA account (that will be replenished by the sales).  
Social and Community Engagement – Ms. Stephanie Keener explained that the Spring Social will be held at Riverview’s Artspace (first floor, but not in main gallery) on Friday, April 6th. An exhibit will be up during that time. Vic Sizemore and his band will be playing. A big thank you to Jill Markwood and the Culture, Diversity and International Education Committee who donated $250 towards this event. Fifty dollars will be donated to Riverview’s Artspace. So thankful for our partnership. Two-hundred dollars will be used for food and supplies. Nothing will be coming out of the CSA budget. There will be more information at the next meeting on how to help get the word out and will be asking for volunteers to signup for helping set up and prepare food.
Governance Committee Updates 
Governance Committees (2018-19) Update List -Usually in the next month or so, we will receive an email from Kevin Riley and Kris Ogden about updating the Governance Committee list for 2018-2020 with Classified Staff Representatives. This list was distributed and Francie asked that those serving on various committees representing the CSA, mark their name off the list if their term has ended or if they want to change committees note on the back. You will be hearing from Francie in the coming month. If there are spots still available, Francie can reach out to others.
CSA Officers (Nominations accepted through Feb 28th; vote on March 28th)
President –Francie Dye’s 2-year term is ending. Mary Canfield will be interested in serving as President if no one else is interested. There were no other nominations.
Vice-President – Kevin Riley’s term is ending and he is very actively involved in several projects on campus. Francie has had a conversation with one person.
Secretary – Connie Deacon is willing to serve one more year.
Treasurer – Francie has a few people in mind.
Any nominations that you would like to consider, let Francie know by end of the week.
New Business
Cookie Day for Students – Beth Walkup explained Cookie Day will be hosted by the CSA on Thursday, April 26th from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Beth will accept any kind of cookie. If anyone wants to donate cookies or hang out for half an hour, let Beth know.
Employee Appreciation Day – Francie passed around a card to sign thanking the Employee Recognition Committee for hosting a luncheon in honor of all CVCC employees on February 28th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. celebrating Employee Appreciation Day. Thank you so much and we appreciate you.
Next 2 CSA Meetings – The next CSA meeting will be on March 28th and Kevin Riley will be presenting the next Covey 7 Habits topic and there will be a few guests. There will be a photo taken of the CSA presenting a check to the Foundation. The last meeting will be on April 25th starting early at 1:45 – 3 p.m. There will be food. Dr. Capps will wrap up the year with very brief outcomes of this year. The next segment will be opened up to the entire campus to hear Mr. Lee Hubert, Facilitator and Principal Consultant at Voltage Leadership Consulting. Has has worked all over the United States. Francie has submitted a request through Professional Development to pay for him to come to CVCC and it has been approved. Mr. Hubert will present a very creative, dynamic, and interactive presentation, “Creating Life’s Margins,” which is very aligned closely to Covey’s Habit 7, “Sharpen the Saw.”  His idea was sparked from the book, “Overworked and Overwhelmed.” He is customizing this project for us.
Two Guest Speakers
CVCC Graduation – Mr. Mike Farris, Dean of Enrollment Management, spoke about the upcoming CVCC Graduation taking place on Thursday, May 10th. He explained that he was asking for the CSA’s help during graduation and the role that we as an organization may take. He explained that “graduation is what CVCC is all about.”  It is an “awesome” night and would really like to see the CSA there.  He cannot have too much help and will find a place for you. Speak with your supervisors and make it work. He explained that “when the night is over, you really feel like you made a difference.”
Francie asked about areas where we could assist:  lining up students, directing the students to their seats, working tables, giving out programs, and directing guests to their seats. This starts around 1 p.m. with the rehearsal and then graduation at the Vines Center. Tammy Johnson works with the role assignments. Get in touch with Tammy if you would like to assist.
“Question & Answer” Segment with Campus Police – Chief Russel Dove addressed several questions and concerns submitted by CVCC employees recently after all of the recent events across the U.S.  He opened up the floor for questions.
1.         What is CVCC’s protocol on campus/school shooters? Specifically, would you confront the shooter?
Chief Dove said he would confront the shooter and gave the following possible outcomes. Four outcomes when you confront the shooter: shooter will surrender and/or flee; shooter will commit suicide; officer will shoot or kill the shooter; or the shooter will kill you. He advised he had a 75 % chance the shooting would end in a manner he would consider successful for himself and the campus community.
2.         Have there really been 18 school/college shootings since January of this year? (K – 12 and college).
Yes and no; not all were active shooting events. There have been eight events where someone was attacked with gunfire on campus; two incidents of gunfire for unknown reasons; three accidental discharge of firearms on campus where the gun went off accidentally; one suicide; one attempted suicide, three incidents were stray bullets impacted the campus from incidents nearby.
3.         How come I can’t find some place to park when I return to campus?
If you try to park in Lot 4, you may have a problem. But he has never seen Lot 6 full. Therefore staff parking places are always open in one of the lots on campus.
4.         Does CVCC allow registered sex offenders to attend classes?
If a registered sex offender wants to attend CVCC, they need to notify Chief Dove or Dr. Muriel Mickles. Then there is a committee hearing (Threat Assessment Team) to decide whether to allow. There is a specified process for admission or denial of admission and the process usually takes place within 2 weeks.  There is a registered sex offender list on the CVCC website and it is part of their admissions process to be listed on CVCC website.
There is currently one registered sex offender on campus at this time. (That he knows about).  If CVCC finds out that a student does not go through the process, their registration is automatically terminated until they go through the process. Part of their admission is that they must be listed on the website if permitted to attend.
5.         Top issues you have with students and Faculty/Staff?
For Students: larcenies and threat assessments. Like any other campus, larceny is the most prevalent crime on campus. Threat assessment reports and concerns must be investigated and this takes up most of the time, but must be done. Parking – especially for some repeat offenders. Penalty: will not be able to register or graduate until fines are paid. Chief Dove will be proposing towing as a method to address the issue of repeated offenders.
For Faculty/Staff: most of the parking complaints/issues originate from Lot 4.
7 Habits Principles – Habit 5 – “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”
Ms. Stephanie Keener presented Covey Habit 5. This Habit highlighted how respect, mutual understanding and empathy are critical in maximizing our communication with one another. Good listening habits and fully understanding what one is really saying, not listening to reply, is very important in our communications as described in Covey’s Seven Habits Paradigm.
Stephanie shared a quote from Lee Ross, Author of the Wisest One in the Room. Why are we really bad at listening? We are biased and think we are right.
Stephanie shared a YouTube, “Why incompetent people think they’re amazing” by David Dunning. Discussion followed. Something to think about from the video: “When arguing with a fool, make sure the other person is not doing the same thing.”
The next two meetings of the Classified Staff will be on Wednesday, March 28th at 2 – 3 p.m. and on Wednesday, April 25th from 1:45 – 3 p.m. 
The Classified Staff Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
March 20, 2018
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