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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
March 28, 2018
Merritt Building, Room 5118
Ms. Francie Dye, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. welcoming everyone present. Mr. Ed McGee monitored the Blackboard Collaborate connection.

Members Present: Francie Dye, Kevin Riley, Gayle Kiger, Connie Deacon, Twila DeMasters, Ed McGee, Russell Dove, Beth Walkup, Cathy Sanders, Layia Perry, Stephanie Keener, Tammy Johnson, and Mary Canfield. Connecting to meeting via Blackboard Collaborate: Barbara Thurston, Jessica Riddick, Deanne McDaniel, and Amy McIvor.

The draft of the CSA Minutes of February 28, 2018 were distributed and approved unanimously.
Ms. Mary Canfield gave the treasurer’s report reporting that with the contribution of $250.00 from the Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee to the CSA (for the Riverview Artspace Event on April 6th), the CSA account balance is $667.46.
Committee Reports

Fundraising & Goodwill
Pizza Fundraiser – Ms. Mary Canfield is taking the lead on this CSA fundraiser with Vito’s Pizza. It was rescheduled due to inclement weather for Wednesday, April 25th, from 11 – 1 p.m. in the Student Center. Mary will email everyone for volunteers to work the event. It is $5 for 2 slices of pizza and 1 drink and $15 for a whole pizza.  A pre-order form for a whole pizza was passed around. In addition to accepting cash for pizza sales, electronic payments will be accepted. There may be other events in the student center that day possibly bringing in more student sales. Fifty percent of the profit on the sales will go to the Foundation. The CSA will purchase the drinks to sell.
Mary and Francie are looking at several ways to promote the pizza fundraiser. Options including through the Daily Bulletin and flyers. They may involve Stephanie Keener for marketing ideas. Also, Michael Farris volunteered to text all enrolled students and Gayle Kiger volunteered to email all enrolled students. Mary and/or Francie will email Michael with the text wording of less than 160 characters.

Social & Community Engagement
 Riverview Artspace – Ms. Stephanie Keener is taking the lead on this engagement. This event will be held on Friday, April 6th starting at 5:30 p.m. in Gallery 109 at Riverview Artspace downtown Lynchburg. Vic Sizemore and his band, A New Low, will be playing.  Be sure to go in and see the main exhibit when there. The invitation has been in the Daily Bulletin. The Cultural, Diversity and International Education Committee donated $250 towards the event. Fifty dollars is going out to Riverview Artspace as a donation this week and $200 will go towards refreshments. Volunteers are needed. Gayle Kiger said that she could email all faculty about the event. Thank you Stephanie for pulling together.
Cookie Day – Ms. Beth Walkup is taking the lead on this CSA hosted event scheduled for Thursday, April 26th, from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. in Room 5118. She is waiting until after the first part of April to send out a signup sheet asking for volunteers to bring in cookies for the students. If you would like to mingle with students, you are welcome to come in and support them.
Governance Committee Updates
Governance Committee (2018-2019 Updates – Francie followed up with the signup sheet for Governance Committee openings that needs to be completed for 2018-2019 and returned to Kris Ogden and Kevin Riley to post online. She explained that serving on a committee is a part of our job. Please take a look at the Governance Committee Master List.  If you need to take yourself off of a committee, now is the time. If you would like to sign up, there are three openings for CSA members on the following committees: Educational, E-Learning, and Information Tech, Employee Recognition, and Social Events. There is also an urgent opening for a CSA member to serve on the Outstanding Faculty Award Committee. Gayle Kiger volunteered for the Outstanding Faculty Award Committee and Debra Bauer volunteered for the Educational, E-Learning, and Information Tech CSA position.  Francie hopes to fill the other openings by the end of the week.
Facilities Committee – Ms. Beth Walkup reported that CVCC has been approved by both the Facilities Committee and the Governance Committee to have a “Love” sign (like you see around Lynchburg) built and mounted on the CVCC campus. It will have the CVCC colors and be located somewhere in the courtyard. Tom Sparhawk is currently working on a $1500 grant to handle expenses. He may be reaching out to Ms. Cindy Wallin, the Welding Department and the Machine Shop instructors to assist with this project.
CVCC Mentorship Program
Ms. Patricia “Patti” Saffioti, Dean of Student Success, Academic Affairs and Student Services spoke to the members present about the new Student Mentoring Program at CVCC. Perkins said that we need to get a Mentoring group started on our campuses. CVCC was in such great shape, we received a grant for $14,000. Patti has invited all faculty and staff to participate in this program and to attend a professional development opportunity on May 9th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Mr. Dave Urso (from BRCC) will be the guest speaker at the workshop. He is a nationally known speaker and facilitator. The topic will be “Why this Matters – Conversations about why student relationships are the baseline of what we do.” There will be strategies and training on how to communicate and engage with students, breakout sessions, and case studies.
Mentors would reach out to their assigned student once or twice a month through email, texting, and possibly meeting for coffee at the student center or Library. Some of our students may feel isolated and this program makes them feel more like a part of the campus community. Students will be polled on topics that may be interesting to them and once a month, all of the students would get together to discuss these topics.
Patti has reached out to sister colleges and some of the topics have been “Speaking up in Class,” “Speaking to Faculty,” and “Low Self-Esteem.” Patti says that faculty members will be invited to speak on these topics of interest at the monthly meetings. Mentors will be invited, but not required to these monthly meetings.
CSA Officers (2018-2019) – Ms. Francie Dye thanked everyone for participating in the vote for the CSA officers.
President – On hold until further notice because of unforeseen circumstances.
Vice-President – Ms. Cathy Sanders
Secretary – Connie Deacon, term goes on for another year.
Treasurer – Mary Canfield, term goes on for another year.
Congratulations and best of luck to the new officers.
New Business
Member Update
Flowers to Linda Daye
A basket of flowers will be delivered by Francie on behalf of the CSA to Ms. Linda Daye this evening. Linda is a CSA member and unavailable at this time. Thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. Francie purchased the flowers with her own money. If you would like to make a donation, see Francie.
A special request
A request was made to present a request to the CSA to make contributions to Kathy Kidd’s brother who is very sick with cancer. We have permission from the family to discuss this. Francie will take any personal donations for two weeks. These donations will go into our account and designated as a donation to Kathy’s brother. Francie and Kevin Riley will get together about a survey for these situations in the future.
CSA, April 25th Meeting Plans
Please plan to attend the CSA meeting on April 25th. It will begin at 1:45 p.m. and go until 3 p.m. Dr. John Capps will be speaking during the first few minutes of the meeting. There will also be a photo taken presenting a check to Mike Bradford for the foundation from the pizza fundraiser held earlier that day. The drawing for the “Big” prize will take place. CSA members who have been attending meetings during this year have been signing in and entering their names in a drawing. Francie requested that $50 from the CSA bank account be donated towards prizes for the special drawing and that $50 from the CSA account go towards refreshments for the meeting. This was unanimously approved.
Mr. Lee Hubert, Facilitator and Principal Consultant at Voltage Leadership Consulting, will be the special speaker during the second part of the meeting.  He will present a very creative, dynamic, and interactive presentation, “Creating Life’s Margins,” which is aligned closely to Covey’s Habit 7, “Sharpen the Saw.” Wear jeans. It is going to be fun!  The Professional Development committee has agreed to pay for this professional development opportunity. All CVCC employees are invited.
7 Habits Principles – Habit 6/Synergize & Recruitment/Retention
Kevin Riley, CSA Vice President along with Michael Farris, Dean of Enrollment Management, and Michele Fletcher, Counselor/Recruiter presented Covey’s “Habit 6 – Synergize - creativity, cooperation, diversity and humility.”
Kevin explained that the Greek word Synergy “is kind of an amazing word on its own because it comes from a Greek origin.” The word means work together and the definition is to work together to reach an effect of a greater sum of a whole. He explained that he is not a great presenter, but decided to work with others that were. He invited Michele and Michael to present.   
Michael thanked the CSA for inviting him back again. He introduced Michele and said that she “just seems to get it about the college and that she believes so strongly in the vision of the college and there is literally nothing that she is not willing to do to promote our school to our community.”
Michele said when she thinks of Synergy that she thinks of an “orchestra that comes together to make one distinct sound.” She believes that is what we all try to do on our campus. When a student comes onto this campus, they would like to experience the same excitement with each person that they meet. It is our responsibility to lead that student to help them find their way and have a good experience across the whole campus. Michael explained that we are here (every one of us) to serve the students and that every single interaction could make the difference between the walking out the door or going to class.  She says that she has a sign in her office that reads “Attitude is everything.” Michele put together an acronym – LEAD.
L – leverage – We must take the lead using our influence and connection with the students. We must be intentionally supportive of the students and lead the way. It is very important that they feel connected.
E – engagement – “student engagement defines the spirit of the school.” You again must take the lead and create an environment where students want to join in and participate and you need to participate with them. Go that extra mile.  Help them meet their academic, professional, and graduation goals. They are here for a purpose and so are we. Our goal is to help them achieve the goal they set out to achieve.
A – accountable – when we enroll a student we enter a moral contract to help them succeed. We again must take the lead and create a positive learning environment. We are an influence. We need to make it positive at all times.
D – dialogue – keep communicating until they finish. Again, take the lead and reach out and help them achieve their goal.
Michael said that we should issue a challenge to have more members present at the meetings. Kevin said that synergy can make this a great college. He explained that once again CVCC is participating in the Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For Faculty/Staff survey. Forty out of seventy-eight Classified Staff members have been selected randomly to participate in the survey for 2018. Several have completed the survey, but not all. If you have not completed a survey, please check your Clutter box in Outlook to make sure the email didn’t go there.  Search ModernThink (one word). The survey must be completed by midnight, April 6, 2018.
The CSA meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
April 19, 2018
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