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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Merritt Building, Room 5118
Ms. Mary Canfield, new President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. and thanked and welcomed everyone present. She introduced the new and returning officers: Cathy Sanders, Vice-President; Tammy Johnson, Treasurer; and, Connie Deacon, Secretary. New CSA member, Natalie Prue, was welcomed.
Members Present: Deborah Bauer, Connie Deacon, Beth Walkup, Ed McGee, Cathy Sanders, Tammy Johnson, Catherine Rice, Kevin Riley, Kimberly French, Amy McIvor, Twila DeMasters, Emily Muniz, Christina Brannan, Natalie Prue, Randall Franklin, Francie Dye, Kathy Kidd, Barbara Thurston, Deanna McDaniel, Elizabeth Narehood, Mary Canfield, and Schinae Gross-Williams. Members connecting to the meeting via Blackboard Collaborate: Vickie Banks, Jill Markwood, and Allison Clark.
The draft of the CSA Minutes of April 25, 2018 was distributed and approved unanimously.
Ms. Tammy Johnson, Treasurer, reported that we have $492.46 in checking. Mary said that we should discuss and decide what we want to use this money for this year. Per the survey developed and sent out by Kevin Riley last year, members want to do something to better ourselves. The CSA is very supportive of everyone on campus, but sometimes we need to do something for ourselves.
Governance Committees – Thank you!
Mary thanked everyone that joined the Governance Committees. All of the spots are filled. Natalie Prue is now in charge of making sure recorders post minutes within two weeks of meeting. Mary mentioned that Ms. Catherine Rice had reported that there are two Governance Committees that have “non-voting” Classified Staff positions. This was discussed and Catherine Rice is going to go back to her committee and ask them to change this. She will get in touch with Vickie Bowman and ask her to also request this of the committee that she serves on.
FMLA – Policy 4.21
Mary made an important announcement for Classified Staff: Effective as of June 26, 2018, FMLA (Policy 4.21) “it is the policy of the Commonwealth to provide paid parental leave to enable the employee to care for and bond with a newborn or child under the age of eighteen (18), newly placed for adoption or for foster or custodial care. This paid leave may be used in combination with other benefits.” This provides eligible employees with up to eight weeks (230 hours) of paid parental leave to be used within six months of the “birth of an infant or adoptive, foster, or custodial placement of a child under the age of eighteen (18).” You may see Human Resource Manager, Randall Franklin, for all details.
Parking/Towing – Beeline Towing Services
Mary made everyone aware that there is now towing by Beeline Towing Services. If someone is parking without a pass and is ticketed 4 times, they will be towed.
CVCC Food Central – Food Pantry
Mary invited Deanne McDaniel to speak about the Food Pantry – a big CVCC initiative for this year. Mary asked the CSA to consider how they would like to be involved.  Deanne explained that the SGA along with Student activities has taken over the Food Pantry. When it first started, Nancy Mitchell was collecting food mainly for her students and as she began to transition out, student activities was asked to take it over.  Deanne started looking at other schools and saw that there was a process that needed to be developed that we didn’t have in place – examples: waivers, etc. Over a time of about a year and a half, Deanne did research on other food pantries and what CVCC needed to do to have a “viable” food pantry. A web site has been created and ADA reviewed by Wil Perez. Please take a look.
In the SGA office, which is located in the Student Center, there is a cabinet available during the day especially when Deanne is available and Deanne is working on getting students working it during the evening. There is also a key to the cabinet in Student Services if students need assistance. A student gets to come to the food pantry one time a month. The students are being asked to complete the online form before coming, but there are paper forms available. One of the questions on the form is whether the student has food allergies. The students are given a bag containing some common items that they may need. This is not to be their grocery store but to supplement them. Jill Markwood created a brochure showing where the local food pantries are located and this is given to the students. The food pantry is also taking toiletries. Feminine products are already supplied in the bathrooms by Buildings and Grounds. Students who check in with Deanne earlier in the day will have a bag ready for them when they leave so they do not have to carry the bag around all day.
The food pantry is accepting food donations all the time. The Alliance for Excellence has partnered with CVCC and will give us funding as we need it, but trying to get CVCC more involved at first. Sarah Jarrett still has money that was donated to the food pantry during CVCC’s 50th Anniversary. Everything so far used for the food pantry has been from donations. Catherine Rice has set up an account through the foundation for monetary donations. There will be a challenge with the student clubs and organizations on collecting donations. Anything that the CSA would like to do will be appreciated. Deanne distributed a copy of the Central Virginia Community resource guide and the food pantry list.
VGEA – Teresa Craig – Having a Voice
Mary introduced Ms. Teresa Craig, VGEA representative. VGEA stands for the Virginia Governmental Employees Association. They “advocate on behalf of its members for better pay, benefits, workplace issues and retirement matters. Ms. Craig explained the history of the VGEA and distributed applications for membership. This can be paid through payroll deduction at $4 per pay period or one lump sum of $96/year. Your membership is covered under Professional Development, but you must complete the paper work and submit it to the Professional Development Committee for approval
Action Items Committees
Christmas Parade – Connie Deacon and Mary Canfield
Connie Deacon announced that the 2018 Lynchburg Christmas parade (the 59th Annual Christmas Parade) will be on Sunday, December 2nd at 4 p.m. It will start at the Lynchburg City Stadium and end at E.C. Glass High School. The theme for this year is “Home for the Holidays.” CVCC, with the support of Lewis Bryant, submitted their application on July 31st to take part. Mary and Connie are working on a budget. A mandatory meeting with the Retail merchants will be held on November 15 that they will attend. Lewis informed Connie that CVCC has a newer looking truck, but we may reach out to Elizabeth Narehood and her husband for a trailer again this year. This committee will be reaching out to students, faculty and staff to participate in the parade. Anyone interested in joining the Christmas Parade Committee, please contact Mary Canfield and/or Connie Deacon.
Fund Raiser - Vito’s – The CSA will be conducting a Pizza fund raiser with Vito’s on Thursday, October 11th from 11 – 1 p.m. Last year, this fund raiser was very successful. We made $300 after splitting the proceeds with Vito’s.  We will be using a card reader again. Mary Canfield will be sending out a volunteer sheet soon.
Professional Development – Francie Dye thanked all that participated in the first Lunch and Learn with Ed Peterson on the topic of “Five Levels of Leadership.” We had part-time staff, full-time staff and faculty attend. Francie will be sending out information about an opportunity to survey interest on a six week book series that will be facilitated by Ed Peterson on John Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” You will be reading the book along with the sessions. Will probably be no more than 12 participants. If there is enough interest, we will ask Alison Moore to support it through Professional Development. She has been very supportive.
Francie can confirm that there will be a “Brown Bag” Lunch and Learn, “Leading with Influence,” held on October 23 in Room 5145-5146 from 12 – 1 p.m. with guest speaker Christine Kennedy. Ms. Kennedy is a Leadership and Life Purpose Coach and COO of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance. She will also share information on the Leadership Lynchburg program, an unbelievable opportunity. This “Brown Bag” opportunity is open to faculty, staff, and students. Information will be sent out to students. There will be no charge to attend.
Francie is also working with the Millennial Solutions Team. She heard this global team speak a few months ago. Francie is hoping to receive a confirmation that they will come to CVCC and do a presentation (as a Brown Bag) on “Bridging the Gap with One Another.”
Francie, welcomes you to become a member of the Professional Development Committee, a new committee to Classified Staff.
There will be a six-week professional development opportunity, “Mindful Movements,” a weekly 45-minute session opportunity beginning October 1st. Mike Cundiff, a CVCC instructor and yoga instructor, will lead the group in stress management that will include breathing, yoga, and stretching. This will be held on Mondays from 12 – 12:45 p.m. in Room 2401 – an opportunity to get up from your desk during lunch.
Social Committee – Beth Walkup, Cathy Sanders
Beth Walkup informed us that we have reserved Riverview Art Space for December 7th. We would like to do what we did in April. Vic Sizemore and his band performed. Ed McGee is checking with his band to see if they will perform. Faculty and staff will be invited. The Art Space is $75 for the big room. We have asked for the big room or the next biggest room. Francie suggested that Beth reach out to the Cultural and Diversity Committee for contributions.
Health and Wellness Committee – Tammy Johnson, Mary Canfield
100 Mile Challenge – Tammy Johnson
Tammy reported that CVCC is currently 15th in the list of organizations for the City of Lynchburg. We are ranking 1297.5 miles. Twenty-one CVCC employees have signed up with seven who have not logged miles. The CVCC Cougars, Tammy’s team, consists of 15 members and they have logged in 1,083.43 miles with the top walker logging in 391.99 miles.  This goes until the end of September. Not too late to enter miles.
Mary explained that Dr. Capps is very supportive of a campus wide health and wellness program. He is asking that we collaborate with several different departments/groups on campus to offer programs and events that benefit not only faculty and staff, but also our student body. We should have a comprehensive plan in place by our next meeting.
Connie Sublett sent wonderful health and wellness information and challenges from CommonHealth of Virginia to everyone. Check them out yourself at. They are free.
Weight Watchers – meeting at CVCC on Wednesday from 12 – 1 p.m. in Amherst Hall, Room 2401.
Tech Byte – Ed McGee will present at the next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
CSA Secretary
October 1, 2018
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