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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 2 p.m.
Merritt Building, Room 5118
Ms. Mary Canfield, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m. and welcomed all members present.
Members Present: Deborah Bauer, Raylene Cope, Kimberly French, Chris Robinson, Ed McGee, Natalie Prue, Gayle Kiger, Francie Dye, Twila DeMasters, Beth Walkup, Jessica Riddick, Tammy Johnson, Mary Canfield, and Connie Deacon. No one signed into Blackboard Collaborate.
The draft of the CSA Minutes of September 5, 2018 was distributed and looked over by members present. There was one change. Natalie Prue explained that she is not in charge of the Governance Committee minutes, but that she is making sure that recorders post minutes within two weeks of the meetings. With this change, the Minutes of September 5, 2018 were approved.  Deborah Bauer also asked if the day of the week could be typed along with the date of the Minutes and in emails announcing the meetings.
Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Tammy Johnson, Treasurer, reported that we have $492.46 in checking. Mary Canfield also reported that Lewis Bryant stated that the CSA has $150 for our account and that we need to plan by March what we will spend that money on.
Old Business
Fund Raisers

Vito Fund Raiser
The Vito’s Fund Raiser will be on Thursday, October 11th from 11 a.m.  – 1 p.m.  Mary explained that all of the time slots for working the event have been filled and she thanked all who plan to participate. She also explained that Vito or Al is retiring and if we plan to have another pizza fund raiser, we may need to find another pizza vendor.  Beth Walkup suggested maybe looking at Michael’s Crust – a pizza EVA vendor. We have a square that we will be using for Debit and Credit cards.
There will also be a separate table set up during the Vito’s Fund Raising Event for contributions to the CVCC Food Pantry. There will be a jar for the contributions on that table to keep pizza money and Food Pantry money separate. Anyone that donates canned items or money will be given a package of 2 cookies purchased by Deanna from Sam’s. If a student wants to buy cookies, it will be considered a monetary contribution.  Mary explained that there are several canned food donations in the Humanities and Social Sciences division.

Salvation Army Project
It was voted to continue the Salvation Army project again this year. Ms. Catherine Rice will chair the project. Dr. Capps likes to track the numbers and keep up with the project. He wants the committee to increase the number of stockings collected each year. We would like to think of a way to better include the students in this project. It was suggested that there be a pizza party for the group of students that contribute the most stockings. We will discuss this further at the next meeting.
Governance Committees
There are two Governance Committees with non-voting CSA members serving – Safety and Security with Catherine Rice and Student Success with Vickie Bowman. This has been addressed and has made it to Kris Ogden so far. Natalie Prue explained that since taking a member from non-voting to voting is a change to the committee structure those two committees have to approve a recommendation for the change and go through an approval process for changes to the Governance document. The form (New Governance Council Recommendation Form) is on Communication Central. The form needs to be completed and submitted to the CGC to be considered at their next meeting.
Health, Wellness and Professional Development
(Most of these activities will be held in 2401)
Weight Watchers (Now WW- Wellness Wins)
Weight Watchers (WW) came to CVCC. Workshops are held on Wednesdays between 12 – 12:45 p.m. in Room 2401. Going really strong. People are losing weight, learning ways to eat better and control stress eating, and having a lot of fun. Congratulations to everyone participating!
Mindful Movements
CVCC instructor, Mike Cundiff, leads the group through Qigong movements and synchronized breathing exercises. A six-week program that started on October 1st.  This is held on Mondays for 45 minutes starting between 12 – 1 p.m. Seventeen people in attendance the first week. The last one had eleven participants and we know this will fluctuate.
NEW - Functional Fitness
CVCC Instructor, Rachel Madigan, created this class to give CVCC faculty and staff the opportunity to leave their desk and improve their overall health. This begins on Tuesday, October 30th.  This will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 – 12:45 p.m. in Room 2401. It will be tailored to each individual. You do not need to change clothes, but bring comfortable shoes.  “ALL Ages and Fitness Levels Welcome!”
Action Items Committees

Professional Development, Francie Dye
There are two professional development opportunities coming up:
“Leading with Influence” with Christin Kennedy, Leadership and Life Purpose Coach and COO of Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, on Tuesday, October 23, from 12- 1 p.m. in Room 5145-46. Staff, faculty and students are invited.
“Learn How to Prevent Early Attrition”(EAB) with Flemming Pucket, Senior Director of the Education Advisory Board, on October 23 from 2 – 4 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room. Bring your own laptops if you would like. Everyone is invited.
Social Committee, Beth Walkup and Cathy Sanders
Beth Walkup reported that the Winter Social at the Riverviews Art Space is scheduled for Friday, December 7th from 5:30 – 8 p.m. Ed McGee’s band will be playing. Jill Markwood is working on a flyer for the event. Everyone is invited.
Christmas Parade, Connie Deacon, Mary Canfield, and Tom Sparhawk
The parade is on Sunday, December 2nd at 4 p.m. starting at Lynchburg City Stadium and ending at E.C. Glass. Past participants have included faculty, staff, students, and families. Always a lot of fun. Mary Canfield, Tom Sparhawk, and Connie are on the Parade Committee. If you would like to join the committee, please let them know. The candy budget has been increased to $400 this year. Mary and Connie will be going to Walmart the morning after Halloween to purchase the candy at half price. More information will be sent out soon. We invite the student committees to participate. Mary and Connie will be attending a mandatory meeting in mid-November to hear rules and regulations and any changes.  Lewis Bryant has explained that CVCC now has a newer truck that we can use and a trailer.
Health and Wellness Ad hoc Committee
Tammy Johnson, Mary Canfield, Debra Short, Randall Franklin, Deanne McDaniel, Rachel Madigan, john Lofaso, Mike Cundiff

Dr. Capps is pushing us to get this going. Trying to develop the “Walk and Talk” to start soon. Mary suggested that if you are having a meeting, have it outside while walking and talking.
CVCC did great with the 100 miles/90 days. CVCC was #17 in a group of 127. We will be advertising or promoting different walks and marathons going on in this area.
Connie Sublett is sending wonderful health and wellness information and challenges from CommonHealth of Virginia to everyone. You may check them out at This is free!!
Introduction of New CVCC Navigators, Kimberly French
Kimberly introduced the two new CVCC Navigators present: Ms. Raylene Cope and Mr. Christopher Robinson. She explained that there will be two more starting on Monday, October 15th. Welcome!
Issues to bring to President’s Meeting
If you have issues that you would like for Mary Canfield to bring to the President’s Meeting, please email her at
New Business
Civic Engagement – Mr. Tom Gerdy on behalf of Habitat for Humanity
Mr. Tom Gerdy, is the successful owner of Gerdy Construction located in Lynchburg, Virginia serving Lynchburg and the surrounding areas. He has written about ninety articles for the Huffington Post and featured as the “Leader of the Month” Cover Story, Leaders of Lynchburg during April/May, 2018 in the Lynchburg Business Magazine.  Since the late 1980’s, he has also been very involved with Habitat for Humanity.
Mr. Gerdy started out with a quote from Aristotle: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” He explained that he was here to speak with us about CVCC possibly reaching out to the community in another way. He explained that CVCC participates in the community, but is still a “well-kept secret.” He welcomes CVCC to participate in Habitat for Humanity in some way and to encourage students to get involved. He explained how it “makes our kids feel good in the heart that they can make a difference.”
At the end of his talk, he gave out “Insights from Inside.” This is a book he helped write and publish that includes letters from inmates that warn and give advice to young people.
Thank you to Cathy Sanders
Thank you Cathy for creating our monthly CSA calendars. This is a great reference tool!

Tech Byte
Ed McGee – next meeting.
The Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.
Submitted by Connie Deacon
CSA Secretary                                                                                                                          
October 31, 2018
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