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Minutes of the Classified Staff Association
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Merritt Building, Room 5118

Ms. Mary Canfield, President of the Classified Staff Association, called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m. allowing members to look over the Minutes of the October 10th CSA meeting.

Members present: Cathy Sanders, Deborah Bauer, Natalie Prue, Tammy Johnson, Beth Walkup, Schinae Gross-Williams, Connie Deacon, Ed McGee, Randall Franklin, Dianne Sykes, Kathy Kidd, Allison Clark, Ken Bunch, Collins Friddle, Francie Dye, Twila DeMasters, and Catherine Rice.

The Minutes of October 10, 2018 were unanimously approved.
Old Business
Governance Committees
Good News! The Governance Committee approved that both seats would now be voting members. Catherine Rice will be a voting member on the Safety and Security Committee and Vickie Bowman a voting member on the Student Success Committee.

Health, Wellness & Professional Development Ad Hoc Committees
CVCC did great with the 100 miles/90 days. CVCC was #17 in a group of 127.

The WW program (previously called Weight Watchers) held here at CVCC for employees on Wednesdays from 12 – 12:45 p.m. in Room 2401 is going strong.

Functional Fitness with CVCC instructor, Rachel Madigan, is meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. and has changed to Room 4207. Wear comfortable clothes.

Mindful Movements taught by CVCC instructor, Mike Cundiff, just finished up.

Ten CVCC employees will participate for free in the Turkey Trot on November 22nd. You can walk, run, or cheer everyone on. Civic engagement.

Staff, faculty, and students were invited to hear Ms. Christine Kennedy, Leadership and Life Purpose Coach and COO of Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, speak on “Leading with Influence” held on October 23rd from 12-1 p.m. in Room 5145-5146. This was a successful professional development offering. Thank you Francie Dye.

Toys for Tots Replacing Salvation Army Project
Catherine Rice volunteered to work previously with the Salvation Army project. When she called to pick up stockings, they were out of stockings and didn’t know if they would receive more. Catherine and Mary Canfield discussed this with Dr. Capps. Catherine presented the option of working in conjunction with the Student Veterans Organization on collecting for Toys for Tots this year instead. This was voted on by the CSA members present and this is our new project this Christmas.

The toys donated should be new and unwrapped. Cash or debit/credit card donations will also be accepted. The more secure drop locations are the Library (Bedford Building), Educational Foundation (Merritt Building, Rm 5116) and the Veterans Center (Amherst Building). Donations will be taken through Thursday, December 6th.

All CVCC employees and students are encouraged to participate.

Treasurer’s Report
Tammy Johnson, CSA Treasurer, reported that currently there is $618.46 in the CSA checking account. Two-hundred thirty-six dollars came from the Vito fundraiser. Mary Canfield announced that $55.00 out of the $150 is being used for CVCC’s registration in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade. Collecting for the food pantry was successful during the Vito fund raiser. There were quite a few bags of canned goods collected and monetary donations.

Professional Development
Francie Dye reported that she has been speaking to four or five individuals and trying to lock down four so that we can have a series of “Lunch and Learns” starting in late January, 2019. Hoping for one per month during January through April on various topics. We will also have the book series, Five Levels of Leadership.

For those asking for PowerPoints from Christine Kennedy’s presentation, Francie doesn’t have them yet, but will send out as soon as she does.

Christmas Parade, Connie Deacon, Mary Canfield, and Tom Sparhawk
CVCC will be participating in the Lynchburg Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 2nd. The parade will start at the Lynchburg City Stadium at 4 p.m. and end at E.C. Glass High school. Anyone wishing to walk/ride in the parade needs to be at the stadium no later than 3 p.m. in order to hear the rules and regulations of the parade and to sign the Assumption of Risk forms required.

Mary and Connie purchased candy on the day after Halloween at a reduced price and several employees have made donations of leftover candy.

Tom Sparhawk will be driving the new CVCC truck and the newly painted CVCC trailer. Thank you to Paul Campbell for sprucing up the trailer.

It was suggested by Francie Dye that $95 out of the $150 be used for decorating the trailer for the Christmas Parade. It was voted on and passed unanimously.
Social Committee
Riverviews Art Space (901 Jefferson Street, Lynchburg, VA  24504)
Mark your calendar for the Winter Social event scheduled for Friday, December 7th (First Fridays) from 5:30 – 8 p.m. at Riverviews Art Space, downtown Lynchburg. Ed McGee’s band, Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers, will be the guest band. The Culture, Diversity, and International Education Committee is paying for the band. It was proposed, voted on, and approved that the CSA will donate $150.00 for food.

Cookie Day
CVCC students love Cookie Day. Faculty and Staff, if you are willing to donate cookies and 15-30 minutes of your time to encourage students the day before exams start, contact Ms. Beth Walkup at

Drop off cookies on December 7th and the morning of December 10th. They can be homemade or store bought.
New Business
Special Guest Speakers – Schinae Williams and Randall Franklin, HR Department at CVCC
Mr. Randall Franklin, Human Resources Director, introduced Ms. Schinae Gross-Williams, HR Recourses Analyst. Schinae spoke on Flexible Spending Accounts. There is a lot of information found on the Department of Human Resource Management website, On the homepage, select “Health Benefits,” then “Flexible Spending.” This gives you different links to click on. Click on “Flexible Spending Accounts Sourcebook 2018-19.” There is a table of contents also.

Flexible spending allows you to use pre-taxed dollars for eligible healthcare expenses. This has two benefits: 1) helps alleviate your taxable income because it is pre-taxed dollars and 2) you can use this account for different things. You will get a debit card for making purchases. A list of eligible items is on the website (page 3-4).  Page five shows ineligible items. The IRS has strict regulations. You cannot use flexible spending for over-the-counter drugs. Medicines must be doctor prescribed items. Typically, you sign up for this benefit during your initial start of employment, open enrollment period, or a qualifying mid-year event (i.e. marriage, divorce, birth, and adoption) or case by case. The maximum contribution is $2600 per year. Always keep your receipts because you may need to show proof to the IRS. If you have a rebate, they will only cover what is not covered by the rebate. Another important fact is if you don’t use it, you do loose it. It doesn’t carry over.

Schinae also spoke about Premium Rewards. You can get $17 off of your health insurance premium coverage for you and your spouse. Complete a health assessment before July 1st. You have the whole year to complete the health assessment and which paycheck it will start. Easy to do. You can complete online or call. If you have questions, stop by to visit Schinae.

Randal Franklin explained that around the year 2000, the state went through comp reform. Prior to 2000, there were twenty-three pay grades and within each grade, there were 21 steps. So when you got an increase in pay, you went to the next step. Now, there are 23 pay grades condensed into nine pay bands. At the same time, the classification in structure changed. It is all on the website for the Department of Human Resource Management,

Select the “For Agencies” tab; then select “Compensation and Classification,” “The Commonwealth's job organization structure consists of seven Occupational Families. The Occupational Families are divided into Career Groups. Career Groups are comprised of Roles.” Everyone has a role code. The role code is based on your job and your tasks performing that job. All of this information is on your EWP.  You should review your duties with your supervisor yearly and add to your EWP. If long term responsibilities, you should certainly discuss this with your supervisor. Documentation and justification is important.

Most colleges have delegated authority through pay band 3. This means that CVCC can make decisions on pay band 3 or less. For pay band 4 and above justification must be sent to the Systems Office. This can be a lengthy process at times.

During the compensation adjustments, the maximum increase in pay adjustment was 10% in a fiscal year. If you got a 10% increase, this doesn’t mean you are 100% whole and in alignment. For an example, if you were 15% below and given 10% increase, you are still 5% below. Therefore; this is still not completely over. CVCC had employees 27 and 28% below. If you would like further information, contact Randal. His door is always open.

Habitat for Humanity
There is a meeting with Lewis Bryant, Ron Parker, and Kathye Herndon on Friday, November 9th, at 3 p.m. to discuss how we are going to work with Habitat for Humanity. This will probably take place during spring, 2019. The HHS faculty is on board. We will probably need several different fund raisers.

The CSA Meeting adjourned at 3 p.m.

Submitted by Connie Deacon
CSA Secretary
December 2, 2018
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