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Committee Name: Classified Staff Association
Meeting Date: 1/8/2019 12:00:00 AM
Members Present: Twila DeMasters, Barbara Thurston, Jessica Riddick, Deanne McDaniel, Beth Walkup, Tina Murphy, Dianne Sykes, Catherine Rice, Natalie Prue, Cathy Sanders, Tammy Johnson, Priscilla Liggon, and Mary Canfield.
The meeting was called to order at 2:01pm.
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.
Tammy Johnson, Treasurer, provided an update on the account.  Currently, there is $317.46 in the account.  $661.00 was raised for the Toys for Tots campaign.  Thanks were bestowed upon Catherine Rice and Tina Murphy along with our Veteran students for their participation.
Catherine Rice (Safety and Security) and Vickie Bowman (Student Success) were approved to be voting members of their respective committees.
The Weight Watcher meetings are successful.  There are many “losers” among the participants.  Ten faculty/staff participated in the Turkey Trot in November. 
Thanks were given to Connie Deacon who headed up the Christmas Parade Committee.  As usual, it was a wonderful event.
Twila DeMasters and Francie Dye provided information on upcoming professional development events.  The first is “Maximize 2019 – Clarify Values and Accelerate Success”, presented by Gloria Witt, to be held on Tuesday, January 29 from 12:30 to 1:30pm in Room 5142.  Information will be sent out to faculty and staff later in the month.  (This is the first in a series of the “Brown Bag/Lunch and Learn” events.)  Some people may have difficulty in registering for these sessions.  If they do,  they should contact Twila DeMasters.
The Social Committee will be looking for a new location to hold events outside the college.
The CSA will participating with other members of the college in a Habitat for Humanity event from September 12 - 14.  Monies will need to be raised and Chris Bryant, VP of Institutional Advancement, provided some direction in doing so.  He discussed possible opportunities such as using connections for philanthropic donations, fundraising events, etc.  Several smaller committees will be formed over the next several months to get the process moving.  More information will be forthcoming.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:35pm
Barbara Thurston on behalf of Connie Deacon
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