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Committee Name: Classified Staff Association
Meeting Date: 2/12/2019 12:00:00 AM
Mary Canfield, Allison Clark, Twila DeMasters, Francie Dye, Collins Friddle, Tammy Johnson, Kathy Kidd, Gayle Kiger, Deanne McDaniel, Ed McGee, Amy McIvor, Jessica Riddick, Kevin Riley, and Barbara Thurston.
Tammy Johnson, Natalie Prue, Elizabeth Walkup (decorating for Social Committee Luncheon)
Unfortunately Tammy Johnson was busy decorating for the Fire and Ice luncheon on Thursday and was not present to give the Treasurer’s Report.
Francie Dye and Twila DeMasters spoke on the various professional development events that are on the calendar for March and April.  There are still two “Brown Bag” Lunch and Learn events on March 19 and April 25.
The various committee members spoke on their respective committees:
  • Kevin Riley serves on the Evaluation and Assessment Committee and spoke briefly about the new general education learning outcomes and assessment criteria.
  • Twila DeMasters from Workforce - under consideration is to have a faculty member address the younger faculty/staff on VRS retirement.  Also under consideration is to have John Kegel (sp?) present topics on retirement for those whose who are not planning to retire anytime soon.
  • Gayle Kiger serves on the Employee Recognition Committee and spoke about Cupcake day that was held earlier in the day.  It was a success.
  • Cathy Saunders indicated that the Water Dog in downtown Lynchburg may be the next site for the Spring Social.  Date to be determined.
                Vitos Pizza will no longer be a part of the CSA fundraising activities.  It looks like Upper Crust will be the new vendor; they may even allow the committee to receive more money from the pizza sales.  No date was set for the next pizza fundraiser.
                The Habitat for Humanity project is on hold for now as an issue with insurance is in question.  This will determine whether we can actually do this in September.
                The group was asked what subjects they would like to have a speaker present at future CSA meetings.  Subjects included:  what discounts state employees can get and options under the flexible spending accounts.  This led to a discussion about adding additional information during the new employee orientations.  It would be helpful to include information on the various governance committees and letting new employees know how they are classified (full time or part time classified, etc.).  Someone asked if Jack Freeman, grants writer, to talk about the various grants he is working on.
                On the subject of new employees, it was recommended that a little information be provided on each new CVCC employee to include a picture and a little biography on the individual.  Another idea was to have a listing of faculty and staff to include name and picture so that it can be referenced by employees on the college’s intranet.
                It was recommended that the IT department provide training in using Google Docs and how it works with Canvas and other features of software packages that we may not know about.
                Convocation provides breakout sessions that many of the classified staff cannot attend due to the nature of our positions.  While a mini version of the convocation is offered later, the breakout sessions are not.  It was recommended that any of these sessions that would benefit the classified staff be offered later as well. 
Barbara Thurston on behalf of Connie Deacon
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