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Committee Name: Classified Staff Association
Meeting Date: 2/12/2020 12:00:00 AM
Debra Short, Angela Perry, Connie Deacon, Shannon Hines, Raylene Cope, John Rocha, Jr., Mary Zoccola, Gayle Kiger, Francie Dye, Twila DeMasters, Cathy Sanders, Ed McGee, Tammy Johnson, and Barbara Thurston.
Mary gave the Treasurer’s Report. There is $206.87 in the CSA checking account and $150.00 in the CVCC account. This totals $356.87. The $150.00 can be used in March and April per Lewis Bryant.
The Meeting Minutes of January 15, 2020 were approved.
Habitat for Humanity recipient, Florence Coles, has a location for her house – Lot 318 Walnut Street, Lynchburg, Virginia. Building will begin during the first week of April. Mary Zoccola sent a 12-week schedule of the build out to staff earlier today. She plans to email faculty also and ask them to let students know. Mary spoke with Randall Franklin and he said that if you have community service hours remaining and you are able to take off during your regular working hours to help with this build, you may count the hours as community service hours. (To ensure department coverage, you must have your supervisor’s approval for specific days and times.)
Zoom (web-conferencing) will be set up in the future for those who would like to participate in CSA meetings, but would like to connect from their office or elsewhere. Mr. Ed McGee will build the sessions and send the link out to CSA members for the meetings along with instructions on how to connect.
The Governance Committee approved changes to the CSA Constitution/Bylaws. The term of each officer was changed from two years to one year. This needs to be approved by the President’s Cabinet.
Mary Zoccola has spoken with Emily Dawson, caterer for Market at Main, and Lewis Bryant about partnering with Market at Main in fundraisers for the CSA. The CSA would like to receive a percentage of the sale of a special food item for a specific amount of time. Emily has suggested burgers. There was discussion during the CSA Meeting and Raylene Cope suggested pancakes during the breakfast hours. Others suggested tacos on Cinco de Mayo. Negotiations are just beginning. If you have more suggestions or would like to serve on a committee for this, please contact Mary Zoccola or Raylene Copeland.
Discussion took place on the best way to elect all new CSA officers by April.  An email will be sent out to classified staff for nominations. Please take the time to nominate someone for a position.
Foundation Board Members will be speaking at the next Classified Staff Meeting on March 18th at 2 p.m.
The Foundation Board Members will speak on how the Classified Staff Association can apply for and utilize up to $10,000 in Foundation money to benefit CVCC Students each year.  Mary discussed the possibility of a Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter. Debra Short suggested extra laptops for students to use that take specific Workforce courses.  Refreshments will be served at this meeting. A committee that includes Gayle Kiger, Twila DeMasters, Shannon Hines, Mary Zoccola, and Connie Deacon will work together on the refreshments and set up.
Connie Deacon
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