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Committee Name: Classified Staff Association
Meeting Date: 4/8/2020 12:00:00 AM
Mary Zoccola, Catherine Rice, Amy McIvor, Pam Reynolds, William Osborne, Shannon Hines, Kimberly French, Debra Short, Tammy Johnson, Ed McGee, Philmika Reid, Francie Dye, Angela Perry, Twila DeMasters, Beth Walkup, Allison Clark, Gayle Kiger, Barbara Thurston, Ava Connelly, Emily Pudliner, Layla Perry, Raylene Cope, Howard Powell, and Connie Deacon.
President, Ms. Mary Zoccola, welcomed everyone to the CSA Meeting held using Teams. She thanked William Osborne and David Lightfoot for assisting her with setting up the meeting. CVCC is the only VCCS college using Teams.

Mary Zoccola reported that the CSA has not spent anything; therefore, we still have $206.87 in checking, and maybe $150 in our CVCC account.

The Minutes of the February 12, 2020 CSA Meeting were reviewed and approved. The CSA Meeting previously scheduled for March 18, 2020 was cancelled due to the many changes taking place at CVCC because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Old Business
Habitat for Humanity
During the February meeting, Mary reported that the building of Florence Cole’s Habitat house would begin during the first week of April and we were emailed a 12-week schedule and invited to use community service time if we still had them. Due to COVID19 Habitat for Humanity has temporarily postponed all volunteer opportunities, both at home build sites and at the Habitat ReStore.
Election of New Officers
Ms. Francie Dye suggested that Mary Zoccola remain the Chair until we get through COVID 19 or until the end of Summer or beginning of the Fall semester. Mary agreed and this was voted on and approved.
Mary stated that at the President’s Cabinet meeting she stressed that members of the CSA are adjusting well to teleworking.  CSA members continue to work a full day and because of Teams they are able to assist students while working remotely. Mary suggested that we all keep an informal log of what you are doing (especially with students). Anything out of the ordinary should be reported to your supervisor.

Several of the members attending briefly explained how their department was handling working remotely, communicating with students and staff, and keeping a log of hours:

Francie Dye reported that Workforce is “running as usual and very connected with staff, faculty and students.” She said that she shared the list of resources with a VWCC student that was having some problems transitioning. She said that she is so proud and thankful for CVCC.

Connie Deacon reported that the Distance Ed staff has been extremely busy moving face-to-face instructors to online classes; assisting faculty on using Zoom that was quickly incorporated into their online classes; assisting tutors in the Success Center on using Zoom for tutoring; and helping students connect to Zoom. They have a weekly staff meeting using Zoom. Connie uses Outlook Calendar to log everything and there is a record in Teams and in email.

Philmika Reid has called students about the CVCC transition and they have called her. She has addressed many concerns including where the hotspots are located.

Patti Saffioti and Bedford Commons have followed up with students using Navigate to show who they have been in touch with. The Success Center, Writing Center, and Mall are tutoring students.

Catherine Rice says that her department is doing great.

Raylene Cope discussed the challenges of being a mother of two, homeschooling, and working from home. She also gave a shout out to the CVCC Counseling Department on how organized and how well they are working together. They are using Navigate to enter student information and putting files in Teams, so they are convenient to send to students. Raylene uses a notebook to keep her log.
Ed McGee spoke about Zoom updating security; best practices when using Zoom and to accept updates.
Professional Development Opportunities
Some opportunities for online professional development have been sent out by:
  1. The Chancellor has sent out some opportunities in his “System-wide VCCS Newsletter & Events Calendar:”
  • VCCS Home Page>VCCSBlog
  • All faculty and staff have access to free, unlimited on-demand training and webinars through Go2Knowedge.
  1. Dr. Capps and Randal Franklin sent email on 03/27/2020 with an opportunity for employees to take advantage of the training resources located in the Virginia Learning Center (VLC)  while teleworking during this pandemic and attached  a list of mandatory training required by the Commonwealth of Virginia. 
  1. Eva Department of Procurement Services has sent out procurement training opportunities.
  1. Professional Development online trainings emailed by Alison Moore to everyone at CVCC.
The meeting adjourned at 3 p.m. 
Connie Deacon
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