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Committee Name: Classified Staff Association
Meeting Date: 11/12/2020 12:00:00 AM
Raylene Cope; Philmika Reid; Allison Clark; Angela Perry; Amy McIvor; Gayle Kiger; Connie Deacon; Twila DeMasters; Debra Short; Tammy Johnson; Natalie Prue; Barbara Thurston; Ava Connelly; Christina Brannan; Kevin Riley; Emily Pudliner; Deanne McDaniel; Layia Perry; Ed McGee; Kathy Kidd; Mary Woerner; Mary Zoccola; Kimberly French
The meeting was called to order via Zoom at 2:04 p.m.

The minutes from the October 1, 2020 meeting were approved as submitted.

Raylene Cope announced that Gayle Kiger and Twila DeMasters were the two winners from the Halloween decoration and costume contest. It was also announced that there would be a holiday sweater and decoration contest that will run until December 22, 2020, with awards to be announced after the college re-opens in the new year.

Dr. Capps has agreed to attend the December 10th CSA meeting to provide a general update and answer any questions we might have for him as we head into the end of 2020.

CVCC Human Resources director, Randall Franklin, gave committee members an opportunity to ask questions or share their concerns as they pertain to COVID-19. Randall reviewed the State of Emergency benefits available to staff, as well as the process of identifying and contact tracing COVID-19 cases and reporting requirements for staff and students. Additional information was shared concerning where to obtain a COVID-19 test and the health benefits that are available through employees’ insurance plan.

In closing, Raylene opened the floor to committee members to share their Thanksgiving plans, traditions, and recipes. It was suggested that we might be able to utilize the Cougar Community channel on Teams for additional tips, tricks, and dialogue about Thanksgiving.

The Zoom meeting adjourned at 3:06 p.m.

Next Meeting: December 10, 2020
Allison Clark
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