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Committee Name: Classified Staff Association
Meeting Date: 12/10/2020 12:00:00 AM
Raylene Cope; Philmika Reid; Allison Clark; Angela Perry; Ken Bunch, Kris Ogden, Amy McIvor, Gayle Kiger, Cathy Sanders, Dr. Capps, Barbara Thurston, Connie Deacon, Jill Markwood, Larry Linda, Ed McGee, Twila DeMasters, Vickie Banks, Layia Perry, Natalie Prue, Deanne McDaniel, Christina Brannan
The meeting was called to order via Zoom at 2:03 p.m. This was a special ‘joint’ meeting with both Classified and Part-Time Staff Association members in attendance.

CSA Vice-President Philmika Reid opened the meeting and requested a motion to approve the minutes from the November 12th meeting. The motion was made by Gayle Kiger and seconded by Jill Markwood and the minutes were passed as submitted.

Kris Ogden went over the results of the staff survey disseminated in both spring and fall of 2020, which helped to identify areas of our jobs that are going well and those that may need improvement. Kris encouraged everyone to provide their feedback, thoughts, and perspectives so that we can stay focused on providing great service to our students.  
Sarah Jarrett – PTSA President – and Beth Walkup shared details for the CVCC Holiday Social.

CVCC President, Dr. John Capps, spoke with Classified and Part-Time staff members about the staff survey results and expressed concern for how we are feeling about our jobs during the time of COVID-19. He wanted to explore whether job dissatisfaction was rooted in a general sense of malaise about the pandemic or if there were specific issues the college needed to address in order to improve working situations. He then took the opportunity to turn the conversation over to staff members who might want to speak directly to him about their concerns. Dr. Capps closed the conversation by extending his heartfelt thanks to the staff for their efforts to help, not only our students, but also one another.

Sarah Jarret shared information about the virtual cookie exchange. Favorite recipes and cookbooks were highlighted by members of the C/PTSA committees. Sarah welcomed additional recipe submissions and stated that she planned to email the recipes once they were all received and compiled.

CSA President Raylene Cope went over the details of the December holiday sweater and decoration contest. She is accepting photo submissions from CSA members and Sarah Jarrett is accepting submissions from PTSA members. The deadline to submit photos is January 6, 2021.

Raylene and Sarah wished everyone a wonderful holiday and encouraged everyone to attend the CVCC Holiday Social on December 17th.

The Zoom meeting adjourned at 3:04 p.m. The next meeting will be held February 18, 2021 (the Jan. 14th meeting will not be held, as it coincides with the start of the spring semester, which is typically a very busy time for most staff members).
Allison Clark
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