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College Governance Council

The CVCC Governance Council (CGC) is comprised of the chairs of all policy committees, the presidents of each constituency group, the President’s Cabinet and the College President. The primary responsibility of this group is to accept or reject completed policy proposals that have been brought to the CGC after having been discussed and approved by a policy committee or constituency group and all other groups who are affected by that policy proposal. Rejected proposals will be sent back to the initiating group.  The CGC will discuss and create policy proposals only on those issues that affect more than a single constituency group or department or fall outside of the purview of any existing committee. Additionally, the CGC will oversee the functioning of the Governance Model and the posting of minutes.

Any policy proposals that are approved by the CGC must fall within the rules and procedures of State, VCCS, and local board requirements.  All policy proposals approved by the CGC will be submitted as a Consent Agenda Item for inclusion in the next President’s Cabinet meeting. ​​​​​

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