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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
September 18, 2012, at 1 p.m.

The meeting of the Governance Committee was called to order by John Capps. He began by stating he really appreciated everyone’s attendance as it was the first meeting of this Committee making it a landmark day. He stated this new Governance Model gives everyone a voice in the College’s activities.

John C. asked for everyone to introduce themselves and if they were chair of a committee to give the name of the committee.

·         Linda Daye—President of the Classified Staff Association which dealt with fund raising, book funding, and any issues that involve the Classified Staff
·         Dianne Sykes—President’s Cabinet
·         David Lightfoot—President’s Cabinet
·         David McGee—President of the Faculty Association
·         Joey Fronheiser—President’s Cabinet
·         Mary Canfield—Employee Recognition Committee
·         Xavier Retnam—Evaluation and Assessment Committee
·         Ernie Wade—Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee which reviews changes in curriculum or introduction  of new curriculum
·         Tom Bushley—Facilities, Finance and Sustainability Committee which looks at the efficiencies of the buildings
·         Jessie Hogan—Compliance Committee which involves looking at policy changes EOC, OSHA, and ADA
·         Lucy Carter Smith— Safety and Security Committee which involves all safety aspects on Campus
·         Leticia Forster—President’s Cabinet
·         Mike Danos—Public Relations and Marketing which deals with how to market CVCC  
·         John Poole—President Cabinet
·         Will Sandidge—President Cabinet
·         Zach Betterton—SGA treasurer, Public Relations and a Student Ambassador
·         Abraham Hebert—Vice President of SGA
·         Gayle Kiger—President of Part-Time Staff Association
·         Irene Wheeler—President’s Cabinet

The following committee chairs were absent: Professional Development, Culture-Diversity and International Education, Financial Aid Appeals, Social Events, Educational-E-Learning and Information Technology (E2IT), Student Success, and Student Conduct Committee.
John C. stated this Committee will be a learning experience with its purpose to solicit ideas and recommendation for consideration from the various committees. He stated, in the past, most of the decisions were made by the administration but now the new Governance Committee supports a more democratic style of decision making. John C. stated all ideas will be considered and adopted when they are for the betterment of the College.
John C. called for any recommendations needing approval. Since most committees had met only one time, there were none.  
John C. asked if anyone would like to talk about any new ideas that had been discussed at the various committee meetings. Some of the ideas included the following:

·         Recognition of students making a difference on Campus
·         Recognition for awards at a spring luncheon
·         Creating the new Faculty/Staff Manual
·         Need a notice of tasks’ deadlines
·         Need a Master Calendar
·         Discussed the danger of students working on machines without any supervision
·         ADA compliance sidewalks being constructed
·         Campus wide recycling
·         Compost bin outside Culinary
·         Tree management plan
·         Replacing boilers in AREVA
·         Need involvement in community events such as Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life
·         CVCC logo skin created and given to students
·         Building baseball and soccer fields and repairing tennis courts

John C. asked SGA Vice President Abraham, what did he see as a student that would help foster student success. Abraham suggested one idea of having representatives of the political parties on Campus to discuss their beliefs. SGA Treasurer Zach thinks the College really needs to foster a pride in its students while attending CVCC. Zach stated he thought it would be good to publicize events that are taking place in Lynchburg to get students involved in the community. Mike Danos said early college students are used to recruit other students to that program so perhaps students could recruit other students involved on Campus.
The meeting ended at 2 p.m. with the next scheduled meeting on October 30.
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