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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
February 5, 2013, at 1 p.m.
The meeting of the Governance Committee was called to order by Ernie Wade at 1 p.m.
Those in attendance included the following: Lucy Carter Smith, Kimberly French, Catherine Rice, Mike Bradford, Ernie Wade, Dianne Sykes, Jessica Hogan, David McGee, Linda Daye, Gayle Kiger, Xavier Retnam, John Capps, Tom Bushley, Cat Mobley, Irene Wheeler, Jim Lemons, Leticia Forster, and Will Sandidge.

Kimberly reported the Testing Center is now operating on a 9 a.m.-9 p.m. hour-a-day basis. She stated some students have requested opening at 8 a.m. Kimberly stated a motion from the Student Success Committee is a request to have a work study student monitor the Testing Center from 8 a.m. until 9 a.m. (with Distance Education overseeing the work study student).
The motion carried unanimously. 

Ernie asked each person to give a report on happenings in their area.

John C. discussed SACS and reminded everyone of its importance. He stated the College cannot afford to be complacent as it has been in the past. Ernie thanked Will for all of his support that he has given since taking on the responsibilities of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services especially during this SACS’ Probation period.

Will discussed Smarthinking and stated some of the suggestions made at the last meeting have been put in place. One example was to add a Smarthinking link for the students on the College’s website. He thanked the faculty for their support of this program. Will also reported the amount of text books on reserve in the Library will be expanded to hopefully better meet the students’ needs.

David L. reported the VCCS plans to develop and launch Mobile apps for all 23 colleges for the iPhones and androids by the end of the semester. He also reported the multi-purpose room has been updated with dual screens and a new speaker system.  

Mike reported his area is busy with fund raising and will be working with the off-campus centers to raise money for the Early College program. He also stated he is working with Judy Graves to create a procedure on how to distribute the student emergency funds.
Jim reported his division is reviewing the PAS report and as a result, trying to schedule fewer but larger course sessions.
Leticia reported HR is waiting on direction regarding the 29-hour per week work limit on adjunct faculty.

Lucy reported the Safety and Security Committee is trying to devise a plan for enhanced response capability by purchasing new equipment. She also reported she is working on a safety video, effective security training for faculty, external funding capabilities, and looking at hours that students are allowed in the buildings.
ohn C. stated the issue concerning the hours the College’s buildings are open to students needs to be discussed with all committees and the President’s Cabinet before a decision is made.

Tom reported on the Facilities and Finance Committee and stated renovations on the Student Center should begin around the beginning of June. He stated the committee is reviewing facilities usage with hopes to improve this. Tom reported on Thursday, a meeting will be held to create a master plan for the College. He stated after the plan is created, a campus-wide meeting will be held to discuss this plan. (He reported the final plan will be sent to the VCCS for prioritizing.) Tom also reported plans are to re-core all the door locks on Campus sometime in the near future.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m. with the next meeting to be held on March19, 2013, in Room 5208.
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