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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
March 19, 2013, at 1 p.m.
The meeting of the College Governance Committee was called to order by Ernie Wade at 1 p.m.
Those in attendance included the following: Ernie Wade, Rick Tyler, Linda Daye, Dianne Sykes, Kimberly French, Cindy Wallin, David Lightfoot, John Capps. Jim Lemons, John Poole, Mike Bradford, Leticia Forster, David McGee, Irene Wheeler, Xavier Retnam, Jessy Hogan, Will Sandidge, Tim Rhoads, Gayle Kiger, and Terri Brothers.

Ernie asked each chair to give a report on their committee.
Linda Daye reported on the Classified Staff Association and stated a survey had been emailed to all Classified Employees.
Xavier Retnam (Chair of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee) reported his committee had been working on the new faculty evaluation assessments and rewards but had no proposal to submit at this time.
Ernie Wade (Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee) reported his committee will be meeting in April to discuss what is to be presented to the Local Board at their April meeting.
Cindy Wallin (Chair of the Educational, E-Learning, and Information Technology Committee -E2IT) reported her committee discussed a proposed policy concerning “Bring Your Own Device” but decided to table it for now. She stated one portion included the appropriate use of hand-held and wireless technologies at CVCC. Cindy also stated Distance Education is working on training for faculty on Lecture Capture and iPads but only received a marginal response. She stated this will be revisited to learn how to best serve the College. Jim Lemons (with Will Sandidge agreeing) requested the Respiratory students be allowed to conduct a pilot program using iPads to download their texts. John Capps agreed and stated this would provide a more targeted approach to blaze the trail for use in the future. Cindy also discussed the fact that some faculty do not allow e-books in their classrooms and stated the Bookstore will pass this information on to the students if they are informed by the faculty in advance.
Jessy Hogan (Chair of the Compliance Committee) reported her committee is still trying to figure out their identity but has currently been working on safety issues in the College’s science labs.
Irene Wheeler (SACS Compliance Certificate Committee) reported the group has completed 50% of the Core Requirements. She also reported the Employee Handbook has been completed and located on the web.
Kimberly French (Chair of the Student Success Committee) reported on Smarthinking and stated the College currently has around 100 hours left for the spring semester which means the students are using the online tutoring. Kimberly also reported the students from the local high schools have recently taken the Virginia Placement Test and the scores for English and Math have been impressive.
Gayle Kiger had nothing new to report from the Part-Time Association.
David McGee reported on the Faculty Association and stated they will be discussing the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) among other items at their next meeting.

Ernie distributed copies of a proposed “Student Complaints Policy.” After deciding on a couple of minor changes, Ernie made a motion with David M. seconding, to approve the policy.

The motion carried unanimously. 
(After the minor changes are made to the Student Complaints Policy, it will be presented to the President’s Cabinet for their approval on March 25, 2013.)
Ernie distributed a proposed policy on the “Role of CVCC Governance Groups.” After much discussion, the requested changes will be made and presented again at the next College Governance meeting for approval.
John C. stated he hopes everyone here grasped the efforts that were made today as last year this did not exist. He stated a new culture exists here at CVCC.
The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m. with the next meeting to be held on April 23, 2013, in Room 5206.
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