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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
April 22, 2014

The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Ernie Wade at 1 p.m. in Merritt Hall’s 5208.
Those in attendance included the following:  Muriel Mickles, Will Sandidge, Dianne Sykes, John Capps, Lucy Carter Smith, David Lightfoot, Jana Fedele, Connie Deacon, Tim Rhoads, John McCullough, Peter Dorman, Kimberly French, Ashley Pearson, Nancy Mitchell, Ruth Hendrick, Mike Bradford, Kris Ogden, Ernie Wade, Linda Daye, Tom Sparhawk, Cheryl Cunningham, John Poole, Loretta Marshall, and Irene Wheeler.
Ernie stated this is the last meeting for this committee until the fall semester and a new facilitator and recorder needs to be appointed. He stated the new committee chairs for the upcoming year were not present at this meeting; therefore, it would be difficult to obtain nominations for either position. Ernie asked if this committee would like for him to serve as facilitator for the first meeting in September at which time a new facilitator and recorder would be selected.

John M. made a motion to accept Ernie’s offer with Muriel duly seconding.

The motion carried unanimously.

CGC Consent Agenda Items:

Enhance Governance Model
Muriel distributed a copy of the proposed Enhanced Governance Model and stated she realized there had been no time for reviewing and recommended adding this new enhanced (draft) document to Communication Central alongside the original for all to review. Jana volunteered to compare the two documents and mark up the new with the changes that had been made and to list that as well on Communication Central.
Muriel stated this information would be communicated to the college community via the Daily Bulletin and an email from her.
Ernie made a motion that the Enhanced Governance Model be reviewed over the summer by everyone, comments submitted on Communication Central, with a final review during the fall semester.

The motion carried unanimously.

Ernie stated he had enjoyed serving on this committee and felt it had resulted in a great new process. He thanked everyone for their support of the College Governance Committee.

There being no new business, Ernie closed the meeting at 1:50 p.m.
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