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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
September 16, 2014

The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Ernie Wade at 1 p.m. in Bedford Hall’s 3213.
Those in attendance included the following:  Ernie Wade, Will Sandidge, Dianne Sykes, Brent Lester, Jane Pearson, Jana Fedele, Connie Deacon, Muriel Mickles, Cheryl Cunningham, Ed McGee, Lorna Nelson, Beth Walkup, Nancy Mitchell, Peter Dorman, John Capps, Ruth Hendrick, Donna Hobbs, Michelle Penner, Mike Bradford, and Margie Jones.
Ernie requested nominations for the facilitator, co-facilitator, and recorder for the 2014-2015 academic year. Nancy Mitchell was selected as the facilitator, Cheryl Cunningham as the co-facilitator, and Connie Deacon as the recorder. 

CGC Consent Agenda Items:

Preliminary discussion regarding the revised College Governance Model. 
Muriel stated an updated draft of the CVCC Governance Model incorporating numerous changes and additions is located on Communication Central. She stated this updated model was presented in April to the Governance Council for adoption; however, before the updated draft officially replaces the current model, all constituencies will be given another opportunity to peruse this updated document and provide feedback.

Muriel stated she will also email the document to everyone on Campus and request that all changes and/or additions be submitted by September 24.

Ernie stated this revised document will be voted on at the next meeting.

Professional Development Achievement Awards for Part-Time Staff
Jana Fedele (Chair of the Part-Time Staff Association) presented a recommendation for part-time staff to receive a one-time monetary award for professional achievements completed such as receiving a certificate/certification, or an Associate, Bachelors, Graduate degree. Several suggestions were made for additions to the request such as: must be employed by CVCC for five years and during the time the award was achieved. Also an analysis on how many would receive payments and the total amount of those payments needs to be presented to the CGC. Jana stated she will send out a survey to obtain this information.

The CGC approved to table this motion until the next meeting when the additional information would be received.

There being no new business, Ernie closed the meeting at 1:50 p.m.
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