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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
October 28, 2014

The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Nancy Mitchell at 1 p.m. in room 3213 in Bedford Hall.
Those in attendance included: Kris Ogden, Brent Lester, Jane Pearson, Margie Jones, Jana Fedele, Donna Hobbs, Ed McGee, Mike Bradford, Russell Dove, Peter Dorman, Dianne Sykes, Elizabeth Walkup, Muriel Mickles, Cheryl Cunningham, Nancy Mitchell, and Connie Deacon.

CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Approval of September 16, 2014 Minutes
Nancy Mitchell asked for any corrections or additions to the minutes of the last meeting.  There were none and minutes were duly approved as distributed.

Final Approval of the College Governance Model
At the last meeting, the motion was made and passed to lay on the table the adoption of the “Revised” Governance model. A motion was made to move the model from the table. Dr. Muriel Mickles was invited to present and answer any questions on the model and the floor was opened for discussion and questions.
Dr. Muriel Mickles thanked everyone at the meeting for allowing her an opportunity to talk about the Governance model.  Employees have had an opportunity to review and give any feedback.  The model was redone and posted in Communication Central from April until September 24th.  Three minor suggestions were made and it appears that the consensus of the college family is that the model is OK. 

The three minor suggestions were:
  1. Athletic Committee – Since the Dean of Student Services is required to be at two meetings that convene at the same time, the dean asked that the Dean of Student Services be removed as a permanent member of the Athletic committee and allow the Student Activity Coordinator to continue as a permanent member.  This made reasonable sense and is OK since you can’t be at two places at once.
  2. Since there is no Alumni Coordinator on the Student Success Committee, remove the position of Alumni Coordinator from the Student Success Committee and replace with Graduation Coordinator who is also the Chair of the Commencement Committee which is a subcommittee of the Student Success Committee. A Graduation Coordinator should have been on the Student Success Committee so no problem with this.
  3. Kris Ogden suggested that the Student Government Association be removed from the Constituency group. While student’s representation is very important for appropriate segments of the Governance structure, the Student Government Association operates separately from the CVCC Governance process.  This is correct.
Dr. Mickles stated that all of these suggestions were minor and logical changes and makes the document a better document.  She stated that with these three minor changes, the Governance model is ready for full adoption by the College community.  Ample time plus more has been given to make suggestions and changes and it is time to move forward.
Connie Deacon was asked to read the original motion from the September 16th minutes for adopting the Governance model. The minutes say that the document should be voted on at the October 28th meeting.
The document was approved. 

Final approval of the amended, Professional Development Achievement Award for Part-Time Staff
Jana Fedele, representative from the Part-Time Staff Association, revised the Committee Recommendation form from last meeting addressing the proposal that a Professional Development Achievement Award serve as a companion to the Education Aid Program for the Part-Time Association.

The previous recommendation form has been revised to show the award has to be applied for by March 1st.
There has been a lot of discussion within the Part-Time Staff about the five-year time of service requirement. The Classified Staff has no service requirement for their Professional Development Achievement Award. Why should Part-Time be different? 
Also, can this award be retroactive? If staff is hired today and receives a degree during the five years they work, can they receive the award once they reach five years of service?
Jana made the motion that the recommendation be accepted as revised.
Discussion continued. Jana sent out three emails to approximately 125 part-time staff and twenty-six replied. Jana and the committee have not discussed the monetary implications of these twenty-six employees and possibly more with Will Sandidge and John Poole.  It was suggested that this recommendation be laid on the table for further discussion and possible adoption at the next CGC meeting.  This would give the Part-Time Association time to meet with the appropriate financial committees related to this endeavor.
Recommendation of the Employee Recognition Committee to change nomination forms – presented by Cheryl Cunningham
The Employee Recognition Committee would like to change the look of the nomination form of all awards except the Outstanding Faculty Award.  The ERC is not getting enough nominations and suspect that it is because of the length of the nomination form.  The current form has five boxes or sections and people think they need to complete each section. The ERC proposes that this change to one box listing the same criteria. This is just a cosmetic change making the forms easier to process and more appealing.
Cheryl made the motion to adopt the recommendation as presented. Voted on and passed with no discussion. 

 Other Business
Ed McGee addressed some changes that the E2IT Committee had recommended.  These changes have been made in the “Revised” version of the Governance Model.  Ed will take this information back to the E2IT Committee.
Jane Pierson also addressed some changes that were not showing up and wanted to know who made changes in Communication Central.  She was advised that Committees complete an IT work request with changes.  Wil Perez makes the changes for the Committees.
Changes in the Governance Model will show up after today since the College Governance Committee just approved the “Revised” Governance Model during this meeting. Muriel’s office will contact Wil Perez in the IT Department to post the new approved Governance Model. 
The meeting adjourned at 1:28 p.m.   The next meeting is scheduled for December 2, 2014.
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