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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
February 3, 2015
The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by Cheryl Cunningham, Vice President, at 1 p.m. in room 3213 in Bedford Hall.

Those in attendance included: Dianne Sykes, Ed McGee, John Poole, Beth Walkup, John Capps, Will Sandidge, Russell Dove, Donna Hobbs, Michelle Penner, David Lightfoot, Kris Ogden, Brent Lester, Jane Pearson, Jana Fedele, Margie Jones, Ruth Hendrick, Cheryl Cunningham and Connie Deacon.

The email list for this committee has been updated to include everyone who should be notified of the meetings.

CGC Consent Agenda Items:

Approval of December 2, 2014 Minutes
Cheryl Cunningham, Vice President, asked for any corrections or additions to the minutes of the last meeting, December 2, 2014.  There were none and minutes were duly approved as presented.

Recommendation/Proposal from Safety Committee
Chief Russell L. Dove, Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police at Central Virginia Community College, explained that some new technology has come on board. Therefore; the purpose of this recommended policy is to regulate the lawful use of the security/surveillance cameras on all property owned, leased or managed by CVCC.  “Surveillance is a good tool, but like any tool can be abused. CVCC needs to hold themselves accountable with this policy.”

The CVCC Police Department is the department that is authorized to oversee and coordinate the use of video equipment with the CVCC Chief of Police holding the responsibility to authorize and manage the acceptable use and installation of video security surveillance equipment. All personnel involved in the use of video equipment will be appropriately trained and supervised in the responsible use of this technology. Information obtained with this equipment will only be released to non-CVCC staff with the authorization of the President of the College or his designee.

Monitoring will be conducted only upon the direction of the Chief of Police. Covert or hidden camera surveillance may be used when the College experiences patterns of criminal activity. Video monitoring (for security purposes) will be conducted in a manner consistent with existing College policies. Monitoring will be limited to locations that do not violate the “reasonable expectation of privacy” defined by state and federal laws. 

Information on the use of “video surveillance” will be given to the CVCC campus community during convocations, orientations, SDV classes, and other presentations on campus. Signage will be installed at “significant” points on campus.

Chief Russell Dove explained that this policy is consistent with the code of Virginia 19.2-67.

Cheryl Cunningham announced that upon approval, there is one condition. Ms. Kris Ogden has brought it to our attention that SACS requires that when any committee brings a recommendation or proposal before the CGC, previous approval must be reflected in the meeting minutes of the committee stating that they approve the recommendation and that they agree that the recommendation go before the CGC for approval. In this case, the Safety & Security Committee must have it written in their last minutes that the committee approves the recommendation and that it should be presented to the CGC for approval. The Safety & Security Committee must post their minutes from the last meeting in communication central within next 24 hours stating this.

The Recommendation/Proposal that Chief Russell Dove presented to the CVCC Governance Council (CGC) was voted on and approved by the CGC with the one condition.

Recommendation/Proposal from Public Relations & Marketing Committee
Ms. Donna Hobbs, Chairperson of the Public Relations & Marketing Committee, presented the recommendation/proposal to adopt the World Wide Web Content Policy developed and approved by the committee. 

Donna stated that there have been questions for a long time about who is responsible for what on the web site. With assistance from Wil Perez, the Public Relations & Marketing Committee has developed The World Wide Web Content Policy for CVCC. This explains how people go about making changes to pages on the CVCC Domain and who to go to for changes. This policy applies to “all official CVCC material, and all unofficial content posted by individuals and groups within CVCC’s Internet domain (”

Effective date of policy implementation is March 6, 2015. Content owners need to be compliant by the first day of fall 2015 semester. If content owners need assistance in creating or updating their web page, they should contact the System Administrator.  Questions about this policy should be directed to the Office of Institutional Advancement or to the Public Relations & Marketing Committee.

The policy will be publicized on Communication Central and will be sent to all content owners (as outlined in the policy). Important segments will be posted in the Daily Bulletin.

The recommendation was voted on and passed.

New Business
John Poole advised the CVCC Governance Council Committee that he would like to know the section in the policy manual where any new policies coming from the Governance Committee should be posted. Jana Fedele recommended that the Committee Recommendation Form – CVCC Governance Council (CGC) be revised showing the section where the new approved recommendation/proposals be posted.  

Kris Ogden advised the CGC that the minutes of committees who are sending a Committee Recommendation form to the CGC must reflect approval of the recommendation and approval of sending it to the CGC. Also, there should be a date and policy owner block included under the “CVCC Governance Council response” section of the Committee Recommendation Form.

The meeting adjourned at 1:23 p.m.
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