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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
March 17, 2015
The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by co-facilitator Cheryl Cunningham at 1 p.m. in room 3213 in Bedford Hall.
Those in attendance included:  Russell Dove, John Poole, Jane Pearson, Brent Lester, Kris Ogden, David Lightfoot, Beth Walkup, Margie Jones, Mike Bradford, Peter Dorman, Ed McGee, Will Sandidge, Jana Fedele, Ruth Hendrick, Donna Hobbs, Dianne Sykes,  Cheryl Cunningham and Connie Deacon.
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Approval of February 3, 2015 Minutes
Cheryl Cunningham, co-facilitator, stated that Connie had posted the minutes of the last meeting on Communication Central. Connie will also begin emailing the minutes to members as well. Cheryl asked for any corrections or additions to the minutes of the last meeting, February 3, 2015. There were none and minutes were duly approved as presented.
Recommendation/Proposal from the PR and Marketing Committee
Donna Hobbs distributed color handouts of an appendix explaining how to use Central Virginia Community College’s logo and copies of the proposed document, “Branding and Style Manual,” outlining the use of the CVCC service mark; proper disclaimers for marketing materials; use of images and compliance with copyright law; and a glossary that presents style to be used for terminology. This document is referenced to in the recently approved Web Content Policy.
Donna explained that this manual has been a work in progress for a long time. For several years, Donna was CVCC’s graphic designer and did the rebranding. One of the “disconnects” was that CVCC did not have documentation anywhere that could be used by either internal or external people who needed to create documentation for the college when outsourcing advertising, redesigning web pages or when using the college logo. People would go to Donna for assistance with this and since this is no longer a part of her job, it was important for her to put something where everyone could reference to.
With the adoption of CVCC’s Web Content Policy, the policy refers several times to refer to branding guidelines for appropriate use of a logo and CVCC didn’t have anything in writing. Most of the community colleges didn’t have anything that could be publically accessed. Donna was able to use what Piedmont Community College had as a benchmark to develop this “Branding and Style Manual.” There are lots of times that people need the logo and the worst thing they can do is to “snag” it off of the CVCC web site because they run into all kinds of issues. You couldn’t get upset with people who did this because they had never been told the right thing to do. That was the idea behind this manual.
Donna explained that this manual is very lengthy and it needs to be. It is separated into three sections. Part 1 is “Branding Guidelines for the CVCC Brand” and Donna explained that this is “how we see ourselves.”  In order to market the College, we need to know who we are and what we stand for. Part 2 is “Required Statements on Promotional Materials” on how to use the logo and imagery properly. We don’t want the College to run into legal issues. Part 3 is “Writing Style Guidelines” with a glossary of terms to use in communications for the public (i.e. CVCC web site, promotional emails, brochures and booklets, etc.). The idea behind this manual is to have everything in one document where everyone can find it and reference back to it.
Discussion followed on how to distribute this manual and where to house it.  Donna explained that we will definitely need to educate internally and share this information with vendors who need it. Donna had previously developed a website lite in SharePoint on the brand incorporating documents and logos. She would like to post it in Communication Central if this recommendation is approved.  Since this is a lengthy manual and formatted for easy reading and not easily incorporated in a webpage, it will take additional work in order to accomplish this but has all the answers in one place and we should all do things one way.
John Poole asked if there was anything to take to Legal. Donna explained that we should add a disclaimer or registered trademark.  As graphic designer for CVCC, she knew there was a single disclaimer—Equal Opportunity disclaimer—required on all marketing material.  When researching, Piedmont indicated that another disclaimer – Gainful Employment—needed to be on marketing materials. Donna suggested that this should be added. John also asked about the registered trademark. He had sent this information in earlier, but hadn’t heard anything back. John suggested that CVCC should deal with all of these legal questions first. Donna will send an electronic copy of the Branding & Style manual to John today and he will contact our legal advisor today. Upon approval of the Governance Committee and upon approval from the legal advisor, the document should be posted on communication central with a link to the Branding & Style Manual.
There were no other concerns. With the amendment to the motion contingent upon the advice of our legal advisor, all were in favor of the recommendation or proposal from the PR and Marketing Committee.  Cheryl Cunningham thanked Donna Hobbs for all the hard work that went into this.
Update on Strategic Planning and Budgeting Process – Kris Ogden
Kris Ogden stated that last year was the first year that CVCC had an annual strategic budgeting process and it emerged from the College Governance council. Kris would like to report back to the CGC and also give an update on where the process is. It is important that we are all engaged in this process so that we understand it and encourage others to take part.
The budget process – Kris explained that right now we are soliciting budget requests for available funds. Until John Poole tells us differently, departments should receive the same amounts in the departmental budgets as this year. Departments may have initiatives that require additional funding. This is the time to bring those requests forward and department budget holders have the opportunity to submit requests. There is a form to complete and there must be justification to tie these requests back to the college’s missions and goals. The request can come from your department head or dean and are due by March 31st.  If you have an idea, seek out a person who will submit these on your behalf. A committee prioritizes those budget requests.  These requests will be prioritized by the end of April and they are used in priority order as funds come available.  There are several different funding resources. Kris stated that this is very important and hopes that everyone will use the opportunity to submit requests for budgeting purchases.
Kris Ogden stated that the other thing we are working on this semester is the strategic plan – the current strategic plan, “Achieve 2015,” ends this year. There is a new strategic plan that the Virginia Community College System has named “Complete 2021.” There is one goal, “lead the Commonwealth in the education of its people by tripling the number of credentials awarded for economic vitality and individual posterity.” There will be more information coming out about this.
Kris explained that the difference in this plan and the prior plan is that with the previous plan, the VCCS gave us a list of goals in which we had to meet benchmarks. With the “Complete 2021,” there are broader statements and this gives CVCC more flexibility internally and the opportunity for CVCC to be more innovative about our future during the next six years.  
Kris distributed a handout, “Central Virginia Community College – Complete 2021 Strategic Planning Survey Summary” and explained that this process has started with a survey that was an initial attempt to receive input from everyone in the community (local board, students, foundation board, faculty and staff). One-hundred and ten responded to the survey.  Several things emerged (marketing, promoting programs and awareness of what we do at CVCC). These will probably emerge as strong initiatives in our strategic plan.
In developing these specific initiatives, there needs to be extensive conversation. Dr. Capps will be announcing some dates where there will be open forums where every member in the community, faculty, staff and students can come and discuss challenges we are facing at CVCC and what we can do to increase the success and opportunities for the students and help CVCC move forward. These are very important. Encourage everyone to participate either by attending these open sessions, completing a form online for ideas or by coming by Kris’s office.
The last initiative discussed by Kris Ogden was the “Great Colleges to Work for Survey.” Kris stressed that the VCCS required that all community colleges participate. We were given little notice, but if we don’t reach our required participation rate, they will kick us out. Not everyone received a survey because the survey pulled people from the entire employee population. Kris asked that if you did receive one, please complete it. The deadline is April 13, 2015.
Cheryl Cunningham asked if there was any other new business. There being none, the meeting adjourned at 1:27 p.m.
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