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Minutes of the College Governance Committee
April 21, 2015
The meeting of the College Governance Committee (CGC) was called to order by co-facilitator Cheryl Cunningham at 1 p.m. in room 3213 in Bedford Hall.

Those in attendance included: Jana Fedele, Cheryl Cunningham, Jane Pearson, Ruth Hendrick, Margie Jones, Brent Lester, Kris Ogden, Beth Walkup, Ed McGee, Donna Hobbs, David Lightfoot, John Poole, Russell Dove, Nancy Mitchell and Connie Deacon.

CGC Consent Agenda Items:

Approval of March 17, 2015 Minutes
Cheryl Cunningham, co-facilitator, asked for any changes or amendments to the Minutes of March 17, 2015. There being none, the minutes were duly approved as presented.

Recommendation/Proposal from the Part Time Staff Association – Revision of PTSA constitution and bylaws – Jana Fedele
Jana Fedele explained that the majority of the revisions and updates to the Part-Time Staff Association constitution and bylaws were completed to get them in line with the Governance model.  The old bylaws were written in 2004 and have nothing to do with the Governance Model. A few objectives were also added. A change in titles from President and Vice-President and Secretary to Chair and Recorder was made.

These have already been adopted, but need to be presented to the Governance Committee in order to be entered in the employee manual. Cheryl explained that she and Jana had checked with Dr. Muriel Mickles about the procedure for this since this is not the typical proposal. According to Dr. Mickles, the Governance Council doesn’t need to make a motion or do anything with this, but needs to informed.  No vote is needed.

Recommendation from the Professional Development Committee – Jane Pearson
Jane Pearson explained that the Professional Development Committee’s goal for 2014-15 is written to develop a policy for the use of funds over and above that allotted. The method being used now is where money is still divided 50/50 and the deans or managers will find out among their department to see who is planning to use their funds. For those who are not, that money will be put back into the pot and that money would be redistributed among those planning to use their funds.  The policy now states that once that is done and if an individual wants to request more money, they need to meet with their dean/manager and complete the revised form completing information such as the benefit of attending this conference is to the college, department and students. It must then be approved by their dean and the employee can request a maximum of 5% of the total amount of funds given.  (Example: this year $52,000 x 5%). The employee will need to come back with a plan on disseminating information they received at the conference. If not, this will be reflected in their evaluation or they may be asked to reimburse the money to the college.

Ed McGee asked about the method of determining which employees will not be using the funds. Jane Pearson explained that the goal is that if employees absolutely know that they will not be using the funds, they should let their supervisor know.

This will be implemented fall, 2015.

The plan was passed as presented. All were in favor.

Recommendation from the Safety and Security Committee – Chief Russell Dove
To enhance campus safety by providing guidance to CVCC staff by coordinating and regulating the management of contractors/vendors who provide repairs/services or work on CVCC properties.

Cheryl explained that there are many contractors/vendors that come on campus and employees don’t know they are contractors/vendors. The Safety and Security Committee wants these people to come by Security and check in and get ID badges and temporary parking passes. When they leave, they need to check out and give up ID badges. This way campus police know who is on campus and how long they are here and help keep employees safe. If we see people carrying items in and out of buildings, and they are not wearing badges, they should be reported.

John Poole questioned if we should make this a requirement of those who will not be here for more than an hour or two – will take them that long to get and ID card and parking pass and we will be billed for extra time.  Chief Dove explained that this should be done for all contractors/vendors to keep our campus safe and would like for everyone to get proper information before they start. There will be a background check for any contractors/vendors on campus for more than 72 hours. He is attempting to have accountability of everyone on campus.  If employees know ahead of time that the contractors/vendors will be coming, they can save everyone time by completing the paperwork for them ahead of time with Beth Walkup in B&G and she flags campus police.  Parking passes can be emailed ahead of time and badges can be picked up ahead of time by an employee, but must be communicated with security so they can verify their identity once they arrive on campus.

Chief Dove explained that this is a new process and he will tweak it when needed to make it work.
The plan was passed as presented.
Other Business
Kris Ogden gave an update on the final participation of CVCC in the Great Colleges survey. We needed 43% participation and received 54%.   Kris also explained that the college is in the middle of the budget prioritization process. There have been twenty-four budget requests received totaling $400,000. When we meet again, the prioritization list will be provided.

Cheryl Cunningham explained that this is our last meeting and thanked everyone. We will determine the officers when we come back in the fall after we know the chairs of all of the committees.

The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
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